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Savoir Adore – Black And Blue

The delicate guitar work, on the layer of sweet-bitterness of the subject, comes strong and settles in the winter of our minds. The love and sacrifice is clearly grasped from the single. Then the synth exercise comes in a big wave, where you slide towards the white snow capped mountain peak – the future – your future. It’s achievable. SAVOIR ADORE cheers for you. ‘Black And Blue’ is a part of our September Playlist.

Jouska – Pills.

The morning was a bit chilly in the winter of Minnesota. He was chilled when he entered his kitchen. It was Wednesday. Still a work week. He had to make lunch and pack it. Oh that multi-colored lunch box. Why he’d never replaced that lunch box, we’ll never know. He just kept that 10 year old, green and pastel purple colored lunch box. He stood there looking at it. The kitchen was dark. He felt his feet losing heat. JOUSKA is special. And you can tell by how weird our review is. Glorious-maximus, Jouska is in ‘Pills.’

The Chairman Dances – Mascot

The gang in THE CHAIRMAN DANCES always comes up with the weirdest and outlandish lyrics. These are correlated with the subject situations. Imagined or not, they are beautiful to read and examine. Here’s the first verse of ‘Mascot’. Revel in the odd effervescence: “From six to ten on weekdays, you stood out front of the Chick-fil-A giving samples to kids who were cute. Passed out once from the heat in your cow suit. It was a sad scene—you spread out on the floor, all those kids crying, running for the door.” Right?? Yep. TCD is really good. Real good.

Seaker – Fireworks

The sparks of the imagination was dowsed to silence that day. He had done this to her. She knew this. The frost on the window by the bay, reminded of the end of that relationship. Space closing, breath of life leaving – the claustrophobic nuances could be harsher. She closed her eyes, and left that realm. She needed to. SEAKER’s ‘Fireworks’ draws out memories of maybe things that will come to pass. “I seem to absorb the emotions of others and can be left suspended in a particular feeling or emotional state after talking to someone about what they are going through. I think it’s common for a lot of us to feel like that. We grow and develop depth as humans through connection and empathy. It is incredibly powerful and helps us learn and navigate our own lives. We all exist in one big web”.

Layer Cake – Keep Me Awake

The guys in LAYER CAKE are, to say the least, realistic. For us from the outside, their self deprecating side is evident from the word ‘go’. And the combination of which makes us like them more. Thought of being genuine is always valuable in our eyes. Oh, and they can kick butt in a song too. Case in point, ‘Keep Me Awake’. They say it best: “…You can compare us to whoever you like, as long as they are incredibly more successful than us and we can live vicariously through an over fluffed complimentary comparison.” Word, guys. Word. Keep on truckin’.

The Sea Atlas – Goodbye

Out in the night, you searched for your purpose to life. This has happened for the a fortnight, contained with self-induced agony and urgency, you deprived yourself of emotional sustenance and nourishment, and all for one purposeful move. Your sanity and well being depended upon it. It must work, you told yourself. The night was dark. Far off dim light appeared. It was you. Their new ‘Goodbye’ EP drops October 4th.

Helenor – Bloodshot Eyes

David DiAngelis is HELENOR and he’s both a fabulous musician, plus an artist whom listens carefully to his heart and his surroundings. The effort is to digest and re-interpret the footprint he’s occupied, juxtaposed with his inner emotional inklings. What happens, we only know a glimpse off of his outputs. ‘Bloodshot Eyes’ is one. We’d reviewed one other single from him and as you can see, we’re a bit enamored with his sonic dicing. Full LP coming this Fall.

Eugene – Giselle

Emmanuel Catanzariti, Kendall Jones, Wyatt Granger, and Kenny Broyles takes their band on that straight and narrow road that sits on a twisted rollercoaster wormhole. Yes. That’s a wormhole in another Universe. But a Universe that like blues, soul, and indie-rock. Who’d a thunk it? ‘Giselle’ is what you think you’ll be getting from EUGENE, and then some. The now, Albuquerque NM based band will drop debut album ‘Kush’, this Autumn.

