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Thayer Sarrano – I Will Never Be Used to Your Beauty

THAYER SARRANO’s style and voice is haunting. And when her lyrics and guitar work is laid out on this single ‘I Will Never Be Used to Your Beauty’, it is reminiscent of a Trixie Whitley-like darkly effervescent aesthetics that is very easy to love. But it’s all Thayer, and with the more country-folk chip in her work, the sonic experience is consuming. Upcoming 7-inch of the same namesake for ‘I Will Never Be Used to Your Beauty’ drops Oct. 5th.

Risky Motion – Get Me Going

WTF! Transportation to another dimension happened. Yes. With RISKY MOTION’s ‘Get Me Going’, the fizz and brilliance of the shimmering instrumentals molds you into the dancing puddle of tears – as you smile and love this single. There are no rules for this single. There are no boundaries to be used as pawns. And they certainly do not. Expanding multiple decades and multiple genres, this is an anthemic single in a way, for liberation from the forces that color our senses. Be free.

Vivienne Wilder – Monster

VIVIENNE WILDER is pulp, mixed with punk, mixed with cyanide in this delicious single ‘Monster’. And within this ‘hurricane’ of a single, things hit you in the face. Mailbox, house rafter, car, local store awning, a bike, and from now flying neighbors. There needs to be a world organization to contain this ‘Force de Vivienne’. Nothing can top her outlandish, yet vivid song writing and outright execution. Everything about her is scrumptious. Get a taste of her goodness. You might die (because she’s part cyanide, as we’d mentioned) but it’ll be a fun ride, as least. ‘Jupiter’ is a part of our September Playlist.

Dangermaker – Pressure

Don’t get it twisted. DANGERMAKER is real cool to dance to. For realz. ‘Pressure’ is the perfect asset to demonstrate the rock-pop fabulousness of this song and of the band’s philosophy on song construction. The band has been doing their thang since before the 2010’s and they know what to do in entertaining you. Investment is easy in this single. Your mind goes to the first thing it wants to do, which is to ‘dance’, ‘bob’, ‘shake’. Can’t blame mother nature, for sure. Go with the flow. Don’t let the ‘pressure’ get to you. Bad pun, intended.

You Folk – Nolo Contendere

One, two, three, four, five. One, two, three, four, five. She kept on counting her fingers from her bed. Looking up at the ceiling, she counted with rhythmic confidence. One, two, three, four, five. “You are mine,” she said. One, two, three, four, five. “You’ve always been mine.” Sanctity and privacy of a person’s thoughts will forever be a mystery. Especially when one soul is in love with another. ‘Nolo Contendere’ is a rock-tinged harmonic dream-garage fair, that is as tasty as a heart in flutter. Not a ballad, but a song for that ballad in you. This single is off of the upcoming LP ‘The Foil’.

walkingshoe – Sad Stuff

Joe Western is from the 80’s. We mean his musical talents are just decadent with the 80’s guitar rock, bordering on broadway musical-esque fabulousness. ‘Sad Stuff’ is an expertly produced single from producer WALKINGSHOE, and it shows of the work that is reminiscent of the guitar rock of a past decade, for the entire enjoyment opportunity of us here in the future-past, 2018. The rhythms and highlighting of lyrics to instrumentals is quite a sonic visit. We wanted to stay for a while. So, we did. WALKINGSHOE’s debut self-titled album is available now.

Fried Dough – Pushy

If you’re a movie character, you don’t want this song to be playing during your character building sequence. But deep inside, you do, for this single ‘Pushy’ from FRIED DOUGH is about the main protagonist’s struggle in controlling his vices, against his better judgement in relation to his family, friends, career, and a happier life. Conflict is the building of layers in a character’s salty character. We all want to see him destroyed. We all want him to live and be happy. The hero’s arc must be complete. ‘Pushy’ is that gooey center of what matters. Do you matter?


