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415 // Indie Fascination. Timber, Mark Duggan, Broken Baby, Hero The Band, Sleepy Lizard…

Loo & Monetti – No More

Instantly she was transported to her place of comfort. It was the darker place of her hidden youth, and here…here she could lie and wait for the world to go by. The storm was always too quick for her. The storm was just too fast for her. LOO & MONETTI’s latest single ‘No More’ is that depiction of that dark and haunting place. It is what we deem to be what can ‘never be’, but here it is. It exists with the kind of secret passion only a certain soul can bear. The beats of this single, with the relentless march of the keys, makes us wonder in between the stars and the heavens, for the one truth, only defined in silence. ‘No More’ is off of their album ‘Broken Inside’.

Luke Top – The Dumb-Show

Included in the lunch package, she found a gold wrapped chocolate ball. And on it was a hand written note with only the word ‘Pip’. It was addressed to her, it seemed. She thought it was funny, because she’d not put in the that golden ball when she was packing. She didn’t think she had any sweets like this in her home. Yet. She thought nothing of it. She finished her lunch, and was too full to eat her dessert. So, she put it back in her backpack. After the work day, she wanted to treat herself. But the ball was missing from her bag. “Wonder where it went?” LUKE TOP’s ‘The Dumb-Show’ demonstrates his 2 decades filled with crafting music. It shows his subtitles and his preponderance of his determined artistic prose.

Timber – Sunstroke

Janet Simpson and Will Stewart has dedicated several years of exposing more layers of their talents via their project TIMBER. And with ‘Sunstroke’ the dazzle is infectious with rock n’ roll guitar hazes that clarifies the curious. The single is met with the perfect style of music video, and heaves at the unconventionality of the duo’s writing style. More is in store for the listener in their latest LP ‘The Family’. Drifting and wafting, ‘Sunstroke’ never lets go of your hand, with flavors familiar and consequential to our often misguided tastes of our long gone memories – those bitter sweet memories.

Sad Boys Club – Silverlined

Finding out what lies beneath the layers of life’s masks is a daunting task. Especially if it’s to do with yourself, or of your loved one. Reclaiming for another chapter of life is scary, when the journey begins. Comfort isn’t one of those factors that are expected. You might not like what you find on the other side of the mask, when you indeed do. SAD BOYS CLUB is a band from Northern Londonshire. Jacob Wheldon (vocals), Tom MacColl (drums), Jake Chatterton (guitar) and Pedro Caetano Leite (bass / vocals) bring the 80’s elements to tell their stories. Their upcoming new EP ‘Yeah People Talk But You’ve Forgotten How To Live’ drops November 2nd.

Mark Duggan – Hey Blue

Direct and airy guitar acoustic folk-rock about love is ‘Hey Blue’. It’s about love between YOU. Live again. Live with her. Live with him. Let your hair down. Enjoy the moments. “This song was an attempt at a simple, catchy song that isn’t crowded with too many lyrics or instruments that evokes a feeling of going out on an autumn night and hoping someone specific with also be there,” said Mark Duggan about his single, ‘Hey Blue’. The Waterford, Ireland based artist is here to remind you of what was so simple. Listen. Get reminded.


What can we say that we haven’t said yet about BLXPLTN. It’s punk. It’s American-punk. It’s the bat to the back of your knee. But it’s all deserved. For you hadn’t listened to BLXPLTN before. Now you have been initiated. Frontman TaSzlin Muerte, guitar of Jonathan Horstmann, and drumming of Jeremy Kivett, makes this outfit such a joy for us to make you wanna mosh bit more. The attraction of the band’s outputs is of that clarity of being, when ‘No English’ is being played. There’s a core message, but what you get out of it is of excitement, and just raucous fun. Get in the car, it’s going to be a fabulous ride.

Jacob McCoy – Rear View Mirror

JACOB MCCOY has a style that we love to listen to. And because of that we’d featured him for his single ‘Don’t Blame Me’ and when he has a single that needs some listening to, we simply dive in. The music he creates are simple and wholistic. And as always, put some steel guitar in the mix the right way, on top of JM’s country style, then we’re IN. Can’t really blame us for that. ‘Rear View Mirror’ is from his latest album ‘Questions’.

Broken Baby – It’s My Show

Amber Bollinger and Alex Dezen ‘dove’ right in. And ‘Broken Baby’ is one of those sessions. Rock. Rock. Attitude. Yep, that’s what BROKEN BABY is all about in this single ‘It’s My Show’. No taking BS from anyone. Especially the guys looking to do some damage in this song. Who are they? Probably just about all guys, including us at CHF. Oh, the fantasies, right?? In this song, the rock-raunchiness is woven in, but is tempered to the right degree by the vocals and attributions of Amber’s vocals. Just sneaks right into your brain, that’s what we’re saying. And that’s a good thing, in our book.

Ichabod Wolf – Painted Horses

ICHABOD WOLF’s songs are unique. It’s his vocals. And then there’s his presentation of the word he’d collected into sentences. And you know what? We love it. We did from the get-go. We’d featured his single ‘The Fall Of Saigon’ previously and the immediate attraction to the eclectic form he’d honed, just fell naturally into place. ‘Painted Horses’ continues his demonstration for the odd, but true actions of his world. And what of the upcoming album? ‘Carry On, Crow’ (drops Hallowe’en 2018), Icabod states, “With these songs, I hope to offer an alternative to the arts’ default portrayal of northern council-estates as sensationalised squalor. Instead I have written about what I’ve seen; beautiful souls in unforgiving times.” See. Told you he’s good. Look for him, more and more.

