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415 // Indie Fascination. Uma & The Wandering Stars, Napper, Fever Days, Tiger Tiger, Sam Fender…

Uma & The Wandering Stars – Get Out

London based singer/songwriter Uma Starets is on a mission to make music that is galactic and universal. The soundscapes distinct of UMA & THE WANDERING STARS, starts with the delicate but determined vocal style of Uma and mixes & collaborates with other artist throughout the world. ‘Get Out’ is her latest a song enhanced by shoegazy aesthetics, framed in demure elegance.

Napper – Sandy Allen

There are times when we’re confused with the circumstances of our own building. It is our fault for being such clumsy animals in this trek we partake. But we can’t be blamed all the time. There are certain situations when we can’t be blamed. One thing that is most consistent is that we become disoriented and confused when in a relationship. Love, and the good life – it should be as easy as it was advertised. But many times, it just falls apart sometimes. We all get lost. Heartbreaks are common. Views on each other changes. Guess that’s part of being within the nature of things. What a Universe we live in, ain’t it? NAPPER’s latest self-titled 10 track LP is available now.

Dream System 8 – The Story of Your Life

DREAM SYSTEM 8 is delightful. 80’s setting, promised over a layer of a playful lyrics that’s reminiscent of a past atmosphere. “The Story of Your Life is about a girl who falls in love with a boy and then travels to the future in a time machine to confirm that they’ll always be together…Set to the beat of vintage Linndrum, Erica’s vocals glide over the pulsing sounds of a Roland Jupiter 4, a Roland SH-2, a Korg 770, a Yamaha CS-15 and a Yamaha CS-70m.” Cool stuff isn’t it?? In the best tradition of Depeche Mode and Erasure, the poppy and up-beat-positive offering takes you on a journey you never thought existed.

Ead Wood & The Heights – Oceans

Bristol UK based EAD WOOD teams with MARGOT to bring this grunge-pop diddy named ‘Oceans’. And it’s the second single from the upcoming new EP ‘Beige Dreams’ (November 8th). Take this single for what it’s worth. It is a list for what life can be to some. Ups and downs, sideways, onward – life is what we makes of it, but there’s just so much turbulence to contend with. In ‘Oceans’, EAD WOOD take that to account, and tries to make it a positivity that can be used. Success? Well, we all much try, again, and again, for the world doesn’t give you free lunches.

Jesse Woods – One and Only

What a beautiful song by JESSE WOODS. With pastel like colors of the melodies, neatly offered on the 60’s psyche-soft-rock bed of roses, ‘One And Only’ indelibly makes a mark and pulls the strings that you have in that chest of yours. Comparable to the sensibilities of bands like BREAD, Jesse takes care of the lonely and confused heart’s questions with an empathetic touch to the shoulder. We all can relate. Jesse surely does. In this single, he wants you to know that. The Austin based artist makes tough ombres get close to their ‘feels’.

Michael Thomas – Reality

MICHAEL THOMAS’ single ‘Reality’ is a positive take on a synth laden psych-pop requisition to the better possible future. London based, Adelaide born Michael brings his best so far in this single, accompanied by a very deeply messaged music video. Shining a light on the chaotic blindness of what we do in this reality, there is gentle reminder from the artist that there are things that needs your particular attention. What’s important to you? What’s necessary to you? Don’t lose your way. Take that chance, and you’ll find out that it was a ‘certainty’ instead. Dig this shimmering vocal extravaganza by MICHAEL THOMAS.

Francis Moon – All Of The Time

FRANCIS MOON brings us ‘All Of The Time’. And with this single, time stops and spurs inklings of notions that were promised, but never fully realized. It’s the beckoning of the heart, trying to make sure that the underlying emotions are recognized and felt. There’s no guarantee, but the effort may be worth the wait. He’s worth it. She’s worth it.

Ben Leece – Rebel Alone

It’s been a little while since we’d featured a single from BEN LEECE. Our first acquaintance was when he released his single ‘Villains’ back in August. We’d mentioned that Ben “draws on many facets of honest musical construction that is always never to be denied” back then. Things have gotten even better as ‘Rebel Alone’ is a downright classic modern country that has the depth and attributes looked for in a love song. But just like we could picture the fab artist, ‘Rebel Alone’, a song that he says he wrote “about the 1987 film ‘Cant Buy Me Love'” comes through in spades. The Australian Americana-Country artist is a dang great entertainer, and you should have a look see.

Sully Gravity – Worn Out

SULLY GRAVITY is Sultan Alabede, and he utilizes his emotional, soul and r&b driven vocals to fill the gaps that are between hearts and the broken pieces left in the wake of all of us. ‘Worn Out’ toes the line between pop and the decadence of a perfect love indie-ballad. The empathetic offering, shows one way to look introspectively, warmly, and decisively. The single is off of the upcoming EP ‘epokhe’. The crackling and pitches of the chorus, is that which cannot be defined in a relationship – of love – of you – me.

FEVER DAYS – What’s Your Problem?

The Newcastle based band debuted at the Evolution Emerging Festival. And from what we hear so far, seems they are having a serious go of it, in this music business thang. How dare they! =D No, we’re certainly glad that they are having a go with their music. In ‘What’s Your Problem’ they take a bit conventional tact to their introduction to the world, but there is something underneath that gives us some hints at what they possibly can construct in the months and years to come. Well, that’s our odd assessment, anywho.