Martha Hill – Wallflower

At least for ‘Wallflower’, MARTHA HILL’s ‘taunting’ attitude will get you excited. Yes. We said excited. Excited for the morning to rise. Excited for your first date with that girl from the party. Excited for the darkness within your life, that inspires you to happiness. Let the guitar lick get you surprised, and to be wearing jean shorts, riding your bicycle within the highway of your mind. It’s a lonely road. But don’t worry, Martha’s here for you.

Ithaca Bottom Boys – Winter Biking

‘Winter Biking’ is off of the self titled album and it’s a journey. To be precise, it’s a walk down the down-town of a city that is in a city of your choosing. It’s you, and 4 of your close friends, where the story starts in early Summer, talking and arguing on the sidewalk near the town theater. BMX bikes in tow, you all eat candy and blow bubble gum, while gawking at your grammar school class mates – who are girls! Whoa. “Donna’s so pretty,” you said out loud. Your friends near you mock you and laugh. “Shut up!” ITHACA BOTTOM BOYS

Elza – Swayed

ELZA’s a unique cat in this single. Introspective, oddly affirming, readily sad, and at long last, very positive in its message – the the world – to the inner protagonist. “As a solo artist I write, compose, arrange and produce all my music. I spent over 2 years working on this album alone, carefully crafting all the arrangements…” The new album ‘Nothing’s Wrong’ drops November 2nd 2018. ‘Swayed’ is a catchy alt-electro-pop cause for concern, in getting hooked on to this little simple diddy.

Signal6 – The Search

From the intro lick, you know what you’re getting into. Then the horns kick in, indicating how ‘high’ you must be. But you’re just high on the feel of this soulful single from SIGNAL6. ‘The Search’ is played by the band which consists of Phil Rose (vocals), Hugo (Guitar), Louis Cowling (Drums), Aidan Pearson (Saxophone), Dan Mulligan (Trombone) and Anthony Boatright (Bass). Another surprise is how they sound so polished and mature throughout this single. It’s unexpected, quite honestly, but a very welcomed one. Dig it. You should.

Madeleine McMillan – Matchbook

MADELEINE MCMILLAN is a queer female musician based in NYC. And she wants to love you. Through her music. In ‘Matchbook’, it’s the deceptive underpinnings of live with love, that makes things confusing. But like the embers of a fireplace, the soul heals and shines bright in the aftermath of that tragedy. The description of that fire within, is ‘Matchbook’. And with Madeleine’s sensibilities, we think she’ll get you there.

Wesley Jensen and The Penny Arcade – Carpenter

WESLEY JENSEN plays with our hearts, under a disguise of sorts. The happy go lucky mask of life is taken off and shows us that resistance to the kindness – in you, in us – weave the fabric, in multicolors. Pull that estranged string from that sweater. Will it drop off non-threateningly? Or will it pull apart the methodically constructed Universe you’d prepared? So, let’s find out together. It’s time to turn the chapter, and let the winds take us where they may. Wesley’s songs play with our hearts.

Pet Envy – Middleman

Pop, disco, soul, groove, wrapped in indie goodness is this fabulous layered cake named PET ENVY. ‘Middleman’ is an example of that catchy, dance-athon that you never knew you’d get a chance to experience. But you have. And did. Right now. With the smile on your face, with the drips of sweat forming in your brow, you keep this essence up for the award ‘of you’. For you enjoy it, as the song is just conducive to such plight. Go figure, right? No. It’s destiny. PET ENVY is going to continue releasing candies like ‘Middleman’ up until their new album release in 2019. Go, go!

