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415 INDIE FOR YOU: On This Day, August 31th Of 2018.

Old Man’s Money – Ghosts

The vocals in this chorus of ‘Ghosts’ is where it’s at. The outstanding energy within the pitch perfect raspiness, turns the world up-side down for a moment. The mix of English and American musicians in this band, adds to the fervor of the rock that they produce. The lively and vastness of the licks preside over the overall fun of a band we think would be fabulous to see live. It’s ‘good sh*t’ as they say.

Coyle Girelli – Disappear

“Sometimes I just want to disappear…Far away from here” is the first line in Coyle’s ultra poignant single from his upcoming debut album ‘Love Kills’ (Sept 21st). Totally giving up can be an option. But it’s not a choice that will add to your future. You must survive this challenge and become the better you that you can be. Utter devastation is a hard place to start from. It’s the hand that’s been dealt to you. Accept it. Then fight.

Henry Chadwick – Change

Dancing away is a good sign that the song has stirred something fab within the listener. And that happened to us at CHF listening to HENRY’s ‘Change’. The light and airy single of a declaration for the future, with him, with her, with you – takes your ears into the change that you didn’t expect – but wanted. Kinda feels good right? His new album ‘Marlin Fisher’ drops (today) August 31.

The Chairman Dances – No Compass, No Map

In our review of their single ‘‘Acme Parking Garage’ we’d stated: “The Phili based band kicks it to another mountain top in this song, then quickly slaps you, and pulls you down to the weird-middle of life – when we think about STUFF performing our duties of buying dead plants and meat at the grocers.” Nothing else different with ‘No Compass, No Map’. The oddity in sound and ‘mangled’ overlapping makes what THE CHAIRMAN DANCES is and hope will be far into the future. Always cool. Always in.

The Mighty Small – Dance David Dance

This was written in ‘homage’ of David Bowie (hence the title). The song is so well done, we miss Bowie like crazy, when we listen to it. But THE MIGHTY SMALL’s aim isn’t to mourn. It’s to celebrate! And with song, it’s easy to love, dance, sing, and dance some more. Imagine this at your next party with your awkward but awesome family members?? =D

SHIELDS – Evidence

The Newcastle based band is an alt-pop band that delights. ‘Evidence’ is one of those instances and you have to admit, the rockin’ sensibilities oozes with confidence and hook. Lovely stuff, we say. A new EP is set to drop in October. That’s good news, for more folks should be rocking back and forth at SHIELD’s shows. We think it’s high-time to get set the world on fire.

Nah. – Vitamin D

Psychedelia, emo, pop – put a magnetic voiced singer with the right kind of tact, and you have NAH. And with ‘Vitamin D’ is a description of something in the opposite partner who is kinda rude and unaware. We’ve all had that kind of relationship, no? Well, we have and it’s frustrating sometimes (a lot?). Emma Bleker and the gang in NAH. (founder Brendan Ra Tyler, Steve Rodriguez, Chris Smith, and Zack Be) decided to make a song about it though, and we’re happy about that. Happy as a puppy seeing its master home. Coolness, personified.

Beau Lightning – Last Night

‘Stoner Rock’. It’s rock that’ll kick your butt. And you’ll like it. That’s BEAU LIGHTNING’s single ‘Last Night’. Brings back past decades of hard-rock sensibilities and builds in modern rock-pop stabilities. It’s a wall built on iron-steel stilts. Nothing’s got a lick on you. Unless she wants to join. You say yes. “Let’s listen to Last Night…this night”.


Anthem, for sure. Hype up your day, for sure. “Nothing can stop you.” But in this production of DIVA FAUNE’s single ‘Get Up’ is different. We think it’s the bridge. Just so fun about it, building up the chorus like there’s no tomorrow. You can’t help but be happy about listening to this, but not feel ‘guilty’ about lovin’ it. Just listen. It’s fun sh*t.

Grace Gillespie – England

London based artist GRACE GILLESPIE is a powerhouse singer/songwriter. Lyrics? Dang good. Atmosphere? Dang good. Indie-folk pop attraction? Dang yea. Her vocals and sound is a hike up that trail of no return. It can be mysterious, but it holds you and guides you down softly, as a gentle hands of your loved one caresses you to peace. Loveliness to the N-th degree.

tygerstrype – Thirst

How can you NOT like this?? Aggressive 90’s rap mixed in like cement with modern dream-garage-pop sensibilities drench you in honey like guitar notes. Droplets of rain hits your face, splashing to expand, then retract, into your hollow cravasses – filling them with glue, of your present and future thoughts. tygerstrype’s upcoming EP ‘A Memory Lasts Longer Than A Lifetime’ is coming. Watch out.

LamoSic – On the Sun

Atlantic Beach, New York (Long Island) artist LAMOSIC brings an interesting prospect with his single ‘On The Sun’. The interesting part is that it has a timing issue that is so ‘hooky’ that it’s hard to ‘hum’ to it through the day. We think, “This is weird”. But then we say, that’s the ‘charm’ of this single. And we dig it. It’s not trying to be something that it is NOT. He’s had help with his new upcoming album (October), with Cody Mackston on drums and Natasha Lubzcenko on support vocals. Seems like a good group of folks, and looking forward to what they will offer in the new publication.

Gnarly Horse – Dopamine

“Don’t worry, I got you.” That’s something we all want to hear, in some facet of our lives. It’s warming, it’s endearing, and it makes permanent friends of you and me. This is where GNARLY HORSE’s ‘Dopamine’ comes in and points at the bullet-points on the chalk board, reminding you that “Yes, we’re here for you! Don’t worry!” Hold our hand. Let’s dance. Let’s have some fun. Don’t get down with the relationships’ quips. You’re more than that. We belong together.

John: The Usurper – Arrows/Horses

Don’t fret about the yesterday’s worries. Let’s not ruin this night of you and me. We’ve found the right place to get together; the sofa is fashionably comfortable and your legs should be touching mine. Come to me. Come to me darling. Look into my eyes. Drink up and say to me: “What are you looking for!” Yes. Shout it at me. “What are you looking for!” I’ve found it. ‘Arrows/Horses’ is the title track from JOHN: THE USURPER’s debut EP. Available now.

Chelsey and the Noise – Mountain

CHELSEY AND THE NOISE takes the torch and puts a flame thrower on it – burning you, torturing you, cutting you in to pieces. And you like it. More please. Glitch, pop, rock – just take our soul, would ya?? CATN will do so, with a grin. Then a slap to your face. Here, you’ll also like it, and then some. Their sophomore EP ‘Blank Frames’ is something you should get into now, if you haven’t already.


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