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415 INDIE FOR YOU: On This Day, August 28 Of 2018.

Stephen Martin – Step Aside

STEPHEN MARTIN brings ‘Step Aside’. It’s a large vitamin pill. It might take a bit of multiple gulps to get it into your stomach, but once in, you’ll be cleansed. Stephen’s serious, and he’s seeking a label to release his debut album. With attitude like this, we don’t doubt he’ll be on one very soon. He’s forged in fire. He’s ready to fly like the Phoenix. Oh, the song’s great too. It’s about moving forward with less grief about the past. Heck yea. ‘Step Aside’ is a part of our August Playlist.

Next Paperback Hero – How Long Till Dawn

NEXT PAPERBACK HERO is a project by Nathan Honoré based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. And from what we’ve heard from ‘How Long Till Dawn’ it’s apparent that Nathan’s vision of the world is a florescent beams of goodness and expectations, he’s wanted – nay – desired for a long long time. The details are not for our ears, but his feelings and presumptions of what could be, is there in the notes he expresses. It’s a delicate single that weirdly brings pop-rock and the sensibilities of the 17th century along for the ride, in the same carrousel. Could be just us, though. Any case, it’s a fascinating arrangement.

Danger Barry – If You Asked

Songs are personal. And when DANGER BARRY is personal, he comes at you with the delightful ‘innocence’ flowering around the way his music disseminates into our ears. It’s an interesting combination of sensibilities from DB. On one hand, it’s indie-dad-rock that is fabulously not ‘dad-like’, then in the solo, it is very ‘Richard Marx-ish’ in tone and delivery. The 90’s thing is deeply baked in, then as well as the modern rock-ness. So, guess he brings two worlds, gently in a collision path? Dang. NASA’s got some calculating to so. Word.

Alex Hangover – A song for a haven

WTF?! You too, eh? Us too! We were shaking our head up and down like some birds to, and we think we hurt ourselves. Then our knees started pretending to hit some drums and snares and cymbals. It’s odd because ‘A Song For A Haven’ is rough at the edges. That’s what we thought, but examining it closer it’s really not. It’s just very much a rockin’ single with straight forward (odd?) lyrics and chord progressions that help you dig it. We did, as you can tell. Should get your long drive to Phoenix started on a great note, for sure.

Jon Reynolds & The Aches – Undertow

Driving up California Highway 1, you lose yourself sometimes, especially during a west coast Spring dusk. In your car you drive moderately, thinking about the lovers you’d had, the glories of your past, and what needs to be done in the next week. For work or for pleasure, it’s been always therapeutic to engage with the CA-1. “It’s odd,” you thought to yourself. “It’s been the one thing that’s been consistent in my life.” How odd indeed. ‘Undertow’ isn’t odd, it’s an effervescent anthem to love, and to that love on a precipice. Balancing and determining, the course of actions and inactions, is the game. Just try to enjoy the ups and downs on a CA-1 of your life, here and again. It’ll do you good.

Marlon Chaplin – A Single Drop

‘A Single Drop’ is a pop delineation in what Tom Petty could be – if he was Marlon Chaplin. Poppy, broadway-musical-ish, rockin’ – Marlon continues his musical assault and does it succinctly. His latest LP ‘The Circle’ (available now) helps his journey, much in the tradition of ‘A Single Drop’. The Toronto based artist is fabulous and this single is just a tip of the iceberg. His songs are varied and has so much to offer. We recommend you listen to his latest on ‘The Circle’.

Modern Mimes – Stare

Adi Elcida Hernandez and Ernesto Paez has put something special for ‘Stare’. Take Adi’s soaring and powerful vocals and put it in the frame of Ernesto’s arrangements, and you get this powder-keg of controlled explosion – not fully alt-rock, not fully electro. But it’s ALL supercharged rake-your-back-with-iron-nails kind of rock. Word.

