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415 // Indie Fascination. The Pale White, Seadog, Favours, Novocaine 99, FINKEL, Leah Nobel…

The Pale White – End of Time

Whoa. Can you say “Like a rock sun shower in the middle of a hot summer”? That’s what this single from THE PALE WHITE is like. And as Adam Hope stated about the single and the EP: “Take Me To The Strange” for a little while now and we’ve been absolutely itching to release it into the world for people to dive into…People should listen to it in full, start to finish, and go for the ride. We think “Take Me To The Strange” shows a few different sides and shades to the band that people may not have been expecting, and we’ve been counting the days till we can take the reigns off it and watch it run wild.” Like a stallion in the wilds of the wild west, no? That’s right Adam, we know what’s up. And you, the listener, should get this single in the rotation. Word.

Seadog – Chance Meeting

A project of Brighton UK, based artist Mark Benton, SEADOG dreams of the soft country realizations, dotted by the speckles of manila folded paintings up on the apple tree groves, we all left behind. Searching, sometimes blindly, we seek the textures of life, underneath the floral patterns that mask each and every hemisphere of our being. This continues with ‘Chance Meeting’, and the journey has just begun to get good.

Novocaine 99 – In Another World

This single makes us so ‘sad’ and ‘crestfallen’. We just can’t help it. The melodies of this rock-power-ballad is all encompassing of emotional drops we bleed, and all consuming, in the tale it tells. The tale of a town of small stature that lives within our hearts, where living with happiness, without regard to the external forces of reality, will inevitably lead to a darker future. ‘In Another World’ is a warning to that detriment. That blind madness. The combination of digital and hard-rock cascades of sound, makes this cinematic vehicle of a song, a divine delight for our fantasies.

Favours – Stowaway

“’In The Night’ is a ballad for those stuck in an unfulfilling cycle of repetition…it’s about escaping from the banality of the day and longing for the dreams that seem just out of reach. Dreams of star-crossed lovers destined to meet in another world, or those who do meet and cannot be together, tearing them apart at the seams.” We’d not reviewed a song from the FAVOURS since our review of ‘In The Night’ back several months ago. Now, we come to ‘Stowaway’ and as we’d said about the band back then, they are: “really gives that heavy heart feeling, and weighs down your feet. The anguish isn’t obvious, but being obvious isn’t in the cards for the single.” And so true, still. We’re always good with that. Give this a go.

hirsh – next to you

We first gotten to know HIRSH back in July and the thing with them is that they combine the pop elements and hooks with a slight tinge of modern country/folk, all tumbled and aligned perfectly with the vocals of Beau Hirshfield. Yes. Each song flows without interference from pure pop to indie-rock-pop. The ebbs and flows from each conduction is noticeable but very much welcomed, as the ease of absorption is decadent and nutritious. ‘Next To You’ is a feeling of being ‘lost, and feeling love’, the band states. And nothing’s better than that contrasting realms splayed on top of that repurposed kitchen table, right?

FADE ON – Last

FADE ON is a project of Brooklyn native Sam Schall. He’s a “gender bending, rule defying, boundary-less” music purveyor, and he doesn’t care what odds this Universe presents to him. He embraces the weird. He embraces the odd. And from what we hear from his latest single ‘Last’, he also seems to lean favorably towards good music. “‘Last’ is equal parts dark and haunting as it is angelic and airy,” commented Sam. “What starts out as an eerie ballad and a beautiful piano melody becomes a powerfully anthemic hook featuring chant-like ‘aaahs.’ Somewhat reminiscent of a ritualistic experience…The song is all about the dualities of nature,” says Schall. “We have our darkness and we have our light. I don’t think we should get attached to either, but instead embrace the growth that comes from each. I am everything and I am nothing ‘I’m the princess, I’m the king’ ‘I’m the ground you walk upon.. it’s me.'” The chant anthem, in operatic rock-pop dress-up, is a thing to behold. Hold it. Like it. Admit it.

Joe Kaplow – Allison

JOE KAPLOW presented the deeply introspective during the single ‘I Said I Was Going And I Went’. A song that we’d reviewed, previous, but there within those corners, his folk lyrical mastery shined like a beacon. We were attracted to his wares like insects to a burning flame at a humid summer’s evening. ‘Allison’ encapsulates the same folk vibe, with a more synth drizzling, and it’s an angle that is relevant to the hidden emotions that sometimes fester. It’s what we want to say, but sometimes we just don’t know how, when we come to a decision to make. It’s HER, or nothing at all. Binary? Maybe. She deserves the correct answer. You do too. What a predicament. Joe does it again, consistently, and this time with a bit of a twist. Dig.

Moving Panoramas – Baby Blues

Leslie Sisson moved from Brooklyn to Austin to be closer to her family. Then she then developed a second family of musicians that became MOVING PANORAMAS. A dream-rock band with an upcoming sophomore album ‘In Two’ dropping February 22nd, 2019, it quickly caught the admiration of the fans, and on-lookers alike. With catchy dream guitar strums, dram surf-rock drumming, and delightful lyrical hints and teases, ‘Baby Blues’ makes and then BREAKS your senses to overdrive in fun-tabulousness. And yes, that’s a made up word, a word from another dimension, suitable for describing the fab work of the band. Heck yea.

