415 INDIE FOR YOU: On This Day, September 14th, Of 2018.

Andrew Goldring, June Pastel – Leaving Song

Andrew Goldring and June Pastel, team up for this melancholic and subtle single ‘Leaving Song’. It is the culmination of a partnership of story tellers, trying their best to get through the haze of life – as all of us do. This beautifully constructed ballad follows June’s debut LP ‘Collages’. Andrew’s upcoming LP ‘Fluorescent Memories’ will drop sometime in Spring, 2019.

Dysplay – Mr. Jackpots (Back to Life)

“We drew initial inspiration from the Dougie Jones character in Twin Peaks,” the band explains. “We ended up creating a whole new persona, a self-obsessed low roller who considers his temporary, minor come-ups to be life changing paydays. Our Mr. Jackpots is oblivious, easily impressed, and narcissistic; he erases any gains just as quickly as he makes them in his vain quest to ‘come back to life.'” This funky soul rendition for what our little CHF lives should be, defines our evening. Yes. That weird ‘Twin Peaks’ evening, in the forest, of cement and Northern New Jersey. Oh yea =D Dig it gang. Dance.

oio – I, New

Sam Jones is OIO. And we wouldn’t have it any other way. Just stop. And listen. Stop the car. Don’t mind the laundry machine making that noise. OIO is on. You see that haze from the back yard? That’s ions from the 7th dimension, trying its best to get to your cereal bowl of fun. Sam will help you protect you from that haze. Unless you have Captain Crunch on the table. That, Sam cannot help you with. OIO is a fab project that emits is brilliant lights from the Villa that Louis built (aka Louisville, Kentucky). And we can’t wait to hear even more from the particular mind of Sam, again.

Sea Girls – All I Want To Hear You Say

SEA GIRLS is sneaky good. Their brand of humor and ironic take on parts of life is fresh and refreshingly presented by the vocals of Henry Camamile. “There’s this common problem where we all measure ourselves by how other people perceive us, and that desire for others to want and respect you. You need to respect yourself first though. You can’t wait for the approval of someone else, and that’s the message we want to portray here in, All I Want To Hear You Say.” That’s being human, we think. And sometimes we think, without such faults, we can’t have such fab art coming out of bands like SEA GIRLS. Think of The Killers, and you have SEA GIRLS. And that’s something that you can bank on.

Public Memory – The Line

PUBLIC MEMORY’s ‘The Line’ is the essence of what you never thought you could achieve. You’re surprised by your inner strength, and resolve. You can grind. You can sweat. You can get dirty. At the same time smiling and never showing anyone how tirelessly you work. In the best tradition of 90’s EDM, and philosophical works from acts like Enigma, PM conjures up thoughts within the individual listener – from happiness to sorrow – all satisfying with a whisper. A quiet and loud whisper. Word. The Brooklyn based band will drop its second full length album ‘Demolition’ on November 9th.

David Ayscue – New York

DAVID AYSCUE is a singer/songwriter, in the strain of Simon & Garfunkle, James Taylor. In such kind of story telling, honesty is the utmost importance to finalize such a coup. In each word, and verse, David utterly successfully carries the listener into a never-never-land, without slippage of being genuine. Each stroke of the guitar, each iteration of verbs to consonants – the vivid outlines of what HAS BEEN, quickly activates in your mind. David’s based out of Los Angeles, and should see him spreading his wares across the nation soon.

Philippe Bronchtein – Me and the Moon

Soul searching is an intimate act. Whether ‘sick of being sick’, or just wanting things to change so bad, you can taste it – a long lonely road and your own thoughts, keeps things simple for the task at hand. There’s nothing more lonely or testing as a tour for an artist. And ‘Me And The Moon’ is PHILIPPE BRONCHTEIN’s story. Intimate. Accessible. Relatable. When Philippe’s vocals come into play, the vast kaleidoscope of dynamically tuned colors of his memories, rush in to yours. The coolness of the evenings, the trepidations to the next gas fill-up, the self-doubts of a career you think about everyday – ‘Me And The Moon’ is a fabulous song. The new album ‘Me And The Moon’ drops October 5th.

