415 INDIE FOR YOU: On This Day, September 13th, Of 2018.

The Hunter Express – Friend of Mine

Combine Springsteen and Dylan, then you might see something like THE HUNTER EXPRESS. Better yet, the sounds emitted are, from a more pop orientation, like Jeff Buckley. ‘Friend Of Mine’ is a classically cultivated language of folk, made pop, and we dig it like it’s no business being dug. Don’t need to say too much more about it. Just listen to this song. Brad Ellis is THE HUNTER EXPRESS and the Aussie has it goin’ on. Rock on. This is the first single off of the upcoming sophomore album which is scheduled sometime for 2019.

Jesse Jo Stark – I Wish I Was Dead

JESSE JO is in a word ‘dynamic’. Another word is ‘growl’ – with the cat claw slashing gesture. Her handler and fans call her ‘femme fatale’. That suits her fine too. When all is said and stated, she’ll kick your butt. ‘I Wish I Was Dead’ is kinda tongue in cheek solipsistic relegation of reality into, some would call, talk soup. With peas. With chunks of chicken. Hearty. And oh so good on a day that you particularly wanted to end – fast. Yum. Jesse Jo is getting ready to tour with The Vaccines in October and Sunflower Bean in November. Woohoo!

Dirty Luxe – South of Tokyo

It’s that space craft, in an old MTV music video, that we see DIRTY LUXE’s latest ‘South Of Tokyo’ doing its thing: The space craft, as long you’ve asked, is a 12 speed manual Phasoid Model 3030. It comes with the latest Phasoid, shields for galactic travel. Heat shield for ingress and egress from foreign planets. And best of all, for the lower back, a Phasoid Intra-space back defibrillator – for the long grand tour trip experience. Shocks you awake when you’re 1M sectors close to your target destination. Oh, and what’s this? Los Angeles based alt-pop band DIRETY LUXE’s single is included with you new intergalactic luxury vehicle. What a bargain! And what a dreamy musical experience. Those humans sure know how to make some great sounding music.

Loyal Lobos – Swim

Andrea Silva makes poetry, in song, for hearts, for us. LOYAL LOBOS is Andrea’s project, and in the single ‘Swim’ we’re in a vacuum in space of our emotions – sometimes deaf from the noise. Most of the time, we’re distracted to the environment we really don’t have control over. The surreal make up of Andrea’s ‘sermons’ are instantaneously and gravitationally attractive – in our minds, and for the heights of emotional glory we seek. Will that come to pass? Maybe. It’s a coin toss. Will LOYAL LOBOS be there to greet us? We sure do hope so. Get with it. Listen to Andrea’s LOYAL LOBOS.

rymo. – Shangri​-​La

Acoustic emo-rock. RYMO.’s ‘Shangri-La’ wants you to improve this mess of a relationship, now. What does that mean? You know what that means. The comfort of that perfect place between us, we had already visited. But we, somehow, left that land of honey – for this current and desolate place. You don’t talk to me any more – at least the way you used to. Where are we going with this? Please answer me. Don’t shut me out. RYMO.’s new album ‘Pinko Punk’ drops September 30th (actually already public now). Go on, go listen to his other songs.

Still Parade – Soon Enough

Niklas wants to expand the mind, yours and ours. Niklas Kramer is STILL PARADE. ‘Soon Enough’ is a 60’s love story that we’ve not seen, with that tragic ending from that love affair, we wanted to see continue. But Romeo can’t have Juliet. It’s not meant to be. Niklas’ reality isn’t yours. But yours he can control. With his songs in his upcoming album, he has the remote. And there’s nothing you can do about it. You are Romeo. She is Juliet. There will be landscapes, unknown, and in that landscape it will be pastel, with blood on your hands. For the meaning of love is sometimes, the opposite. There you can find the true meaning of what two lovers can feel, and construct. New album ‘Soon Enough’ drops November 9th.

Satellite Stories – Cut Out the Lights

Out of the darkness of that cave, came out her new outlook for life. Her eyes bulged with renewed energy. Her heart was larger with reinvigorated excitement for new experiences. Her every new day was filled with the sunshine attitude that she knew was her new future. Nothing could stop her now. Everyone around her felt the new Angie. And it was a glorious new road into the unknown. It was hard for her sleep because of the excitement. ‘Cut Out The Lights’ is exactly that sentiment Angie felt and forever constitutionalized within her heart. Life is going to great.

Wooden Horsemen – Lies

7 Piece Rock Band. That’s what WOODEN HORSEMEN is, and at the moment, kicking butt, as. A dab of theatricals within the song, as it has in ‘Lies’, makes it the sweet bun for that long haul of a thing called, life. “The inspiration for the song came about through contemplating the ever present phenomenon of ‘fake news’, the echo chamber that is social media and the divisive rhetoric we encounter on a daily basis.” states, Steven Beddall. Steven’s not alone in this sentiment. And we get why he decided to get a bit harder in his presentation of his band. Sometimes we all need a bigger stick to say what we need to say. Word.

The Blancos featuring Joyner Lucas – We’re Tired

“The video was directed by Patrick Tohilll (who notably worked with NF) and on its direction the band noted: “The video is metaphorical. It delivers an inspiring story of oppression and it’s struggles. The characters are trapped in their own home, which represents the closed mindedness of society. They are stuck in one moment in time not realizing there is a life much different outside their walls. The video is about rising up and taking a stand for what is right.” – THE BLANCOS.

SEX FARM – Don’t Even Try 1

The gang in SEX FARM are first and foremost, highly skilled musicians. They incorporate elements reticent in jazz, blues, rock, metal, prog to bring this kind of ‘short but sweet’ needle of a single named ‘Don’t Even Try 1’. Now, to answer your next question: Yes. There is a ‘Don’t Even Try 2’ (contrasting look at themes unseen). Just like Voltron, these two make up an ultra machine that has two very sharp points, that will slice your throat. GO. Listen to SEX FARM. Appreciate the art.

