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415 // Indie Fascination. The Rungs, Du Blonde, Misty Mtn, Ganser, Sleep State…

Du Blonde – Buddy

DU BLONDE is UK based Beth Jeans Houghton’s way of making us like her more. That’s what it is. It’s a devious ploy of her’s in making us listen, absorb, and be a bit happier. “I look tired and pretty much destroyed, which is a feeling I’ve known many times over; in the aftermath of relationships and that of making a record. Lyrically the album is very naked, so I’m carrying on the nudity of my previous album covers, only this time it’s emotional instead of physical.” Kudos Beth, kudos. Like her even better when her latest record ‘Lung Bread For Daddy’ drops February 22nd, 2019.

Fil Bo Riva – Go Rilla

‘Go Rilla’ is a the latest single from Berlin-based, Irish-educated, Italian artist Fil Bo Riva. His debut Album ‘Beautiful Sadness’ drops March 22nd, 2019. “It was raining outside and I was in the bathroom just before soundcheck… somehow I started staring at this poster of the club we were playing called Gorilla Club. I don’t know why but I just got a flash inspiration, took my phone out and immediately started singing the chorus melody and words,” said Riva. It is “a song about unbridled passion and the rapturous idea of escaping the real world.”

Cote – Meet Me In The Morning

COTE’s vocals are the meaning of what warmth and understanding would be if pixelated in the granules of a shimmering sonic shower. ‘Meet Me In The Morning’ is the latest released single supporting her upcoming new album, to drop in November. Her folk-honest vocals is architecturally vast and beautiful to ‘view’. The light and airy sounds help get things a bit more center in our hectic lives.

Sleep State – Dyin’ When I See Ya

SLEEP STATE’s ‘Dyin’ When I See Ya’ is what we can go through within a dream of lust and love-expectations. Vocalist Troy Ritchie said of the single and video: “‘Dyin’ When I See Ya’ is about a time that really sucked in my life. Rather than dwell and feel depressed about it, I turned the story into a seemingly happy and fun song.” And we think the video encapsulates the local severity of the ‘down trodden times’. Devastation is certain. But brevity is guaranteed. Pretty song and an endearing music video, for sure.

Maven Grace – Darkness

MAVEN GRACE shows us a golden-bridge to happiness. Well, truthfully, that ‘golden-bridge’ doesn’t guarantee any kind of outcome. There is some faith in taking the route of your destiny. When in grief, a perspective of ‘right’, is a hazy prospect. And ‘Darkness’ spells out one grief, from one mother, from one soul. The personal story, among Billions of perspectives make this production effective. The gravity of story telling, both macro and micro, is successfully communicated in ‘Darkness’. Word. The band members have supported many high-flying acts, and as songwriter Henry Jack states: “Darkness was partly recorded with players at the Central Conservatory of Music in Beijing after we became transfixed with the sound of the erhu. The session was a thrilling musical adventure, and gave the song the otherworldliness it needed.”

Sive – Quietly

SIVE is Irish folk singer/songwriter Sadhbh O’Sullivan. In her first release single ‘Quietly’, she selectively and purposely, without overburdening the creative process, a tapestry of sounds and images, successfully mixing delicate folk and jazz elements to heighten and accent, as necessary. The result is a deceptively demure, but outrageously anthemic ballad, where relevance is not final, and majesty can be seen everywhere. “[Quietly] was inspired by feeling like the world (both the real and online) is constantly shouting in your face, so it’s really about the value of finding a space among all of that to be quiet.”

Misty Mtn – Guess Who’s Back

“We wrote Guess Who’s Back for anyone whose ever walked past their exes house day after day and constantly wondered ‘what if?'” noted MISTY MTN. “For anyone whose seen the person who ghosted them and wondered why they never called. For anyone who has had the constant reminders of a relationship, romantic or not and missed the good times. This is for you.” MISTY MTN is made of up of Brooklyn-based duo Morissa Trunzo and Lucas Segall. Let them inspire you, as they are inspired by it ALL.

Meadow Argus – Chandra Barks

Just like the dipping of your fingers into a vat of freshly made taffy, MEADOW ARGUS introduces their studio musical project, ‘Chandra Barks’, where the feeling is odd, but oddly familiar. The Australian composer, Jevan Cole’s aim is to “explores the rich, deep and underlying connections between traditional folk musics, psychedelia, folklore, mythology and environmentalism.” What a combo. And just like the fresh taffy made at the boardwalk, it’s sticky, tasty. The ‘oddity’ is the ingredient, that shouldn’t be missed.

Lauran Hibberd – What Do Girls Want?

There’s no way you can’t like this single, ‘What Do Girls Want’. This indie-rock-pop single from LAURAN HIBBERD is the hazy-grazy fuzzed up offering that will keep you bouncing. Lauran has an effortless way of telling her stories and the flavorful entourage of notes within her simply arrange single is just absolutely melodic. That’s a good thing.

HAYUNG – Figured Out

HAYUNG is Hayung von Oepen, and the Berlin based singer/guitar player/producer offers us an art project of significance to the ones that have been on the same journey of personal disruption, avoidance, self-hatred, confusion, absorption, and ultimate momentary salvation. “The video for his first single ‘Figured Out’ was filmed on the US west coast and tells the story of a twenty-something dropout on a journey to reclaim her senses.” Does it feel like this when nihilism takes full hold of your soul? Get into HAYUNG. Get altered.

