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415 // Indie Fascination. Toledo, 2nd Class People, Psychic Love, Made-Up, Ellis Hudson…

TOLEDO – Hot Stuff

TOLEDO has been in our radar for a while now. And as a progressive and talented lyrical band the duo of Daniel Alvarez and Jordan Dunn hasn’t disappointed yet. ‘Hot Stuff’ continues that trend with honesty and gainful employment of the heart semantics that gets you. They makes songs. And dang they’re good. So, get into the indie-pop-rock that is TOLEDO. Their debut EP ‘HotStuff’ releases February 2019. Hooray!

2nd Class People – fool for you

Childhood friends Sondre Storli and Sigurd Kristoffersen had started 2ND CLASS PEOPLE in 2008 and has molded it into a project that sprinkles jazz and pop into a mix of powdered rock-pop that is delicious in every way. Don’t just take our word for it. Listen to ‘Fool For You’. It’s the 70’s and 80’s candied into a love so strong, that the bond might not break. The Oslo, Norway based band kicks it up notches, everyday. Expect more single to drop in Spring 2019. Their EP ‘Next’ will be released June of 2019.

Dan Romeo – THE BOAT

Like the sentimental ride in a blacked out street crowd, she turned to the right and said to him, “You and I, will live.” He promptly nodded with a certainty he’d never known before, and will never know again. And in stories like this, the love is so bright. But like a Greek tragedy, the storm grew and grew. And ‘The Boat’ by DAN ROMEO hits that righteous spot of angst and uncertainty, to a ‘tee’. Life is full of them, and for Dan, ‘The Boat’ “…is a call to the international community to empathise with refugees, written from the perspective of a parent who decides their land is no longer safe enough for the family to live.” Will love be ‘broken’ on darkened street? We shall see.

Daniel Heffington – What It Means

Strength sometimes come from the broken. “The idea behind it is that we all love the idea of finding healing, but we’re terrified to admit that we’re broken. The irony is that nothing has ever been healed unless it has been broken first.” It’s always hard to see a human being disintegrate in front of your eyes. There’s not guarantee of being fixed. But that first step to recovery is needed. In what shape that will manifest, but helps if we try. ‘What It Means’ is off of Daniel’s debut EP ‘Only the Broken’, which is available now.

Love Supine – Hit The Road

Love is what LOVE SUPINE is all about. Love is what drives the rockin’ single ‘Hit The Road’. And with the soft driving monotone of the vocals, this straight up fun single is what you need in your day to day functions. Not energized? Listen and do your daily tasks. Get your battery re-charged. We ALL need something like this sometimes, don’t you agree? Dig it.

Psychic Love – Go Away Green

Thinking about and obsessing enough to write a song about a shade of the color green is one part of why we’re into PSYCHIC LOVE. Laura Peters highlights the arrangements and progressions reminding us of a Roy Orbison who’d thought about, well, the color green (and many other odd goings). But PSYCHIC LOVE does it with the eclectic shimmer of their rock-pop habits that profoundly drip from each note. Laura does her thing, like a Boss, and IS a boss of her art space called Vega’s Meat Market out of Echo Park, California. And with Play Like A Girl music collective they showcase acts ‘featuring female and female identifying acts’.

wolfgang hunter – if you lose

WOLFGANG HUNTER the project is the lead vocals and member of the band FISHING IN JAPAN. And for this particular solo project he states that he’s “written, recorded, mixed and mastered” this single all by himself. What do you think about his efforts? Bit less jangly and bit more digital – yea, we think we like it lots. What do you think? Well, we think you’d like it too.

Gene Micofsky – Fist For A Hammer

Hard-core blues chords with the stamping steps of the tambourine. Oh yea. That’s the right stuff. Rock, folk, blues, is what GENE MICOFSKY does here in ‘Fist For A Hammer’. Seriously, this single should be in a TV series or something to that effect. Like a protagonist who wears a black hat, but is as mixed up in his personal like as most of us. Then does GOOD and is the perfect anti-hero. No? Well, at least we think so. Good stuff we say.

sway – Boogaloo

London based band, through Paris, France, SWAY is a groovy and jazzy addition to the world of fabulous music which includes the talents of Bosco Olalquiaga Cubillo, Thibaut Evrard, and Charles Meriot. And in ‘Boogaloo’, they effortlessly demonstrate their depictions in humor and irony, which we human beings are plagued most often. Word. ‘Boogaloo’ is off of their latest album ‘Who Killed Karma’.

Made-Up – Bump Bump Bump Bump

MADE-UP’s single ‘Bump Bump Bump Bump’ is a shoegazy indie rock experience that gives us the ‘willies’. Why? Because it is the future of what love can dictate from that fateful first glance. That first non-verbal nuance. That first existential outer-body experience. She was beautiful, by the way. And MADE-UP’s self titled EP drops October 19, 2018.

Ellis Hudson – Heart In Armour

ELLIS HUDSON is a singer/songwriter from Portsmouth, UK. And he’s dang talented. In parts psychedelic, and in whole an introspective carpet ride that is reminiscent of Thom Yorke-ish overtones. There is magic in the mix, his vocals, his statement said in his presentation. There’s no getting around it. And that is a distinction that is BIG in our eyes. Kudos, Ellis. Kudos.

BLIGH – Mrs Jones

We love story telling like ‘Mrs Jones’. So fun. And it’s something that you easily can take a ride, through the lyrics. And done with the attitude of BLIGH from the Gold Coast of Australia, makes it a crisp experience. Like a new bank $100 note. Love $100, new bank notes – don’t we all? And just like that, you should get into the presentation of BLIGH. More than post-punk, more than alt-rock – they are the mix of Broadway dramatics and rock n’ roll, that just make things so very fun. Go!

Modern Monet – Blonde Horse

Melt. You will melt. From the vocal melodies, to the dreamy guitars, MODERN MONET brings to the fore the classic acoustic ballad that hits you right there – yes, right there in the solar plexus. It hurts because of the missed opportunities of past loves. But it hurts most, because of how you should have loved, from that pure sense of the word. No baggage. No clauses. No expectations. Just for the sake. ‘Blond Horse’ does it good. Melt away.


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