Gethen Jenkins – Bottle In My Hand

What’s it been, like age, since the last time we featured an indie Country single?? You may thank us now, for GETHEN JENKINS will entertain you like you’d never known. His work, ‘Bottle In My Hand’ is a fabulous classic tale, sounded off in country that we ALL desire. Yep. We’re all fans of country. Anywho, Gethen, brings the vocals, guitar chords, progressions, lyrics, slide guitar, and the back up vocals to make this our country fave of the week. Oh, and he’s a native of West Virginia (Now residing in Los Angeles). We’re guessing he’s a Mountaineer fan, but never mind that.

Jim Salinger – The Sound of Your Voice

In ‘The Sound Of Your Voice’, JIM SALINGER brings up the ghosts of Weezer, Panic At The Disco, and compatriots. Then he mixes all this up and presents it like the feelings of Wilco. Not bad for a one man production. Actually, listening to this song’s chorus, you’d expect this to be featured in TV sitcom. It’s that hooky. It is juicy. Intro AND outro. All that it needs now is a chaotic family going through problems, being solved in 30 minutes.

Greye – What If I

Sometimes you want your ears uncorked and have the time of your life. And when you want live entertainment, where your inhibitions are kicked to the curb, we think GREYE would be the right prescription. Cliche? Nope. Just hard facts. Want blue? Check. Want rock? Check. Want falsetto that will get your spine moving? Check. Want guitar that moves you to dance like ‘you don’t care’? Double check. GREYE’s ‘What If I’ takes you there and, then some. Fab.

Noisemill – Stay on Top

We love all types of music. And one genre we love is hard-rock / metal. Iron Maiden, Metallica (the older stuff), so on and so forth. And when you put operatic vocals into the frame of a rock n’ roll band, we stop. And take account. Listen to Noisemill, and that’s exactly what you get. Especially the payoff in the chorus and bridge, it just serves that purpose of taking you to that mountain cliff, and letting you fly down – even when you have no wings. Nice. Take a look see. Have a go.

Johnny Kills – Seems

It’s been a while since our last review of the gang in JOHNNY KILLS. We’d last reviewed their single ‘Who’s Counting?’ back in early July. The trio continues the “sneaky good, sneaky hard rock that they produce”. It creeps up on you. There’s rock-pop, certainly. But the diobolical thing about this is that, it doesn’t seem like anything that you’d heard. They are a jumble of contrasts. And guess, that’s why we’re into them. Kudos.

Merch Girl – Darling

‘Darling’ looks at your ‘nervous’ habits. “What have you done to make better for yourself?” “Nothing…yet.” She’d been waiting for you to settle your unintended misgivings. Her patience is running out. “When?” Soon. But you know as much as anyone, that she’ll never let you go. She’ll always support you. So, at least you can meet her half way. “Don’t you love her?” “I do.” So, what is taking you so long? Dreamy, significant, and delighful in every way – ‘Darling’ casts a shadow of confidence, for your imperfect attitude.

Craig Swelter – Demented Heart

“Have you been to Hawaii?” That’s exactly what you think about with this melancholic diddy from Craig Swelter. It’s the matter of fact, about the world and its place; you and in your footprint – all mixing it up in the soup of humanity that is this matrix of a Universe. And when you hear it through Craig’s ‘Demented Heart’, it’s just all going to be fine. Not perfect. But fine. The devestation you feel, will be temporary. The highs of victory will last a bit, but it’s part of growing. The averages will tilt towards, a balance. Or will it?? Only Craig knows. For this particular world is in his head. And who knows. We might be all made of jelly. Love, and be loved.

spacers – shake yourself

WTF. Simply, ‘Shake Yourself’ is what you need. The boss getting you down? Get funky. Your girl not listening to you? Get funky. You guy just not progressing as you’d like? Get funky. Add some bass; then add some more cowbells. Yes, and you have yourself a song helping you well up, the strength to ‘get better’, bubbling – bubble, bubble. That’s not being full. You’re kicking out the BS. Just get down, and funky. It all starts with you, don’t you know??

Jong SL – Driving Away

Listening to the chorus, you suddenly find yourself lying down on your car hood, and looking at the worlds up in the night sky. “Are we alone? Who knows.” She turned his head towards her, “You know I’m here, so you’re never alone. Okay?” He nodded, yes, with a smile. They were now on their way to the grand cathedral of life. The momentum is too strong. It was the 2nd time they’d watched the night sky together. They knew they’d be doing this for the rest of their lives, together. Jong’s guitar solo is the key to this light and airy single. It glues the song together, with the payoff that it demands. The sprinkle of glitter through his guitar picking, is gorgeous to hear.

Paper Gliders – This Magazine Scene

Strong sense of right and wrong. It was her magnetism. It was why she was so attractive and popular. The cracker smart Amanda, just knew how to handle herself. She knew exactly what she’d do, today and years down the line. Then she met Matt. He was gorgeous, she thought from the first meeting. That night after the first time she’d met him, she was disappointed she had such thoughts about a boy. “What is going on with me? I have a schedule!” PAPER GLIDERS’ ‘This Magazine Scene’ describes for us at least, the hectic gaps in our lives, always the last to be recognized, but oh so important, either way. It’s go with the flow or not at all. “Helen. You should go with the flow. You should accept his proposal to take you on that date. What do you think?” Okay. PAPER GLIDERS is a 6 piece band that covers many of the good facets of rock. We’d imagine they are very cool to watch live. Give them a shout. We think you’d like.


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