Vanderocker – Excavating Words

Adrienne VanDeRocker is the project leader for VANDERROCKER. Rocking stud licks, with phaser-like grunge after-taste, she captivates with ‘Excavating Words’. The Los Angeles based artist is originally from Austin, TX, grew up in a Dutch-American family of musicians. Following up her debut album ‘Jupiter’s Kiss in 2016, she’s released her 2nd album ‘Point Defiance’ (available now). We think she has more to say through her music, for sure.


CHILDCARE brings the energy-pop that is presented in this oddly attractive and shimmering package that is understated, but gorgeous. Is that a THING? Anywho, we’d known of the band since our first review for their single ‘Magazines’ back in August. Then we’d stated: “‘Magazines’ is such a fabulous song. Soulful, jazzy, sultry, delicious – like buttery cream pecan on a large sundae. Bob your head up and down. It’s okay. The song is infectious and you’ve just become its ‘zombie’. And this time with ‘Man Down’ they have the same effect on us, again. And we love that feeling. Very much so. ‘Man Down’ is one of the singles driving towards the debut album release that’s scheduled for early 2019 for the band, and we can’t wait for that ton to drop. Fabulous group, for dang sure.

Your Friendly Neighborhood – Overflow (Alt. Version)

This is an alternate version of YOUR FRIENDLY NEIGHBORHOOD’s single ‘Overflow’. The beautiful single was originally released via his 2017 album of the same title. First studio version was in a deeply ethereal and synthy aesthetics. Compared to this new and updated version, the artist states: “These two songs are alternate versions from my first record released exactly a year ago. I recorded the songs to mark the occasion, but also to capture the songs closer to how I play them live..” We think it was worth noting the single again, for the sheer beauty of it – in either versions.

Katie Mullins – Crocuses

In a tradition of Spiritual genre, KATIE MULLINS tells a tale of a flower, a bed of flowers, in comparison to our bed which we’d sewn. You. Me. Her. Him. All in this cycle of reactions and versatile visions for individual manifest destinies, Katie tells it like it is and how it should be. The haunting and beautiful vocals demonstrated in ‘Crocuses’ IS what Katie represents to herself, and to the world. After several harrowing injuries to her vocal chords, she’d realistically thought she’d never sing again. But in the middle of the healing, new inspirations abound within her, and ‘Crocuses’ was one of those immediate births. Her three song self-evaluative mini-novel is named ‘Three Songs’. It is out now.

Tiger Tiger – Motion

TIGER TIGER is based in Munich, Germany. Artist, mother, and heads a 4 woman band. Existential trip to the clouds, is what ‘Motion’ represents. Don’t look for the signs at the side of the road. Let this psychedelia take you to another segment of yourself. Hide yourself from yourself, for a moment. Take a deep breath. The shout out. In your inside voice. Take responsibility to the hoarding of layered and archived emotions, which have not seen the light of day for a long time. Get with it. Get into TIGER TIGER.

Self Help – Blood & Gold

SELF HELP’s new album ‘Maybe It’s You’ is available now. And the NYC self described ‘working stiffs’, brings Americana and lyrical poetry to the fondly remembered stage of when folk meets rock & roll-pop. Their ‘stage’ had been in generation since 2012, and haven’t stopped since. Making the music they love, and sharing with the people they hope to acquaint. Simple as that.

Craig Cardiff – To Be Safe, Loved, & Home

Ontario, Canada originating artist CRAIG CARDIFF’s single ‘To Be Safe, Loved, & Home’ is easy to like. Craig’s ‘honest’ vocals, take the right paths to your heart. And guided by the strums and percussions of that green, green grass of that memory within a memory, the single is hard to resist. Kudos.

Sam Fender – That Sound

SAM FENDER is an exciting artist. Just listen to this single ‘That Sound’, and you’ll understand. The fabulous and dynamic Newcastle UK indie-rock artist will be going on a big UK tour, and he deserves every one of his accolades. On November 20th, his debut EP ‘Dead Boys’ is set to drop and we think the combination of U2-esque energy and Sam’s lyrical empowerment, will keep this EP in the visible spectrum for a long while. Look for him, and more.

FERGUS – Nobody Knows

London based singer/songwriter FERGUS’ falsetto just drapes over your senses. ‘Nobody Knows’ is FERGUS’ latest offering off of the new EP ‘Purple road’. And it drives and impresses – both the single and the rest of the EP. The emotive affections depicted on a solumn layer of memories of better days, breaks your heart and mends them in no time. The future seems bright, ultimately. That’s the power of FERGUS and his songs. The artist stated: “this song is about toxic superficial relationships. People who, on the surface, are your friend, but, they’re actually using you as a punch bag and floatation device – pushing you down to keep themselves up.” Word.

The New Modern Lights – Runaway

The Singapore based indie-alt-emo-rock band THE NEW MODERN LIGHTS pours its heart out for the audience in ‘Runaway’. The band is made up of Darius Oon, Ethan Lew, Adriel Ong, Doran Oon, and Bruce Tan. And the previous schoolmates born this pallet for mixing shoegaze and rock choruses, hinted deeply with 80’s new wave aesthetics. The band has been busy setting up more tour dates, and have scheduled to drop their next EP in 2019.


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