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415 INDIE FOR YOU: On This Day, August 29th Of 2018.

Death Valley Girls – Disaster (Is What We’re After)

The gals in DEATH VALLEY GIRLS brings their single ‘Darkness Rains’ and it’s rockin’ and ‘harsh’ for that flower in your brain. Just like the afternoon sun, drying up the water from your soul, ‘Darkness Rains’ is that pepper grinder that will make your death, tastier. Oh, and the video stars IGGY POP. Nuff said. Death Valley Girls ‘Darkness Rains’ drops October 5. Be there or be ‘living’.

SadGirl – Breakfast For 2

Licking his finger, with the strawberry jam covered, it had a tangy and sweet taste. But she wanted him. She knew he wanted her too. Then before she knew it, she was hungry and thought of a nice grilled cheese sandwich. It remains a mystery, but after his finger was being chewed, they still worked it out and was married soon there after. Oh, love. You work in weird ways. ‘Breakfast For 2’ is the first release through their lable, Suicide Squeeze.

Marc Allred – My Home

Bit of ska elements. Bit of rock. Always a good time. And the good time is brought to you this time by MARC ALLRED’s single ‘My Home’. Snappy drums, horns, whimsical lyrics, all glued by Marc’s direct and crystal vocals. What more can you want. Pass us the beer, and let’s have some scintillating conversation by the fire-place, darlin’. YOU. ME. US – in sync, and ready to break this party open. Marc’s latest album dropped in August, and when you can take a look at him live (his bear comes with).

Tom West – King Cambyses

‘King Cambyses’ is a single from TOM WEST’s ‘I’m Livin’ album. It’s what we expect from somewhere near Nashville, in the US. But it comes from an Aussie who travel the world. Well, the cosmopolitan singer/songwriter does it RIGHT, on this rockin’ folk tattooing exercise to our brains. The chug-a-chug train car ramming chorus, slowly drives us off of that cliff. The cliff of body, souls, intermingling, loving. Tom’s in his mid-west US part of the tour at the moment. He’ll get back with you shortly =D

Ryan Fox – Thump Donald Trump

We at CHF love comedy. And in 2018, we’ve seen a spike in songs from writers who had to write about The Donald in the White House. 2018 has been a rollercoaster of a ride in politics, and musicians have been active. RYAN FOX had to say something, and in ‘Thump Donald Trump’ his imaginary depiction of a ‘cartoon’ president comes to full light. It’s not something different, for many in the world thinks the same thoughts. But can’t we just a have a good time in the process? Ryan’s single belongs on a stage, in front of a comedy show, having some beers, and some fun. Golf clap Ryan. Golf clap. Oh, and the world will be okay, even after this cartoonish episode from the White House. FYI.

Joe Dias – Before Too Long

Revival is right. And in JOE DIAS’ ‘Before Too Long’ you have the early 80’s hair bands and guitar antics of that favorite blues band you loved in your dreams. Joe doesn’t care. He’ll play what he wants. But he cares that you like it so. It’s easy to like ‘Before Too Long’. Listen to the solo, then the bridge. It’s a retro-future rock that you were waiting for. Today.

Devon Church – We Are Inextricable

In this title track from DEVON CHURCH’s new album, the journey is through the clouds of pastel flowered fragrances. The turn of events, and the irony of those little insurmountable memories and issues. Turn that page, but the chapter stays as is. The frustrations, the anger, the angst, desperation. Look beyond the horizon. Go with Devon. Devon Church’s solo effort will drop his debut solo album ‘We Are Inextricable’ on October 26th. Should be a doozy.

Caleb Kopta – Anything

Caleb is the voice you need. Going to that job interview? He’s there for you. Competing in that track meet? He’s there for you. Have boyfriend issues? He can be there for you too. Take Coldplay and The Killers – mash, then you have this scrumptious meal that is CALEB KOPTA’s single ‘Anything’. It’s indie-pop that is rock. Can’t describe it fully, but it’s just dang cool. See him in Indiana on August 31st (West Lafayette).

