415 INDIE FOR YOU: On This Day, September 10th, Of 2018.

Victor Jozef – Figure Me Out

Luck couldn’t bring us together in this lifetime. Why was that? Why was this Universe so cruel? I know you exist. I know you are out there. Can you call out to me, so we can meet? Please? Why Universe, can’t you just open your heart to our own hearts meeting? Why? ‘Figure Me Out’ is about that ‘flailing of our arms’ out into the world that is indifferent. And maybe a bit vindictive…to the point of YOU and HER and HIM. Arms folded it looked on. No care for the two heart broken souls. Adrift. In an orange rescue tube.

Marsicans – Suburbs

James Newbigging (lead singer) explains, “Suburbs is about the feeling of not being comfortable where you are. I’d just got back from a pretty hectic few weeks away and I was looking forward to being home. But then I kept getting bored straight away. I guess it’s kind of about wanting more all the time: more experiences, a change of scenery, but not quite knowing why you want it or why you need it. I started over-thinking things quite needlessly. I remember going past a man mowing the grass, making sure the curb edge was pristine, and it made me question everything, I don’t know, but I was probably having a quarter-life crisis.” =D Well, glad you’re back to the road and rockin’ out with your fans. ‘Suburbs’ is a fun song that is innocence about a slice of life that is fleeting, but memorable. Our brains are weird, right?

Tim J Grant – I Want To Know (feat. Kirsa Moonlight)

Why do we do the things we do? Why change our lives for a totally different path in life, even if external factors indicate that it’s not right? That’s because there’s only one thing that cuts through to the core: contentment. Does what you are doing for a living is making you feel content and happy? Does it energize you without coffee or other stimulants? Do you get up in the morning, even if you’re tired, with a relaxed stretch with the a well intentioned effort to tackle the day, in full? Yep. Maybe then you’ve gone the right thing. Now, shake that booty and make some music! TIM J GRANT makes dream-pop. He loves it. And in the weirdness and oddness of his song ‘I Want To Know’, we get him. We feel his focus. Kudos.

Oh Geronimo – For The Dogs

“This song is directly inspired by our love for dogs, and the experiences we’ve shared with our own pets. Unfortunately, nature runs its course and we end up outliving our companions (most of the time), which is one of the hardest trials one can face. We hope this song sums up all of these feelings, and makes you cherish your pets even more.” – Oh Geronimo. Love it. And it’s about toasting our fave pet friends. Can’t go wrong. Oh, and proceeds from this release goes to dog-rescue charity Save Our Scruff.

The Score – Stronger

Never thought you’d be a stronger person after that disaster that just happened to you, right? You’re stronger than you think. You’re better than you’d think. It’s what you can be. You’ve survived. Then with time you’ll realize it has forged you into a killing machine. Cry it out. Be sad. Be depressed. Don’t get out of bed. Then break out of it. Shower. Eat. Get angry. Get positive. Live again. Because you deserve it so. THE SCORE is made up of Eddie Anthony and Edan Dover. They make you inspired.

LeeSun – Dry Your Tears

LEESUN combines indie-rock, then molds it into a kind of lullaby in her single ‘Dry Your Tears’. The hard to crack tree has that gooey center of gentleness that we all want to aspire to. But that gooey center wont’ be penetrated today or on another. For it is the day of the reckoning, of you, your soul, and the destruction of methods learned in earlier life that can only open the treasure chest, in life. Thrive and energize for the future fruit. Mark your territory now, and be calm and collected. Take that opportunity, when it lands on that soft ground of leaves and branches.

Elbowache – JB-3011

Wow was what we thought first listening to ELBOWACHE’s ‘JB-3011’. Refreshing, weird, indie-rock and all at the same time having kind of a ‘lesson’ of sorts for us to adhere to – if we’re not too busy. Listen to the keys, then the arrangement of pauses and time changes. Listen then to the guitar riffs – it just is very, very cool. Yes. Coolness is the theme for this single. And we dig it to bits. And best of all? His new LP ‘Zero Fantasy’ has this fab single ‘JB-3011’ in it, with 8 more fab songs. Hooray!

