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415 // Indie Fascination. Violetta Zironi, Safe To Swim, no reception., Carbolizer, Behølder…

Violetta Zironi – Oasis

VIOLETTA ZIRONI’s delicate vulnerability depicted in her songs are irresistible to ignore. A perennial feature, it seems, on being featured on CHF, Violetta’s vocals melt with impactful sadness. Life is complicated, with nuances, with loves – lost and found, then lost again. Confusion reigns sometimes. But all you need to come to is at the feet of a single like ‘Oasis’. Everything will be better. Be with the one you respect, love, tonight.

Lost Cousins – Stay

“Stay’ is about both physical and emotional movement,” the band explained. “Uncertainties that lie ahead and remnants of the past are unearthed through changing landscapes on a long road trip. The song describes adjustment to departure through fragments of memories from a backseat window.” The heaps of soaring winds underneath the wide and forgiving wings of love is what LOST COUSINS is all about. ‘Wind beneath’ your wings, per se. The 80’s synth framed, psych rock-pop induction is captivating, thus affectionate. It’s a treat. Their debut LP is due to release in 2019.

Spirit of the Wildfire – Static

Is this the right way to do punk? It’s dang close. With a sprinkle of modernity in their single ‘Stratic’, the gang from Canada does it right for us listeners. SPIRIT OF THE WILDFIRE is high energy, dynamic, and just dang fun and entertaining. What else can you want from such a band, right? Let’s listen and jump – until you can’t jump no more. Their upcoming album ‘Bittersweet Nothings’ will drop soon. In the meantime, go see them in their ‘Rose Gold Tour’.

Howsie – Obtuse

HOWSIE is the new project of Michael Howes, who is joined by his brother Chris. And their goal is to produce sounds like they do on their single ‘Obtuse’. Their mix of many genres including electronica, disco, pop, and rock makes your acquaintence with this project a slight shock to the system. However, at the end of the day, you’ll appreciate the direction the brother duo are trying to consume. And THAT in itself, is a challenge which makes the listening experience bit more satisfying.

Peter-David – Tomorrow Must Be Better

PETER-DAVID is a Cornwall based alternative and experimental artist/musician/songwriter who deftly deviates into realms of sound-making into a new format. Of which P-D vexes his inhibitions, amplified and justified, for the regular consumption of regular thought and presumptive discrepancies. There’s no doubt, this is P-D’s art piece. But it’s not totally avant-garde, for it has depth and pop interpretations that harmonize the cacophony of sounds. They ultimately align, and are aesthetically pleasing.

Safe To Swim – Friends

Brighton newcomers Safe To Swim comes at us with ‘Friends’, where frontman Jim Filippides flips the script while keeping the narrative in a very much empathetic structure. The contrast between the lyrics, the synth, and of the drums, make this rollercoaster of a single, exhilerating and refreshing to the senses. The song is a pile-driver into the mountainside of hope, and maybe of resolution. SAFT TO SWIM’s debut EP will drop Spring 2019.

Fly Felix – Beautiful Animal

FLY FELIX is the project of Drew Tyler, who writes and produces songs like this sequentially pleasing electro-rock fair, ‘Beautiful Animal’. The use of digital and the analog on this single is a gentle coaxing of possibilities in sound construction. The chorus, filled to the brim with optimism, the song is framed with the refreshing look into an innocent pair of eyes staring directly at love. Angst, confusion, essence is what this single is all about, and you should dig it…lots.

The Flavians – Non Stop Fun (All I Wanted)

“Jumbo jet with my nose.” The gang in THE FLAVIANS are people who knows quirk when it hits them in the face. Well, (1) they are quirky themselves, and (2) they know, as we at CHF, that ‘being quirky’ is ‘where it’s at’. It’s the game. And with lyrical works that we love from the band, they easily take music construction to heights we wish was more prevalent in the mainstream. ‘Non Stop Fun (All I Wanted)’ is a perfect example of their talents. We want you to notice this and absorb it for your daily lives. It’s good stuff. You’ll know soon.

no reception. – Door Mat

Claire Julian started no reception. in 2013, and has been driving its punk stylings. And the band’s latest single ‘Door Mat’ is the next best thing to sing along with, if you feel like a ‘door mat’ in life. Our recommendation? DON’T. Don’t fee like that at all. In relationships or in work, you are who you are. You’re special in you own way that is unique. Never forget that. ‘Door Mat’ is the first track off of the EP ‘See Through’ and with the catchy hooks obvious to the songs, it’s easy to get sucked in. Um, that’s a good freakin’ thing, yo.

Nah. – Be Better

We’d called Nah. in our previous review of their single ‘Vitamin D’ as being ‘magnetic’. The band is made up of Brendan Ra Tyler, Steve Rodriguez, Chris Smith, and Zack Be, and their songs are always screwing with our heads with some interesting and innovative elements. ‘Be Better’ continues that trend. The song is the 2nd of 3 singles before the release of their first full-length album. Coolness, for sure.