Brad Peterson – A Friend Like You

BRAD PETERSON’s musical direction is something out of a picture book of collages – memories hinted, moments slight. With the world against you (from your point of view) it’s special to revert to the thing that you loved to do. Now it’s time, to take away from the table of suggestions, and go forward with a new chapter. And in a way, BRAD PETERSON is doing so. His latest album ‘The Unknown Album’ has released in 4 continents. “A Friend Like You’ brings a new side to Brad’s music. Deep in earnestness and miles wide in looking at the world, the beginnings are just the end of one chapter of life that haunts, but energizes for the new future to come.

A Fawn At Dawn – Between Clocks And Walls (Acoustic Version)

We like this acoustic version more. But that doesn’t mean we exclude the regular version. Both are integral, in our eyes, in telling the story the way the gang in A FAWN AT DAWN wants to tell them. Both are poignant. Both are engaging. Both are beautiful in their own individual way. The soaring 60’s psyche rock style vocals and harmonies make this a trip through cotton balls and fluffy pancakes, where serious issues are met with dynastic force. And we just like it this way, for sure. The band’s from Quebec City, and the band works too much for our pleasure. Go, go!

ExWives – In The Other Room

EXWIVES comes at you with ‘In The Other Room’. 80’s new wave and The Cars, meet you face with a fist in that hallway of life. That’s this single and you will like it. The song is off of their ‘You Called Me!’ EP, and it’s a succinct and delicious tasting candy, which will last you like, the whole day. So, shake your hair like you have a pompadour, but dance like you mean it, with your significant other. Oh, and don’t let him cut in.

One Day Remains – High Stakes

Sexy? Yes. This AOR of an offering from ONE DAY REMAINS is something that is right for the times. Well, to be specific, if you had a hard day, turn this song on. It massages you on the shoulders. Holds you with the hard-rockin’ riffs and tells you that ‘Everything’s going to be alright’. Really, it will. Trust us.

Danielle Deckard – Sky Falls Down

DANIELLE DECKARD’s voice is beautiful. “Yes. Worth it” for sure. Listening to her single ‘Sky Falls Down’, we feel ourselves fighting the good fight against our ‘hurt’ and ‘misgivings’. The 80’s retro synth injection is priceless in this single. And close your eyes and you’re transported to one of those ‘teen coming of age’ movies of past decades. And you feel safe there. We do too. Thanks Danielle, for the cozy covers.

Catnyp – Bluest Blue Eyes Do

CATNYP’s next single ‘Bluest Blue Eyes Do’ is off of his album ‘More Tales of Mystery & Imagination from the Crypt of the Black Cat (Opus 4)’. It continues Catnyp’s exploration into musical dimensions in grief, societal ailments, and personal institutions. The guitar driven song relates well to the Beatles-esque forms of musical construction. But all in a modern and exquisite renaissance.

The Night – Pull Out All The Stops

Australian band THE NIGHT comes with their new album ‘Question Everything’ and in their single ‘Pull Out All The Stops’, they tell you go go ‘100%’. “Don’t pretend… Don’t hesitate… Don’t let it pass you by.” Because you don’t have to. Take it all in. Don’t be shy. Just do it and you’ll be satisfied. The guitar work of the band is atmospheric. Then add a solo, as they do in this single, and you have a beautiful sunrise. Let the glory be in you.

Beard Bates – The Netherworld of Love (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

‘The Netherworld Of Love’ is pure joy. You like Thom Yorke? You like Radiohead’s album KID A (and who doesn’t). Then this single is for you, your family, your sister, your brother, for all of us. Weird dance number that is recluse and odd – this is the musical twists it presents. And we dig it like it’s the next meal after starving to near death. Listen to the lyrics. Listen to the journey. Listen to what makes you, the way you are – in the reflections, which you deem unattractive. But you are attractive. Look from the other side. You can. You should. It’s ‘indie’ at one of its finest. Fascination can free you. Let BEARD BATES, free you.


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