Nick Murray – Big Boy

Talent isn’t about the trend of the moment, or the sound of the year. But it always comes down to song writing, and as we’d mentioned above – honesty and truth to story telling is the most important aspect to hitching a new fan to your cause. NICK MURRAY’s ‘Big Boy’ is that example. The minimal acoustic rendition is just delicious, easy on your ears, and it’s easy to become addicted. Nick is an artist of much talent, being able to go from simple folk, to more rock-adult-contemporary (as he does on ‘Island’). And each song is fabulously arranged, and like air, it crosses genres and returns again, with ease. At the moment, we don’t know too much about Nick. We sure hope we can change that soon.

aaron joseph russo – upbeat

We’d got to know Aaron via our review of his single ‘Home’. It was such a moving piece, that we went on and on with a fictional story in the post. And that’s exactly what we want to ‘feel’ from the songs we want to write about. We become a bit ‘closer’ to the artist, although very much virtually. But that’s saying about ALL of us fans, right? ‘Upbeat’ is bit more upbeat than ‘Home’. However, the central core of the song is from the same seed. “Where am I now. Where am I going. Will you be there with me?” It’s the story of what needs to be done, and the ‘fears’ that comes with new mandatory journeys. Love it.

Proper Einstein – Light Bulbs

PROPER EINSTEIN is Tony Alexander Brown Jr. And he makes weird and twisted and oddly poignant ellipses of thoughts and emotions. The ’emotional’ parts cut you to pieces (i.e. the way sheep coats are stripped), but you still want to bulldoze your way to that back wall – in assistance – in anger. Subdued as it may be, PE’s lyrics perpetuate the angst and ripe attitudes towards the powers that have become the hinderance to enlightenment. ‘Light Bulbs’ puts a light to it a bit more. Will it get better? Only PE knows. We’ll wait for the answer.

Bugeye – Is This Love

“Bringing the house down, old school style.” That’s what we thought from the first bar of this single ‘Is This Love’ from BUGEYE. The power comes from the riffs combined with the vocals of Angela Martin, thrusting and profilin’. And when layered on top of the rock of the instrumentals, the fun just goes on and on. They have stated that the song was inspired by Donna Sommers. Yes. But there’s also that tinge of The B-52’s and within the bass & guitars, the fabulous attitude of The Breeders. No? Oh well, we can’t be perfect. In any case, ultimately, this song stands on its own pedestal and we dig it to bits. Heck yea.

My Sister’s Fugazi Shirt – Post-Something

‘Post-Something’ is the first single from upcoming EP ‘Old Pro’ from MY SISTER’S FUGAZI SHIRT (September 28th). And WTF, MSFS? Tryin’ to trick us with this shoegazy / hazy rendition? We know you’re hard-core indie-rock singles too, and this is fabulous. The curve ball had a break of 4 feet. That’s like hitting the batter in the ribs, then making a bulls-eye strike, while breaking your catcher’s thumb. You sneaky bastards, you. Sorry for that. Anyways, ‘Post-Something’ is that moment right before your cat scratches you for teasing it with a bit of food. It has no patience for that non-sense. ‘Post-Something’ is that piece of food. The cat loses out, with that kind of attitude.

Brooks Thomas – Darkness

BROOKS THOMAS is the band from the Bronx. And in ‘Darkness’, they want to make fun of you. What we mean is that it’s the situation when you like someone, you tease them; pointing out their short-comings. The victim in this was us, at CHF. We were teased, then heckled, then we wanted more of BT. The soul/r&b infusions to this particular single is surprising and enlightening. BROOKS THOMAS started with Colleen Cadogan and Danny “D-Mac” McDonald, and seems to be on a very unique journey to popularity. With stuff like ‘Darkness’ being produced, it’s no wonder.