Marble House – Rebels

Brooklyn’s indie quartet MARBLE HOUSE is Gabe Friedman, Nicole Pettigrew, Danny Irizarry, and Javier Vela. Gabe’s bedroom-pop drizzling commentaries on life’s quirks manifests in the form of a conduit for discussion and internal opining. ‘Rebels’ is what you see in the world, just outside of your front door. The world is at your door, but you must go and grasp at the things that you desire. It’s the atmosphere that is hard to grasp, but with a twist of attitude, you can go for it, and do it your way.

The Mighty Orchid King – BEACON

THE MIGHTY ORCHID KING can be said to be ‘community’. In a quote of their 2017 debut EP they said: “Nothing Ever Happened was conceived after The Mighty Orchid King found Jack Kerouac in the cliffs of Big Sur in a past life. He was writing the poem of the ocean and did not wish to be disturbed. When Jack opened his mouth, he spoke only in the language of the angry water below, an unusual tongue which we could not fully understand. ‘Shoo—–Shaw—–Shirsh—–!’ he suddenly exclaimed. Confused, we sought more explanation from this mysterious prophet. Jack, who was now quite irritated, commanded The Mighty Orchid King to go out into the world, pray to the mountains, fall in love and make the music that came in to our minds for no particular reason at all.” What can we say that the band hasn’t stated already. Good stuff.

Microcosms – Omnipotence

MICROCOSMS wants you to think. Wants you to feel. Wants you to ‘heave’. The last, it just comes naturally, for the Chicago based alt-rock band successfully combines multiple sub-genres of rock into one. And they should be proud of such style. Elements of heavy-metal, alt-rock, prog-rock, grunge – meanders and absorbs each other to create this tall statue of manic decadence. In ‘Omnipotence’ a bit of punk is salted to make things even MORE interesting, and we think it’s the bee’s knees. Their 2nd EP ‘Fairytale’ is available now.

King Artur – Homestar Eyes

KING ARTUR is a singer and guitarist from Helsinki, Finland. And in the single ‘Homestar Eyes’, he manages to make it as engaging and fascinating as a painting from the great artist of lore. Splitting his time between NYC and Helsinki, the artist brings another level of unorthodoxy with frameless landscapes, painted in embers of a knowing past and future. KING ARTUR is a founder of Beverly Girl and True Groove All-Stars. KING ARTUR presents that darkly wooded forest at the edge of the open plain. Shall we enter? But when? We’ll know it, when we know it.

Darksoft – Mydoom

DARKSOFT is a solo project of Bill Darksoft, and the Seattle located artist and record label owner (Look Up Records) looks to push those pins deep within your heart. What kind of reaction that would bubble out from that, is unknown. Bill doesn’t know. We don’t know. But the one thing that is ‘knowable’ is the emotional vacuum supplied by his single ‘Mydoom’ makes you want to go dive off into the deepest end of the pool. At least in the depth, there’s no sound that can hurt you. The world won’t hurt you. You’re insulated for the seconds of private magnificence. DARKSOFT’s EP ‘Brain’ is available now.

Telemonster – Mad in the Night

Ben VanderHart heads the band TELEMONSTER. After 6 years in hiatus, the band has been working hard to release their upcoming new album ‘Introspecter (Part 1)’. ‘Mad In The Night’ is from that new album, and it is “a tongue-in-cheek shuffle about a lovers-quarrel that takes place entirely in one person’s head”, as Ben noted. The charming song is that light dew drop from a leave in the beautiful mountains of a California like forest. You smile, you absorb, and entice your fibers to live vicariously, for a moment. And in our book, something like that is always a cool thing. ‘Introspecter (Part 1)’ drops November 2, 2018.

The Rungs – King of Books

THE RUNGS are awesome. Simply. We’d first got wind of them back in May of 2018, when we promptly set their single ‘Trees’ as Song of the Day. And come now, with ‘King Of Books’, they managed to solidify our thoughts on their sensibilities. The moody indie synths capture the essence and the as we’d said about them in the past: “…delights and titillates our senses, washing and laundering the grime of personal day-to-day chaos…” Word. Their upcoming EP ‘Everyday Visions’ will drop November 9th.

Ganser – Pastel

Have you listened to their singles ‘Avoidance’ or ‘Psy Ops’? Glorious, times two. Now, the equation expands with another single ‘Pastel’, which continues their mission of bringing dark-pop-rock down to size so you can chew it in your mouth, without ripping the corners of your mouth to shreds. That doesn’t makes sense, right? But doesn’t it? GANSER is a fab live band with the kind of gumption, many don’t instill into their rock or pop. Right now they’re working on their next album, so look out for it. Word.

LowRay – 8 Track Tapes

MINNEAPOLIS based rock duo LowRay brings it up a notch, then keep it chill in ‘8 Track Tapes’. The band is made up of singer/guitarist Daniel Fowlds and drummer James Irving. The upcoming LP ‘Friends And The Fakers’ drop on November 9th of 2018, and will be released in limited edition banana yellow opaque vinyl. “I’d say we’re a rock band in the same vein that Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers or the Rolling Stones are rock bands,” Daniel Fowlds stated. Well, it’s something. And the ‘something’ that is LowRay, is something to really dig.

Sonny Elliot – Misguided Angel

SONNY ELLIOT is a UK duo made up of brothers Chris and Joe Peden. “It doesn’t take much for life to knock you off your pedestal if ego and temptation get in the way. ‘Misguided Angel’ is a song for someone who has lost their way in the world and because of this on the outside appears broken to those around them. Their true self is still deep inside; it just needs to find a way back to the surface. No matter how lost they get, I wanted them to know I will always see the good within them.” Their latest offered EP ‘Broken Glasses’ is their 2nd EP and touches ‘relationship’ and ‘anxieties’ that we many can relate to and currently go through. ‘Broken Glasses’ is available now.


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