Old Cities – Prague

Our first encounter with OLD CITIES was back in July. We’d reviewed their single ‘Again’ and described the feeling with some prose, which included: “Our eyes closed, and we savored our lone moment, amongst the crowd – slow motion, in the sun drenched high noon.” With ‘Prague’, the dreams depicted are bit more highlighted and spotlighted for the public to glean. The dramatic drums and of course the combination of Jordi White (founder) and the guitar work, makes OC a trip to the likes of City Calm Down and Coldplay. Jordi and OLD CITIES are a treat for the audible senses, for sure. Their upcoming EP ‘Old Cities I’ will drop end of August. ‘Prague’ is a part of our August Playlist.

Benefits – Waste My Time

The hint of Roy Orbison & The Eagles ring true in Mason Lewtas’ band BENEFITS. And in ‘Waste My Time’ is the epitome of the word ‘charming’. The 60’s psyche rock sensibilities and the ‘honesty’ portrayed within the single is very much delicious and can go with any snack of your life’s choices. The song makes you feel good. And isn’t that what is needed sometimes? Word. If you’re in Newtown, New South Wales (Australia) and got time to visit the BANK HOTEL, then go see the BENEFITS on Sept 6th. Should be a great time. ‘Waste My Time’ is a part of our August Playlist.

My Tribe Your Tribe – Adrenalover

‘Adrenalover’ is the first single from MY TRIBE YOUR TRIBE’s debut album (drops early 2019). George Mercer’s project is a new-wave, electro-pop sound, and through a song like ‘Adrenalover’, his aims to raise awareness and to entertain, intertwine to new heights. It’s a drizzle of a song, that slowly burrows it’s silken lines of contentment and outlook on life, to your frontal cortex and beyond. The unique vocals of George with the constance of the snare, keeps the single lively and charming. The new debut album will drop early 2019.

Lauder – You Made It Your Plan

LAUDER is a London based singer/songwriter and he’s about to drop his debut EP ‘Dates’ on September 1. Actually go and listen now, it’s there for your pleasure. And pleasure is in listening to Lauder’s 3 tracks on this EP, and ‘watching’ his ‘process’ in music direction and concept in construction. It’s never an easy process, but with a single like ‘You Made It Your Plan’, Lauder’s fired his first salvo and declared (in some sense) where he wants to go. And it’s a place, where we hope he’s okay with having some company. For the 60’s psyche rock and pop sensibilities of this single longs for that touch. That touch that might not come, but expected, regardless. ‘You Made It Your Plan’ is a part of our August Playlist.

Galen Crew – Everything’s Fine

GALEN CREW wrote this single with British songwriter Roger Cook. Galen states: “We wanted to create something that had that same feeling of almost medieval mystery. When we first wrote the chorus, we felt like something special was happening. Originally we only wrote Part 1 of Everything’s Fine…Part 2 actually came a few weeks later in the studio. It’s one of the most unique songs I’ve ever released, as it is over 6 minutes long, and has two parts like a two act play – which are in different tempos, different time signatures, and different keys.” We’ll leave it at that. Virtually, TWO songs in ONE. Modern hybrid. Kudos Galen, Kudos. Good stuff.

Her’s – Under Wraps

Take my hand Linda. It’s just up ahead over the bridge. Look at the skyline, would ya? It’s beautiful. “It sure is Michael. Sure is.” Her gaze into that blue skyline never ceased when they held their hands together, walking, caressing. She had no interest in that city’s offerings. “I love you Michael,” she thought, as she smiled to herself. This is a single off of the debut album ‘Invitation to Her’s’.

Talk Time – Desperate Weather

We’d reviewed TALK TIME’s single ‘Year Of Self’ back in June and we put it as Song Of The Day. And in this single ‘Desperate Weather’ demonstrates the same kind of pop infectiousness you’d come to expect from the band. The airy stylistics of the guitars to the vocals, make TT a treat for your hard grind of a day. Listen. Enjoy.

Charlotte & Thieves – The Machine

Soulful, rock. Dreamy, surreal in state. That’s what we think of when listening to ‘The Machine’. Brooding with lust and passion for that fantasy. Oh, that fantasy. Mean, beautiful, and she’s waiting for you.

Harry Jay – Tribeca Falls

Need some smooth jazz/r&b just about now? Try HARRY JAY a try. Smooth, lyrically sound, and song progressions that are silky as it could be. Listen to the keys at the end of the song. Listen to the bass. Listen to the drums. Brilliant stuff.


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