415 INDIE FOR YOU: On This Day, September 12th, Of 2018.


“It is about that sweet sweet $$$, you know?” Yep. That’s how $KELETON CLUB wants to be known. The first impression. And we dig it. And when you delve into ‘Bang Bang’, their 2nd single from Montréal power-rock-pop trio, you can immediately feel what you’re about to get into. Might be fabulous. Might be bunk. But there’s nothing in between. In our eyes, ‘Bang Bang’ is the ‘shizzle’ (a la Snoop Dogg, early 2010s). And from what we know of Chris Anglin, Andrew Matthews, Morgan Zwicker – they’re the ‘shizzle’. Let’s keep it sizzlin’ shall we?

The Racer – Jupiter

Dreaming that day-dream. Clouds of unfettered infatuation for that touch. Her touch. Flying across the solar system, of knowns and unknowns – you have made me what I am today, with your care and love. The clouds envelope me with warmth. Your caress, reminds me where I was, and where I’m going. THE RACER’s ‘Jupiter’ is a beautiful appreciation for what a ‘sonic experience’ should be. Ethereal and full of emotion, this single from a fabulous band, takes us on a short journey that can only be described by you. “This song is a way for us to reach out to all the people that have shown their support to us over our lifespan of a band and say thank you. They have saved us.” – The Racer. ‘Jupiter’ is a part of our September Playlist.

Vive La Rose – Schiehallion

David Luximon-Herbert is VIVE LA ROSE is back with his new upcoming album ‘For She Who Hangs The Moon’ which drops on October 12th. And as David does, his story telling is beautiful and so unfathomably articulate. ‘Schiehallion’ is no different in the continuation of what song making can become. The love of the craft oozes out from David’s songs. The beauty is the beautiful contemporary loveliness. Just wonderful. ‘Schiehallion’ is a part of our September Playlist.

The Kolas – Neon Angels

What can you say about THE KOLAS that they don’t say for themselves in their songs? Plenty! First, they got gumption. Second, the weird and fascinatingly odd musical philosophy, is golden. And third, we bet they cook outside and have BBQ burgers, whenever they have friends over. Of course these are all speculations on musicians we don’t know anything about. At least not yet. The first two assumptions we are confident on, however. For ‘Neon Angels’, from the outside seems like a bedroom-pop incantation. But it’s bigger. Think of it as a song from a 90’s boy-band that went rogue and made indie-pop, making fun of that girl they were interested in, but being rejected. Then at the end of that ‘Movie Of The Week’, he wins her over. Oh, and Bongos. Just sayin’. Kudos. ‘Neon Angels’ is a part of our September Playlist.

Djinn City – Flood & Thunder

We’d been acquainted with Djinn City back in early July, reviewing their single ‘Reality’. We’d call that single: “…from the first bar to the last, the electro pop song gets your arms up and high, reaching to the sky.” And doesn’t stop withe their latest offering ‘Flood & Thunder’. It’s that dance at the dance floor, caring nothing about whether the place is full, or anyone’s looking at you. It’s just you, Djinn City, and dance. Moving to the groove. Moving to your own beat. And it’s heaven. ‘Flood & Thunder’ is off of the new EP ‘Yort’ (‘House’ in Tatar). As always, Tim and Aidar are proud and deeply rooted in their Tatar heritage. And from their outputs, the dedication and honor, shows.

Fauvely – Savannah

We’d reviewed FAUVELY’s ‘Tides’ stating: “Sophie Brochu is FAUVELY and with her recent transformational evolution within her music, it’s that deep and visceral contact high we want from her, so badly.” She brings the calm effervescent for life and its quirks, in a delectable ‘Cranberries’ kind of way – at least from a ballad point of view. And that makes FAUVELY a ‘thing’ for us here at CHF. Lovely stuff, as always.

Perfect Body – Fields

“He’s so handsome and hot. I want to just throw myself at him. But I can’t. That’s improper. But I can’t stop thinking about him.” “She’s so cute, and gorgeous. I want to play this cool, but I’m so NOT cool inside, right now. Calm down you fool! You’ll ruin it!” In that field of love, the two birds met, and shared their honest truths with each other. And as they say in fairy-tales: “That’s all folks!” PERFECT BODY’s single ‘Fields’ is what you want in a dream-pop shoe-gaze experience. Outer body? Maybe too much, but close. Take the syringe and stab your thoughts with the slow, 60’s psych, and you have something there. PB has it. They know it. We know it. The pastel landscapes, envelopes you. And you don’t mind.

Villagers – Again

On September 21st, VILLAGERS’ new offering ‘The Art Of Pretending To Swim’ will drop. And ‘Again’ is the opener track thats sets you up for the ‘new beginning’ of that seaside view to the horizon, far off, and seemingly untouchable. But it can be. With the ‘VILLAGERS’ by your side, the dimensions fold upon each other, once, twice, thrice. ‘Again’ is a beautifully melancolic rendition to the stars within you. The Universality is palpable.

