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415 INDIE FOR YOU: On This Day, August 30th Of 2018.

False Heads – Yellow

FALSE HEADS brings ‘Yellow’ and it’s glorious. It’s fun, succinct, punk, alt – all individually sliced and double wrapped to keep its freshness during the long trip down to the docks. Because your friends want ‘fresh’, as ‘fresh as they come’. If not, there are consequences to pay for, including a deep and wide ‘brow beating’ by Chuck. Yep. Chuck, your nemesis, friend, and a constant source of friction. In the end, all was good. In the end, ‘Yellow’ toped up the energy and then some. What a trip. Trust us: Luke Griffiths, Jake Elliott, and Barney Nash does it right. Kudos.

Michael Paradise – Lost Control

This is the new music video from MICHAEL PARADISE and it’s a ‘guillotine-like’ experience. Meaning you’ll lose your head over the song and it’s ‘feels’. Loverly stuff. Michael says of the video: “The setting: finally a day off in a month filled with work. Maybe you sleep in a little, get up, crack some eggs and that’s when the bizarre begins. What you thought would be a nice day to unwind and recoup becomes an escalating, perpetual series of weird events. The one day where you were meant to have total control of what you do becomes the day that everything goes wrong. The day you lost control of your life entirely.” That just equals to a ‘sh*ty day’ =D

Silence The City – Go It Alone

Hard-rock anyone? SILENCE THE CITY has it goin’ on, and they’ll bombard you with stones that you thought were sand bags, but are really the future death of your musical sensibilities. ‘Go It Alone’ has this chorus, and that sets it apart from others in the field. Straight forward, early 2000’s alt-rock accessibility, with the modern rock honesty, their fans deserve. Go ahead. Shake your neck like we did. It hurts so good.

Ben Millburn – Mr Tuexo

We reviewed BEN MILLBURN’s single ‘Call Me King’ and stated: “Relaxing by the fireside chats of friends and acquaintances, that summer we had it all in comfort and satisfaction. It wasn’t always like this. It was even more golden than it was that current summer days.” With ‘Mr. Tuxedo’, they go to that weird place that we knew they can. Don’t know what the video is all about, but the single – oh that sweet sweet prog rock-ness. Like a freshly pressed Tux, the song feels good when worn. Cuff links included.

Hamish Anderson – No Good (Official Music Video)

It’s one of the consistent themes of rock and hard blues-rock: “The girl who’s bad for you, you know it, but you still want her.” But oh boy, there wouldn’t be rock & roll without that kind of contrasting positions in life choices, right? That’s why HAMISH ANDERSON’s work on ‘No Good’ is so good. It’s fun, it’s classic, and radiates the always solid rock habits that we (mere mortals) can dream about. You know. That tall gorgeous girl with jet-black hair, covered in tattoos, but loves you for who you ARE. “You lucky bastard!” =D

new casino – pink pinky

Brooklyn based indie-rock band NEW CASINO brings us this odd ball of a single that actually hits ‘home’. If that home is where you’d like to get to home-plate with your girl. And we think with a song like this, and with the right kind of gal, “you’re IN”. Figuratively. And hopefully together, you’ll make a great couple. This is a project between Morgan Kaplan and Carlo Pisanu. They have an upcoming 2018 debut record named ‘Oshiki 2’. High hopes, they have – a la Yoda.

CJ Hooper – When We Rise

CJ HOOPER is a Sydney based singer/songwriter and with ‘When We Rise’ he takes 90’s AOR feel and makes it his own. The subtlties in ‘When We Rise’ is something out of some Christian-Country-pop (well, at least here in the U.S.) that we hear sometimes. Accessible, easy to understand – CJ’s habits are plainly articulated and quite adoring to the senses. The song sneaks up on you, and you don’t mind it staying a while. ‘When We Rise’ is the lead single the upcoming EP ‘Urban Road’.

Evan Crommett – The King of Keeping On

Evan uses his indie-folk starting point to try to envelope a sense of love and affection in each pop inclinations. ‘The King Of Keeping On’ brings another demonstration of his pop-awareness and makes it a tasty mosel to ingest and disseminate throughout your consciousness. Vitamin-C? Maybe. It sure will make your soul, glow. Evan is an actor/musician living and working in Hell’s Kitchen of NYC.

Sunshine Riot – Interstate

‘Conglomerate’. It’s a word that defines this song named ‘Interstate’. And it’s an interesting proposition to us listeners. Entertaining for sure, but it mixes alt-rock, blues-tinged vocals, indie-rock folkiness into this concoction that is very pompadour rock; and at the same time very much in a category of its own. Odd. But the rhythms take you over and then you say ‘F*ck it. Let’s just listen.”

Janowskii – Lunnie

‘Merky-rock’ is what JANOWSKII is and ALWAYS should be. It’s that combination of vocal howls, marrying them to the torturous ramblings of the musically drunk outcast, and tossing all of them into the hot bath of carrots and onions where soups are made by the witches that come into your room of dreams. That’s what happens in ‘Lunnie’, and there’s no stopping its 2 meter wide gapes in stride towards that astral lunacy. And we dig it.

Eric Contractor (featuring Sylvana Joyce) – Bunny & Grudge

WTF. That’s what we thought when listening to ERIC CONTRACTOR. And you can’t blame us. Eric’s vocals are Galactic. Taking a page from a certain tragedy filled movie, ‘Bunny & Grudge’ seeks to own you in its harmonies, lyrics, and the beautiful chorus that you swear you’d heard before, but it’s only the haunting echoes distributed by this actual single. Eric’s essence is a throwback to a decade we thought we knew. Now we know better.

Reptilians – Girls Who Work In Shops

‘Girls Who Work In Shops’ is charming, to be forward. And we say that with a deep appreciation for what the guys in REPTILIANS was trying to do with the single. It’s warm, it’s affectionate, it’s punk, it’s rock – just the kind of thing that we need sometimes. It’s a tale that is told in the voice stylings of Modest Mouse, but story is told from a perspective of that guy at the corner. It’s a delightful contradiction in musical construction, we have to say.

Helga – Battle Song

HELGA’s ‘Battle Song’ is exactly what you thin it might be. It’s a trip back to waring times, deep within the dark forests when good and evil fought for alliances and victories. And whomever won, will see the appreciation of the angel Queen. And she will forever protect the winning army, far into the future. ‘Battle Song’ is a ‘Battle Cry’ for that which you want, need, desire.

CREO – In The Red

“Yes I’m Tired.” We get that way all the time. Then we say to ourselves, “It is a First World Problem?” Maybe. Then we kinda motivate ourselves to work a bit harder, longer, deeper. Typing, typing, tipping, tapping, typing – further into the musical world which doesn’t want to let you go. Anywho, CREO’s guitar philosophy in ‘In The Red’ is dynamic and gets under your skin, in a way. In a good way. Dig.


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