Hero The Band – Lab Rat

You want to describe what HERO THE BAND is? Have a go. Have a deep thought. Search deep inside. So, what of it? Can’t answer? That’s a typical reaction. And THAT is the reason that is so glorious about HTB. No segment, genre. Just a fusion band that makes the alt-rock music that is as conventional as you want, but twisted and heightened by the beautiful beats that we all love to love. ‘Lab Rat’ is a ‘hypnotic’ music video. It blows your mind. You just don’t know what truck just hit you. But at the end of the day, the hooks and the strength of the music makes it just tops.

Velvet Starlings – Sold Down The River

VELVET STARLINGS is headed by Christian Gisborne, a 15 year-old indie rock singer/songwriter, producer and multi-instrumentalist. He has a personal mission that he wants to conquer. In the meantime, during that journey, he’s going to let us listeners to enjoy his singles like ‘Sold Down The River’. His self-titled EP will drop Fall 2018.

RAT BOY – Internationally Unknown

We’re back to the 90’s. RAT BOY’s ‘Internationally Unknown’ is what MTV was in its hay-days. And RAT BOY is the inter-dimensional time-machine that is just as rockin’ and hip as it is NOW and THEN. Of course they didn’t exist in the 90’s. But Tim Armstrong (The Interrupters, Transplants, Rancid) sure did, and teaming up with RAT BOY, the new album ‘Internationally Unknown’ will cut open a new wormhole for all of us to travel through. “I wanted to do this completely differently because ‘SCUM’ took so long, and I was learning the whole way through making it,” says RAT BOY. “I wanted to make something more personal and raw, which reflected me more. I was trying to find that sweet spot between hip-hop and punk, and Tim really understands that stuff. I’ve never really spoken to anyone else who love hip-hop and punk like I do.” The new album drops January 25th, 2019.

Sleepy Lizard – Street Signs

They did it again. SLEEPY LIZARD in ‘Street Signs’ has become, for the moment, a country-folk/rock-ballad tour de force. Off of their 2017 debut album ‘Rare Reptiles’, the band offers this delight of a song and music video. So good. So country. So melodic. It’s irresistible TBH. The satisfaction factor is at the stratosphere with this single. The vocals to the guitar strums, and to the organs, ‘Street Signs’ is what ends your weekend on a great note. The Australia based band just does things right. Oh, listen to the solo. Right? All is right with the world, when listening. Dig it.

Fanclub – Reflection

Fanclub is Mike Lee, Leslie Crunkilton, and Daniel Schmidt from Austin, TX. We’d featured them for their single ‘Leaves’ back in August, and we’d dug their stuff, you might say. “I think a lot of us lack self-support and self-cheerleading. We are so quick to judge ourselves, critique ourselves, and ultimately be disappointed in ourselves,” said Mike Lee. “We all carry a weight, and no matter how hard we try to lighten that weight, it always seems to be there. But we keep trying, and there is definitely beauty to be found in that.” We agree. It’s a constant struggle to maintain the ship, ain’t it? Surely ‘Reflection’ helps.

Eoin Glackin – Fresh AF

EOIN GLACKIN seems like a heck of a guy who loves irony and skepticism. Why do we think so? This song. And the fun music video. Why not right? Now, it’s up to you to decide whether the song and video is ‘Fresh AF’ or not. There’s no middle ground. There’s no going back after your decision. It’s that nuclear missile button. Which will it be? Word. Good choice. ‘Fresh AF’ is off of Eoin’s latest album ‘Fires of Innocence’.

Melba Vision – Hypocritical Load

MELBA VISION is a Copenhagen based band which includes members René Madsen, Casper Bartels, Mikkel Kristensen, Morten Hoffmann, and Kiri Håkansson. They present a wind swept story telling with the likes of their single ‘Hypocritical Load’. And in this single, even without the music video, it’s easy to think of the oceans and the wheat fields of by-gone eras. In them, we get taken in by the world-scape of the individual minds, trying to do the best they can, with the best tools they know how. MELBA VISION hints at those notions of memories, perhaps we’d never known. It’s a day-dram sequence that just is perfect.

Raymond Joseph – Oh My God

“It’s a funny thing isn’t it? Feeling happy about sad songs,” Raymond says. “It’s because the singer feels sad, too. I’m not alone in that sense. I can have that connection. I think it can be pretty uplifting to listen to a sad song.” RAYMOND JOSEPH is just fantastic in his latest single, which demonstrates his way with narration and usage of words that hint at the finest details. Raymond’s vocals is idilic, and we want to be there with him.

JELLY BEAN – Holiday

Four boys. France. Jangly guitars. Dream-harmonies. All that combines to a perfect level nostalgic music experience, we wished we had in our night time dreams. It’s a beautiful combo. And in ‘Holiday’, the ‘love’ just is uncontrollably flowing over the brim. It’s just glorious to see, and experience. YES. We need a holiday. We dang agree with that. But then if we’re listening to JELLY BEAN during that holiday, will it mean that we took 2 holidays off at once? After all, this single is the fudge on top of that delicious sundae.

Sabine Women – Venus Is Burning

SABINE WOMEN started with Zackarias Persson on vocals and Jonatan Södergren in 2017. Now, Jonatan has become the sole captain of the ship and keeps the unique 80’s infused indie-rock rolling down the path of the un-known. Being eclectic and messy is their ‘thing’. The band states that ‘Venus Is Burning’ was written while watching the Netflix documentary ‘Paris Is Burning’ (a doc about negative segregation of transexuals in 80’s New York City). It’s also partially inspired by the book ‘Go Tell It on the Mountain’ by James Baldwin. This single is fab. Nuff said.


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