Sky Harps – Let Go

I’d been drifting on this ocean of facts and figures throughout my young life. It’s been a smooth ride so far, but the transistors and silicone machine parts makes it sometimes a bumpier ride than it should be. I scratch my head sometimes and look over the side of my red raft. Then all I see is my own reflection, confused and sullied as always, about the look of the clouds in the back of my reflection. Like a puppy my routines have been the same. Hear that? That’s a ship coming my way. Oh it looks so beautiful! It’s so luxurious! I look horrible after years of floating on this expanse. “Hey! I’m here! I’m here!” She’s the most beautiful thing I’d ever set my eyes on. She saved my life.

The Estevans – 2 Minutes From Lincoln

Guildford England mates Guy Ferris and frontman Oscar Pugin started musically in 2014. After drummer Ollie Thomas and bassist Morgan Jones completed their 4 piece band, they were off. After 2016, they had a vision. The vision entailed Punk + Rock + Modern Sensibilities = THE ESTEVANS. Not physics, but for us CHF folks, it’s the right choice of combination and in the single ‘2 Minutes From Lincoln’ the live expectations are large with this band. We can see them rockin’ on stage, giving it all they’ve got to their fans. Distilled, that’s what you always want from a fab band, no?

Chris Noah – Fall Through

Falling in love is so much fun. We’ve all done it right? It’s a slice of life that is the most colorful and it is the most effectively shield against any ailments, or life’s road bumps. Nothing can get you down. Because she’s here with you. Because he’s here with you. You’re now a team, and just like the Justice League, there are times when external forces can make it hard. Real hard. But should it stay that way? Nope. There’s no rule like that. Right? Make it yours. Help her know you. In a fantastically reminiscent vocals of CHRIS NOAH, we are taken back to a period in time of pop fabulousness that was of The Police and Sting. Weird? Not really. ‘Fall Through’ is pure as the driven snow, in Antarctica. So cool, so light, and it’s a joy to watch it bloom within our psyche.

EGOISM – Sorry

“I wrote this song as a bit of a fuck you to the people who never say sorry for their own mistakes, but then always demand an apology, even if I’m the one who was hurt the most. Easily the most empowering song we’ve ever written ha-ha. We were really going for a The Veronicas meets Slowdive kind of vibe, essentially blending the music of our childhood with the music of our teenage years.” – Scout Eastment (vocals/guitar). Kudos, Scout. It’s the way it should be. We hate that too. But we love your single. The airiness of the song is properly beautiful witness. Their debut EP ‘It’s Wearing Off’ is available now.

Kwolek – Miscellaneous People

KWOLEK has a desire to be a ‘better human every day’. His new album ‘Masks’ is here and available now. And his 3 years of arduous trekking in the efforts to bring this fabulous gift to the world is commendable. From what you hear in ‘Miscellaneous’ you can feel what you are about to embark together with KWOLEK. Listen to the last parts of this single. It’s inspiring, exciting, and makes us look forward to the future of futures. Let’s do this. Let’s do this together! We can. We really, really can make it better – our everyday human ways.

Simon Lynge – Age Of Distraction

“I just wanted to acknowledge the underlying anxiety of existence in this age and the longing for connection that I believe is so pervasive in modern humans,” explains Simon Lynge. “We have instant access to information, but our knowledge of the source of a meaningful life is at an all-time low. We look out of our eyes and forget to observe with our heart.” Well, our meaning for life IS ‘information’. But that’s how we adapt as a forward thinking species. We might be in a bit of a ‘rut’, but soon, we’ll get out of this funk. Something will work. And just like Simon explains, we’ll need to get off our butts and work to realize something’s not right. Recognition starts the engine to betterment. No?