RedHook – Turn Up The Stereotype

First chord. Love. Infatuation. Then lust. That was the sliding ruler used to describe this particular single ‘Turn Up The Stereotype’ from REDHOOK. Just listen to this glorious hard-alt-rock blend altered for beast and lamb, with pop infusions and vocals. What a dynamic single and band, to be frank. Disorientation is a normal reaction first time listening to REDHOOK. The Sydney Australia based band admits to trying its best to destroy a whole ‘genre’ like ‘Godzilla to Tokyo’. But we didn’t quiet understand, until now. Those feet marks on the city is by REDHOOK. And the bloodied noses of their victims, get Stockholm syndrome and readily walk to the dark side. It’s just more fun that way. It’s more fun with REDHOOK.

Colpa Mia – Atlas

Richmond Virginia based COLPA MIA is just fabulously dreamy. Finished. Finito. Terminado. 끝. The succinct single ‘Atlas’ is a definitive roadmap to the way that the band has decided to proceed. And proceed, the band will. The sensuousness is sprinkled and melted on top of the dreamy guitars and effects, to a fabulous sheet of sweetness that is good for your soul. The world will be better, we suppose. Let’s ride the wave of ‘Atlas’, until the living shore arrives.

Noon – Kiss (feat. Ben Dranoff)

“She doesn’t like you too much. She thinks you’re a dork.” We’ve heard that so many times. What that meant was that she ‘didn’t think being attracted wasn’t an option’. That’s okay. It’s not like we hadn’t been rejected before. But with a lightning of hope and energy, he stood up in the middle of math class, and shouted out: “I will prevail and win her heart!” Realizing that he was still in class, he looked around the class that was filled with un-approving eyes and one shocked teacher. Sitting down, he murmured: “She will see the best of me. I promise!” NOON is a northern New Jersey artist with quite a talent in making us dig deep into our real self with ‘Kiss’. We get it. Let’s have a go!

Eden Mulholland – The Vanishing

New Zealand band EDEN MULLHOLLAND is rocker that you can depend on. With the swagger of a person who has nothing to lose. With hooky chops, and even hooky-er lyrics, the band is quite the pleaser, and at a dinner party, they’d be as dynamic and well received as Weezer would. And when Eden plays into out rock hearts, there, we would be sure of which night we’d lost our sanity to the rock gods. ‘The Vanishing’ is such a delicious rock diddy, and you’re missing out if you miss listening to this single. The multi-instrument, songwriter and producer just comes into the right pitch, and we dive right in with this single. What do you think? We think it’s swell.

Leah Nobel – Slow Burn

Singer-Songwriter LEAH NOBEL brings us ‘Slow Burn’. A single off of the upcoming album ‘Running In Borrowed Shoes’. And for her newest album, she’d interviewed 100 individuals to collect, think, and produce the stories and life stories. “I specifically chose questions that would bypass small talk, which meant my interviewee and I were plunged into vulnerability off the bat. Sometimes it was uncomfortable for both of us- but that’s where the magic happens. Many people thought their lives weren’t ‘exciting enough’ to warrant an interview. But I wasn’t ever looking for excitement, I was looking for truth.” Slow Burn is about how true love stories don’t play out like they do in films and was written about honest, slow-moving love.” Beautiful, ain’t it? We think so. And Leah’s voice and music is empathy and love, that we wish we all can be enveloped by. Maybe we can, thought this single and her new album.

Charlotte & Thieves – Don’t You Wanna Know My Name

CHARLOTTE & THIEVES debut EP dropped and is available now. And in ‘Don’t You Wanna Know My Name’ the band from Oslo, Norway does it REAL GOOD with this blues guitar driven rock n roll surprise. The anthemic single serves up the 60s/70s roots and blows off the caps on top of our heads. The raw and infectious output drives home what it is like to ‘rock’. And we try our best by listening, living, and emulating such energies. Take the sexually charged work to the bank. Because it’s going to get hot in hear quick. In the club, we mean.

Tommy Ocean – The Beggar

In the best tradition of folk artists like Dylan and Taylor, TOMMY OCEAN from Germany, shares this beautifully written song named ‘The Beggar’. And what a sweet song this is. Listen to the lyrics: “If I were just me. And you were just you. We would be lying together. In a love as sweet as true.” Right? We think you’d agree. “SWEET AS TRUE” indelibly marks in our heads and hearts what this song about promise, possibilities. And just a simple notion of LOVE, being loved, and loving the one who is next to you – the only one – is the fate that is dealt which we need to hold with both arms. The cries of a lover, is as raw as Tommy has presented this single. A 1-to-1 comparison that mirrors our inner conversations. Fabulous.


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