‘Closer’ by pop-funk-rock band YEAST from France, for sure, is first and foremost ‘pop’. But they are in this list because they bring a certain layer of expertise that we wanted to highlight. The guitar work and harmonies stood out for us. The incorporation of elements from classic rock sensibilities make this single something to enjoy. The solo and bridge of this single makes it ‘alive’ for us in a way that is relatable, fashionable, non-contentious, and making it a guilt-less sonic experience. Simply, just listen and enjoy. It’s that simple. It’s a cool song =D

Alexander Bernard – Sunnyside

Yes. This single is from Alex Bernard’s recent EP ‘The Paisley’. To be honest, we could just listen to the intro, by itself, all day and enjoy the ambience like no other. Of course, when Alexander’s dream-pop-esque vocals drop in to say hi, you fall in love quickly. It’s serious. Deadly serious. Weird but the fuzzed bass solo reminded us of some elements from the Canadian super group RUSH. But this is Alexander, and ‘airiness’ is the dish of what ‘Sunnyside’ offers. And it’s just a cool shade that you needed in the bright future you dreamt of. Word. His next EP ‘The Stripe’ should drop soon this Autumn.

Eugenia – Ocean

EUGENIA brings ‘Ocean’, an hommage to the world’s oceans. “The big pumping heart of the world,” EUGENIA reminds us when speaking of why this song was constructed. And from a scientific point of view, the Oceans of the world ARE REALLY the ‘heart’ of the world, dictating the climates, and severity of the way this planet works. It’s powerful. But it is as delicate and powerless as the water in your back yard pond, when we humans are in the equation. Empathy and analysis and respect should be paid for our natural forces. We live within this system. We only hurt ourselves if we damage it. Danes, Camilla Lily Pape and Johan Ask Pape make up EUGENIA.

Ritual Talk – Reminders

Brooklyn based rock trio Alex DeSimine, Tom Criblez and Dylan Gleit makes songs like this. And we dig it to bits. Click on the single. Listen. Then listen more to the arrangements of different instruments, layered on top of the dainty and unique vocals of Alex and you can’t wait to love. And you immediately do. No fault at all. It’s just natural. The colors disseminated by the band in ‘Reminders’ is what has been, and what’s to come. Simple as that.

Colour Picture Book – This Time Around

Can’t get better than how Adam Webster describes this single: “When it comes to the tunes “This Time Around” begins as a pep talk to myself about being ready for what comes my way, and evolves into the story of the night I met my love, on a random drunk walk to find whatever bar had live music downtown on a Wednesday night in St. Catharines. “Amsterdam” is about this amazing night on our trip to Europe when she asked me if I would spend the rest of my life with her (there was also a wee bit of hooch consumed that night as well, maybe there are more common themes than i thought). I think it only took me about another 5 or 6 or 7 years to actually pull my loose-ass self together enough to make it happen.” Awwww. Fabulously sweet. COLOUR PICTURE BOOK is a collaboration that has some coolness dripping all over it. Word.

Barry Bays – Water Your Plant

Like this single? You should. It’s from BARRY BAYS and has all the elements that you want from a summer single: jingly 70’s style guitar work, indie vocals of Barry, and the drums of a gliding horse whisperer. This is Barry’s debut single and this Melbourne based artist kicks you gently with his pop sensibilities that we had ourselves, at CHF. We don’t. So we listen and enjoy songs from fab artists like BARRY BAYS. Go, shoo. Have at it.

Kid Disaster – Obsessive

Boston originating band, KID DISASTER, brings the angst right to the edge, then asks you to kiss. On the lips. Because you try to shy away and not admit that you’re in love – but you are. He knows. You know. So, let’s get together, talk sweet nothings next to the fire, enjoy the cooling fall evening and be together forever. It’s okay. You know loved him, from the first ‘hello’. Get exited.

Prismatics – Apparition

Reminiscent of fabulous AOR rock bands and artist of the 80’s (Mark Free, REO Speedwagon, Asia, etc) PRISMATICS blends the rawness of the lyrics to the airiness of glam that is rare. On November 11th, their new EP ‘Emotion’ will drop. And with all the beautiful sonic aesthetics in tow, they will entertain you like no other. Let your guard down, you’r in good hands with the PRISMATICS. They will be your soul. They will guide you.