Giant Boys – Clap Your Hands

Salford (UK) based post-punk band GIANT BOYS have confirmed details for their debut EP ‘Clap Your Hands’. Singer Scottie stated: “We wanted to make something heavy & satisfying, whilst keeping the writing process quick and impulsive, often only allowing ourselves single takes whilst recording” We love GIANT BOYS because they combine the best of them describing how some of us at CHF would like to ‘die’, and the sentiments of dying without having some fun. LOL We’re silly. Anywho, GIANT BOYS are fab.

The Summer Cult – Rabbit Hole

They got you. Never thought you’d love this song right? Hard rock intro, then some rockabilly blues chords. Whoa! Then the assault by the singer is just ‘beautiful torture’. It’s that nonchalant lone ranger coming into town and kicking everyone’s asses, with the same look on his face. The look of ‘indifference’, but with the same outcome. The outcome of your teeth being on the other side of the saloon, and you becoming a galactic slave of your own making, via ‘Rabbit Hole’. No escape.

Modern Vampires – High Price

Reflecting off of my indecent days of youth, was a difficult thing to do. Accepting my disemboweled notion of honor was never fully bloomed. And everyone around knew it well. I was very angry, at myself – at the world. I knew I was going down the wrong road. But I couldn’t forget the ‘wrongs’ done to me. And I know it was eating me alive. Looking up at the sky, the clear desert sky, was peaceful to me. I’d been there lying on the ground for some time. My carcass was done for, and the minutes I’d owned on this Earth was coming to an end. ‘High Price’ is a poignant acoustical bonanza of a single by the MODERN VAMPIRES gang, which is a biographical song about a YPG fighter named Dean Evans. He was the second British citizen to be killed (2016) by ISIS in the Syrian war.

Jack The Envious – Walk In The Dark

Something different? Put that cocktail down on the grand piano. “It’s raining.” Yes, it sure is. And JACK THE ENVIOUS takes you on a roller coaster ride through that park that never existed, but only existed in your heart. Everything can be relative. You have be relative. Become relevant. ‘Walk In The Dark’ brings the excitement of emo-rock to the fore with sharp vocals and the chord arrangement that is exhilarating. We need to go boarding for some odd reason. “Come on Jackie. Let’s go.”

Upwhirl – You Don’t Need Me

“Looking at the big picture, it’s an observation of the precious things society sacrifices in the name of progress, growing dependent on said progress and clinging dearly to it. On a personal note, it’s more about the turmoil of a changing relationship. Either way, we’re trying to figure out our personal role in the tangled mess. In the video, we are searching and observing. We play the game once and leave realizing it’s not for us.” – UPWHIRL. Consisting of Nina Green (vocals,bass) and Michael Green (drums), UPWHIRL is a rock band that produces outputs that are contrasting to the edges, with indie-pop premonitions and ultra chic avant-guard aesthetics. The cool combination is delicious and sexy to witness, for sure.

The Golden Leaves – Dancing

“Dancing” is a song about enjoying life in the moment. Not yesterday, not tomorrow, but right now. Sometimes it’s good to give up all your struggles, boredom or whatever and just dance.” It’s an odd conundrum. In parts, especially with the vocals, we thought we were back in the 80’s and listening to a hard-rock hair band. To us, that’s a fabulous thing. (1) We love hard-rock and metal, (2) we love indie-rock like The Golden Leaves, and (3) we love the fabulous musical talents of the 80’s hair band. And when you have it combined in one, it’s a dream come true. Just us? Probably not. Ok, anyways, listen to TGL and you’ll be uplifted. Guaranteed.

The Rebels of Tijuana – Erotique

THE REBELS OF TIJUANA drops their double album ‘Asile’ on October 5th. And it should be a fabulous time for all of us! Put it on the calendar! The surreal French direction of ‘Erotique’ tells you all you need to know. The keys, oh the delicious keys. They make this psychedelic infatuation of a single so easy to consume, even if you can’t understand anything from the lyrics. The nostalgic resonance is palpable, and yet at the same time, the fun factor of this single is adorable. The ‘homage’ to the music heroes of the past, rings true, and we dig this project to bits.


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