The Bandicoots – Shady Lane

“A few weeks ago we hitchhiked back to the 70s. This guy named David Robert Jones was our chauffeur. On the way there Jones lit a cigarette. He let his shades fall onto the tip of his nose, said he was going to show us something the people of the 70s would never understand. Jones flicked on the radio, this song was playing.” That’s the kind of inspiration THE BANDICOOTS took to construct this crisp and melodic ‘Shady Lane’. The ‘oh well’ feel of what life throws at us in the mouth, is undeniable and it sticks. It sticks to our ribs. Oh, and THE BANDICOOTS time-travel, like BOSS. Kudos.

Sleepy Orange – Big Fish

Tell it like it is to you heart’s content. That’s what it was supposed to sound like. It was in my head, and no one heard it. For my undying loyalty to obscurity, that I dream up such non-sense. “I want to live the way I want!!” That was my primal scream. In my cubical, though, it was just another day at work, my career. “How did I get here?” I said closing my eyes for a moment. “Through the front door,” Jack, my manager surprising me. “And you’ll like it. Oh and please get me the metrics on the Hallyrand account, in one hour.”

Michael Berg – Pecan Pie

‘Pecan Pie’ takes you on that journey to that hill upon great deserts of New Mexico. And as a graduate of Temple U, Michael Berg is one fine strummer of the guitar, with the kind of imagination that is worth the 7minutes of time you spend with him on this single, ‘Pecan Pie’. And just like an actual pecan pie, there are chunks of nuts that you love to put between your molars and taste the goodness. And just like an actual pecan pie, the taste of this single is as cinematic in story telling, as it can be. Before you know it, that pie is almost gone, all now in your belly – of hope, justice, righteousness, and a slightly different view towards yourself and towards the world. Word.

Claws AI – Tay (I Picture Us Together)

L.A. rock is alive and kickin’ as usual. And with CLAWS AI, you can trust that your money will be spent on the right acclaim. This ‘crossover’ alt rock band, combines the punk-like vocals with the electronics that distorts your mind and emotions. CLAWS AI lives in the past. He lives in YOUR future. He lives within us. Every fiber of angst, misgivings, stress – all culminating in a demented and beautiful amalgamation of distortion and nostalgia. That is what this is. It’s that manic dream you never wanted to have again. But it’s year 4050, and here you are soaked in cold-sweat. Open the curtains. Look out into the vastness of machines and biological left-overs. Then smile. We don’t know much about CLAWS AI, yet. But in the near future, we feel, that we will. As sure as year 4050 will rise.

Ish Marquez – Gin is not my friend

Well, to be honest, only Vodka can be our friend. Clean. Not too harsh. And clarity during the late night at the bar. Are you a ‘mean drunk’? Probably that whiskey does it to ya. Don’t get us wrong, just like ISH MARQUEZ says, ‘Gin I Not My Friend’ or anyone’s friend. It sneaks up and does maximal damage, if you know what we mean. So, PSA: stay clear of Gin, unless you’re going to go back in time to the 1920’s and hanging with your flapper-girls. Although that might be a great idea =D

Paul Cipriani – Blue Morning Sun

LYRICS: “I will see you again. In a pale blue morning sun. I draw your face in vain. You were pale like a blue morning sun.” This is the chorus of PAUL CIPRIANI’s single ‘Blue Morning Sun. Please listen to the single, and read the lyrics. This little hybrid indie-pop-rock-folk-country diddy is just beautiful to listen to. In the best tradition of bands like The Eagles, the harmonies and lovely arrangement of the instruments, makes this a fabulous ‘first song’ for that long sun-filled road trip towards the west of the U.S. Wind in hair. Top down. Looking forward to new adventures. Kudos.

Tim J Grant – Goodbye Was Overdue (feat. Tara Lynn)

It’s the intro riff that got us. Like a shot-gun bang. What is it about it that is so cool? 90’s grunge-rock-pop-ness? Maybe? Don’t know. But one thing that’s still cool, is this song. ‘Goodbye Was Overdue’ is something that gets under your skin. It feels like it’s going to explode, like when you turn a pumpkin in to pieces. Or like when you put too much water into a vastly undersized balloon. Anywho, we’re just blabbering. Don’t take our word for it, this song by TIM J GRANT is fab. You’ll see.

Celebration Guns – Consider the Source

Classic snare work. Classic dream-prog-rock-pop. Weird and odd presentation of fabulous lyrics. It’s a good combo, don’t you think? And best of all, with Justin Weir’s vocals transitions you from British new-wave and back, seemlessly. Calm, focused, delicate, affable – all with the kind of rock that you know you dig. CELEBRATION GUNS just served you for the court of no-defiance. ‘Consider The Source’ is a fabulously fun song.

Sondrous – Adrift

‘Adrift’ is from the latest album by ‘Something Like Serenity’ by SONDROUS. Like the whisper of the northern skies above, we drift away in from this harsh world. A world of lies, disputes, horrors, suffering – the reality is not becoming of you. You and I, must do better – escape from this land of the downtrodden. Let’s not become one. We’re better than that outcome. At 3:00 mark, the adventure begins for our protagonists. The road is long. But they hold hands, gazing at each other – forging never known bravery from within – they’d never realized individually before. “Let’s go, beautiful.” The soundscapes perpetuated, are mysterious and wholly ominous. Seek the worlds, we yet know not with SONDROUS.


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