Bjorn Rydhog – April Sky

BJORN RYDHOG longs for the simple things in life. He lives for his art, music, love, inspirations. The indie-soft-rock presentation like ‘April Sky’ can tell you many things that amazes about his direction in his craft. He tells that “‘The April Sky’ is an ode to the April sky and the fact that it´ll all turn out alright in the end.” Optimists. He’s that as well. Reminiscent of outputs from 70’s bands like Bread, Bjorn takes it to a fabulous place where we are advised to live and love for another day. As the world crumbles around us, there are some spaces where we can feel safe. We think the Malmö Sweden based artis is trying to offer such respite. Kudos.

Ian McFarland – Up And Down

IAN MCFARLAND’s ‘Up And Down’ is an interesting amalgamation of emo-pop and presented in an indie-psyche-folk frame. The interesting contrast from the lyrics versus the musical arrangement sets the song in a cubby hole of its own. And in that cubby hole, there’s a magical land of solitude and peace, where emotional battles are dueled with 21st century battalions of the heart, and infinite efforts for the affection from the perceived love of your life. An interesting predicament, indeed. Ian’s upcoming singles ‘Santa Fe’ and ‘Tell A Lie’, will drop Oct 5th and Oct 25th, respectively.

Quelle Rox – Dream Daisies

Dream pop from QUELLE ROX is exactly like rolling in the fields in that western plains of your haunted mind. Hazy, dazy, haunting in ways, all un-obstructed in view, and highlighted by QR’s psychedelic lyrics, you are transported – whether you like to be or not. Once transported, you realize why you’d been chosen. QR sits next to you drinking some tea, judging you, evaluating your soul. Then she holds your hand, and the jam of ‘Dream Daisies’ make you feel all warm inside. “You want some tea, as well? QR asks you. “Yes. Please.”

Mixed vege – Take Take Take

“The track is basically about growing up in New Zealand, and struggling with your identity,” stated frontman Rodney Fisher. “The pressure to be in the boys club, and sometimes succeeding, but mostly rebelling against what you feel people want you to be. Having a sense of belonging is something that a lot of males in this country struggle with. ‘She’ll be right mate’ is not always the case” MIXED VEGE is Aukland’s offering of peace and harmony. Or was it for musical return to indie-rock basics? Either way, a cool way to go.

SHIELDS – I Already Know

This hooky delicious pop-rock single from SHIELDS is the way to go if you’re on that way to that long drive through life (which by the way we ALL are on). The disco sensibilities, along with the funk elements make this a under-rated side of you that was due it’s day in the sun. It’s a highlight of your being, let’s dance. It’s that time of the week, let’s dance. “It’s our day today, Melinda, let’s dance!” SHIELDS knows their stuff, and it’s a welcome return. More new stuff on their way.

Voltage Black – St Elmo

‘St Elmo’ is the single taken from VOLTAGE BLACK’s debut album ‘The Curve of the Earth is With You’. Multi-alias artist, Ewan Fisher distributes the atmosphere quickly and poignantly in this dark-synth premonition for the future we’d already known, but was too afraid to dip our feet into. But it’s creeping back into your life, retrospectively. You can’t stop it. You must get away from that providence. “I can’t. I will succumb.” Feel that ‘St Elmo’.

The Noble Thiefs – 16 Candles

Calling for our culture to keep a relative sense of sanity is what ’16 Candles’ is all about. The song is a reaction from the news of a shooting in the U.S., ultimately resulting in a black youth being killed by law enforcement with 16 gun shots. It’s a reminder for steps from all sides to see the deadly part of society which must be eradicated. But the efforts must be a non-partisan issue from the citizenry. Will we get there? THE NOBLE THIEFS (from Canada) think that there’s always a silver lining and steps can be met. Let’s hope so.

Holiday Graves – MA-17

HOLIDAY GRAVES is a bedroom-dream-pop exercise from El Paso, Texas. ‘MA-17’ is a beautiful result of those efforts from the exercise. It doesn’t matter that we don’t know too much about the project. The only thing that matters at the moment is that this single is a compelling offering that needs to be heard. We dig it. And you should too.


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