Sean Christopher – A Thousand Hues (After Midnight)

SEAN CHRISTOPHER’s ‘A Thousand Hues (After Midnight)’ is a beautifully written and sung single. “‘Yonder After Midnight’ is exactly what the title implies; new recordings in a lullaby kind of way of the entire album, recorded after midnight, with just me and the owls awake. Next to the ‘day’ version which is quite produced there is now a ‘night’ version too which is best described as up-close, simple, honest and stripped back.” He’s just signed with Dumont Dumont, so look for even more new creative energies very soon.

Anne-Fay – Rise

ANNE-FAY is one of those rare artists who can transcend rock and pop, conversing easily, with depth and emotions, from start to finish in her songs. Comfortable in an avant-garde indie setting, and as equally fitting in a pure-radio-pop ambience, her single ‘Rise’ is powerful, and delicious to witness. Listen. Absorb. Let the screams at 1:02 mark envelope you. It is simply stunning.

Somehow – While the Days Go By

Bedroom producer Erwan Pépiot has an offering. It’s named ‘While The Days Go By’. It’s not a brand new song (debuted 2017), but with it, you know exactly where Erwan stands, as far as his skills and talents go. Answer? Tremendous and top-drawer. The DIY artist encompasses indie-rock with haunting vocals of want and desire, all in desperation and delicacy. Aurélie Tremblay joins him on every track, further enhancing the focus of the songs. The song and the album deserves your visit. We dig.

Carbolizer – Sky

“’Sky’ was really influenced by Paul Mason’s book ‘Postcapitalism’,”stated Calgary musician L. Adam Fox. “I wouldn’t say it’s plagiary, but it’s a pretty heavily informed by the idea of contemporary late-capitalism (in its current manifestation) not being fully equipped to deal with the imminent dominance of information products and markets.” With all of the dread, can there be a positive out of all this? Maybe. Let’s find out together with Adam.

La Cita – False Start

LA CITA is made up of Chris Mendez and Matt Stokke. And from what they’ve revealed, they have many stories and tales about relationships that they’d like to get off their chests. Don’t we all?? With the best tradition of James Taylor’s sultry and affectionate musings, LA CITA does it one step in addition. With horns to make things just so buttery, the duo musicians make this a ‘beautiful first date’ in a way. The sun shines with ease with this single. The song shines, therefore, in turn. Get to know them.

Kid Fiction – What Defines You

Springing forward after the release of his debut EP, ‘Sydneysider’, KID FICTION takes his future by the shoulders and guides it even further towards illustrious fandom. The synth driven single ‘What Defines You’ is just so good. Simple as that. It gives you a pallet of questions to ask yourself. The answer is easy to grasp, but there’s a catch: you first need to KNOW yourself intimately. If not, there’s no chance. The weave of melodies make this a fabulous choice for his next single. We just can’t get enough. See him next on November 30th at the Subsonic Music Festival in Australia.

David Stone – Pocket

Canadian singer/songwriter and musician DAVID STONE is on a mission to make lovers, love even more. ‘Pocket’ is an acoustic fair that presents a trek in a soul’s journey of a lifetime. Or just in a day’s events. However, in either case, the journey is still very much poignant. She is the key to happiness, and the protagonist is there to make sure the link is made. The ‘perfect, imperfection’ in David’s vocal honesty is why we come to hear. Then we stay, absorbing the goodness.

Jayde – Transparent

JAYDE is Danny Chavez, and his energy is infectious in his latest single ‘Transparent’. Yep. From the title you can guess what it’s all about. But like in any art, it’s not the apparent obviousness of the subject at hand, but the interest and attractiveness comes from the meaning underneath the make-up. What are the textures. What disposition will bubble up from the wastes? How will the event be resolved? Etcetera. And in that point, JAYDE does this with flying colors, spraying us with pastel foam, indulging our every bedroom-shoegaze pop like there’s no tomorrow. FYI. Tomorrow WILL come again, and we’d recommend you listen to more of JAYDE. His music is delightful.

Hinkley – Popular Attitudes About Magic & Sexuality

Veteran band HINKLEY shows us how things are done. With ‘Popular Attitudes About Magic & Sexuality’ we’re transported into the mind of a person who sits at the corner of that street, alone, thinking, and deliberating to a different tune. Since 2000’s the Rochester, N.Y. band has been equating and introducing their own brand of entertainment and art to the masses. This single is one of those chapters. No regrets, just solid indie-rock at it’s core.

Behølder – Sensitive Blueness

Hungarian band Behølder’s single ‘Sensitive Blueness’ is quite a fair. A mix of new-wave aesthetics (due to the vocal usage by Valter Zima), and David Bowie-esque changes of timing, takes us on a decadent journey through a forest that we know not where it exists. The overall bedroom-shoegaze vibe collectively packages the single to new heights. It’s a treat to listen to. You can’t help but bop to the beat. ‘Sensitive Blueness’ is the 2nd single off of their EP, ‘Less, pt.2’. The art is realz in this single. Valter’s band mates are: Renátó Börcsök and Krisztián Spisák.


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