Sky Harps – First Beat

I’d forgotten my wallet coming out of the apartment. It’s 8am in the morning, and on the way to work. I had to come back from the garage back to the apartment. It was 10 minutes wasted. I entered my apartment. I found my wallet. Then I didn’t see you there. Not any more. And I couldn’t take it anymore. I trashed the entry way. I blame you. Why did you leave me? You have left me an emotional wreck for the rest of my life. 830am, I was back in my car, disheveled, crying, ready to go to work. SKY HARPS’ single ‘First Beat’ isn’t about a relationship breakup (actually about ‘following your heart’), but for us it just evoked feelings of what happy times we’d had with the significant other (probably because of the strumming style). You become mad for a time. And a bit afterwards. In any case, it’s a fab little diddy by SKY HARPS.

Lunar Landscape – Les nuits célestes

‘Les nuits célestes’ is a song that is made around the intro guitar lick. That is its genesis. And at the end of it all, the Universe created for itself, blooms with enthusiasm and penache. Rolling around in the sands of time, the single from LUNAR LANDSCAPES depicts those instances, of which we have no control. But just to view, to record, to collect for the future of you. This Bordeaux, France based band consists of Yoann Roy (bass), Franck Lantignac (drums), Line Senium (piano) and Marine Hebard (vocals).

Mekong Xpress – Common Knowledge

Have you heard of the band named MEKONG XPRESS? No? You do now. Bit of rock, bit of Chicago, bit of Hall And Oats – the band is a refreshing addition to any rotation in your arsenal of music. Fits perfectly in your living room, your bed room, your car, during your workout, and for those times when you want to be with your significant other. ‘Common Knowledge’ brings the fun, and classic rock goodness to the fore. Take it. You want it. You need it. Their debut album drops October 19th. Dig.

The Dig – Don’t Stop Running

‘Moonlight Baby / Afternoon With Caroline’ double EP drops on vinyl on October 19th. Oh my. We at CHF say ‘Dig’ a lot. It’s a word used for ‘affection’ and as a term of ‘recommendation’ for our readers. And when a band has that word built in? It’s gold. THE DIG moved to L.A. That is they packed their belonging and move from Brooklyn to the sunnier side of the continental U.S. Lot’s of jealousy fumes from us at CHF. But regarding their music, and especially ‘Don’t Stop Running’ – just love flows. The keys are the ‘key’. The smooth jazzy groove is ‘sanctuary’. And with the unique sensibilities of the band, it’s just smooth love. Keep lovin’ their stuff when their new vinyl drops. Dig, THE DIG.

Twice Inna Row – See You at the Bar

Starting off with a bedroom-pop-jangly-strum, TWICE INNA ROW is that part of the brain that you probably keep in a small compartment, until the right time of the week. That’s Friday, to be exact. TWICE INNA ROW is what you activate to be on time for the night out…on Thursday…as an appetizer for Friday. Have to keep it real. TIR’s lyrics are exactly what you expect. But it’s happier than you think. “It’s just the way it is sometimes. Life that is. And we both live in this circus. Let’s make the best of it.” We don’t know heck about TIR. Hope to find out more in the future.

Blossomer – Preacher Learner

On January 11th 2019, BLOSSOMER’s new EP ‘HLLW’ will drop. And then all heck will break loose, when the haze from the heavens will pour down to the mortals of the Earth, slowly then consuming their relative sense of musical preferences. The zombies of us, will come clear of what ‘Preacher Learner’ is to us. What it is to our world. What it is to our emotions. Our fate is sealed. And we have this single to thank. BLOSSOMER is what can’t be justified. It is the rational contradictions of our ever tuned affection for our small imagined victories to come. We hail that light.

Scarlet Sails – Upside Down

This pop induced rendition named ‘Upside Down’ is a gentle touch of effervescence from the duo entertainer, Olya and Brian Viglione. Guitarist Mark Kohut and bassist Kevin Jones round out the band, and they are just a good time. “‘Upside Down’ is a song about facing life and its changes, letting go of the past. It talks about chances that you don’t consider that end up turning your life around when you least expect it.” Go for it. While the warm weather still is with us.


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