Jordan Lovelis – Adeliina

JORDAN made a big impression on us when we’d reviewed his single ‘Hey Dianne’. He is a consummate artist and craftsman of beautiful folk/country based songs. His story telling makes them utterly irresistible in following and adoring. ‘Adeliina’ is another solid example of what Jordan is, and is about. The layered composition and progress of this country-pop diddy is beautiful to hum to, and to remember. It’s what Jordan does. And we surely appreciate that.

Escape the Future – Forever Now

Joe Wenman, Alfie Bowers, and Bailey Havill wants you to buy them drinks. And you will. We will, as well. For if they spit out stuff like ‘Forever Now’, it’s worth that price for admission. Might be in a bar, and the BBQ wings might not be as good as the owner of that establishment states, we will buy them shots. Then some pints. Because that’s proper. And gentlemen (meaning us at CHF) do those kind of descent things for other ‘punks’. We’re all ‘punks’ in some way, right? In any case, don’t mind us at CHF, just look out for ESCAPE THE FUTURE’s upcoming EP ‘Forever Now’ which drops October 5th. Word.

Oginalii – Further In/Out

Nashville base? Check. Hard-hitting? Very. Kicks your ass, whenever they want? Always. Do you like that?? Um, yes. Just because they have a cool name ‘Oginalii (pronounced “oh-gan-ALL-ee” and which translates to “my friend” in Cherokee), and their new single ‘Further In/Out’ is the flag waving feminist statement included in their upcoming debut LP ‘Cause And Affection’, which drops April 9, 2019. What else you want?!? Another drubbing?? “Yes Please. May I have more.” OGINALII consists of Emma Hoeflinger, Ryan Quarles, Simon Knudtson, and Emma Lambiase. Don’t forget it. Don’t forget OGINALII.

The Arrogant Afterglow – Admission

THE ARROGANT AFTERGLOW is a contemporary description of the best of what bands like Helloween, Judas Priest, and Dio. We’re not talking about the overall make up of the songs, but the essence is just so obviously apparent within the songs. Especially in ‘Admission’, the metal strata of guitar, vocals, pauses, and starts make it truly fabulous to listen to. The elements that are delectable, from a hard-rock point of view, is glorious. Is it just us? Who knows. But TAA is fab in this song. Okay, we’re going to go ride our black stallion made of fire in the drive-way, playing TAA in the built in dashboard. See you next.

Bad Actor – Panther

I walk these mean streets alone, every evening. The cold breeze of the night, overcomes me but I keep on continuing home. But my home had turned into just a place of residence, after you’d left me. My boots are being worn to shreds, missing you, and walking forever. Like an animal trapped in a treadmill, I keep on trying to forget. I see you everywhere. I see your beautiful head and hair, but it’s just a stranger sitting. I see your silhouette, by the lunch counter, but it’s not you. Come back to me. Can you hear me?

Common Since Medicine – Friends Are Food

‘Friends Are Food’ is track two of an upcoming EP from Common Since Medicine. Pink Floyd comes to mind when listening to this finely tuned single’s lyrics and aesthetics. Resist in the way you think and ‘swim’, is the alternative method of explanation from COMMON SINCE MEDICINE. It’s the ‘doubts’ that gets you. It’s the ‘opportunity of happiness’ that makes you even more lonely. “Stop it. Can it be this way?” Never will know, until you try. “[‘Friends Are Food’]was originally going to be part of a full length album that had to be scrapped when my laptop was stolen in 2016. It’s been a long journey but this song has been pieced back together since then.” Kudos.

Jesse Konrad – Crack My Code

JESSE KONRAD’s ‘Crack My Code’ is the perfect ending to any story. What we mean is that in this refreshingly produced single, you can see the silver lining, again. Whether the journey has been hard and bumpy, there can be a positive continuation for that end of the rainbow prize. ‘Crack My Code’ is that positive pump. It’s that warm hug you need. It’s that supportive smile from your significant other. It’s that ‘at-a-boy, you can do it’ from your loving family. For, we are players in this complicated world of ours. We need all the help we can get. We should love this single from Jesse. It’s fab.


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