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415 INDIE FOR YOU: On This Day, September 1st, Of 2018.

Jason Bemis Lawrence – Limited Roles

Jason will drop his debut solo album ‘Another Hotel Hallway’ on September 7th, after many years of paying his dues, recording and touring, experiencing and amassing emotions relative to his art piece. ‘Limited Roles’ is that tip of that iceberg, giving you a chance at once again in tearing off that mask of life, for maybe for another suitable one. Take a walk with Jason. The water’s just right.

NOVELA – Sunday

In 2016, the band members moved from Madison, Wisconsin to Cupertino, California with the notion of adding to the musical conversation, their unique blend of story telling through multi-layered instrumentation and odd and selective addition of rarely used tones. Just listen to the solo in this single ‘Sunday’. It is classic, and to ‘die for’. The sensibilities of ‘Sunday’ harkens back to parts of French psychedelic experimental music and then sharpens its nails in the prog-rock amplitude that we Americans dearly admire. It’s just fab stuff. Nuff said.

The Albino Eyes – Loaded Curly Fries

The gang in THE ALBINO EYES’ lyrical smoothness is dope. Weird, and dope – like dipping mayonnaise with French Fries. It’s awesome, and so tasty, but from a person looking from the outside-in, it’s a weird habit. Bit more fattening than ketchup (although ketchup is all sugar as well). Sorry, we digress. ‘Loaded Curly Fries’ title made us go on about ‘mayo’, but the song isn’t about ‘curly fries’ or ‘mayo’, it’s about whatever you’d like it to be: relationships, quirks, the weirdness of our existence, etc. Not satisfied?? Well, one thing’s for sure – you can listen to their latest album ‘Last Transmission’ – contrasts in tone and subject, galore. Do it!

Devolver – Silver Spoons

DEVOLVER’s ‘Silver Spoons’ is a trip back to the early 2000’s. Garage, alt, always cooler than you. It’s the ‘secret’ that you only know about. Then you tell your friends about that ‘secret’. Then it becomes a part of a ‘group secret’. It’s special. It’s yours, and ‘ours’. It’s the relationship with your girl, at the office: pretend to be just friends, but secretly giving signals to each other with slight pinky touches, during the weekly manager’s meeting. Feels good to be exclusive. ‘Silver Spoons’ is constant, and it teases. We like it that way.

Little Priest – Sound of Thunder

“It’s the way it is, what you gonna do about it??” Blues is that slap to your ego, bruising it with a mallet, then getting up from that beat-down and smiling with a chipped tooth. Nothing gets you down. Especially ‘life’. ‘Sound Of Thunder’ is blues. Blues is ‘Sound Of Thunder’, and LITTLE PRIEST has it done it justice with this little reverb stricken, guitar sharpened anthem for our woes. And we love it. His name is Andreas “Little Priest” Berglund. Word.

Franks – Heart Wants

Life is hard. Being creative, during ‘life’ is hard. Then there is final satisfaction. That’s the story of how ‘Heart Wants’ the single came to be for public consumption. It took nearly 20 years for it to ‘live’. Brisbane’s own JUSTIN FRANKS wrote the song in 1999, and we at CHF is glad he stood strong and kept his dreams alive. It’s a beautiful song, with the right voice to accommodate the emotional ‘pleadings’ of a protagonist who is ‘who he is’. The ‘pitch’ for the ‘lover of life’ is compelling. “It’ll be alright. Promise.”

Lac Belot – Friendly Beast

LAC BELOT’s ‘ABRACADABRA!’drops September 28th. And you should be his best friend, from now on. You should. His delectable and heart strings pulling single ‘Friendly Beast’ traverses the known Universe to be with you. Hold out your hand, and be touched. As tears roll off your cheeks from joy and confusion, your heart finally figures it out. Hooray! Get convinced. Jarno Takkumäki is LAC BELOT.

The Get Up Kids – I’m Sorry

‘I’m Sorry’ is about trying your best be bad-ass, but deep inside you are sorry for what you’ve done. “Be stupid. Just move on.” That can hurt a lot of people, directly or indirectly. Your non-attention to the ones you love, will lead to years of resentment. Don’t do it. And all of us, knowing it or not, abuse our closest, the most. It catches up. The dynamite will explode. Let’s get it right, before that happens. You have to get enlightened about who you are, and who you really are. Start now.

Marc Allred – Your Friend

Marc’s vocals is what gets us every time. In our review of his single ‘My Home’, it wasn’t any different. We’d stated about ‘My Home’: “Snappy drums, horns, whimsical lyrics, all glued by Marc’s direct and crystal vocals.” ‘Your Friend’ is a PSA of sorts. Just a nudge and a reminder to that friend or lover who may get TKO’ed by life, it’s a call to say “I’m here, and you’re hurting. I won’t abandon you.” What a comforting thought and a refreshing take on a positive notion. Delightful in every way.

Werner Mill – River Heartless

‘River Heartless’ cross into adult-contemporary, we know, but the way it’s been constructed can’t help you feeling awesome. Listen to the chorus, and you’ll hear it and feel it. The positivity in the song is overflowing, and you have to ride that wave down that golden and brilliant future it promises. What a way to start a week, right? We agree. Although Werner says the lyrics are about a ‘not being able to find love’, the song in the whole seems very positive, as we’d mentioned. Go figure. Fabulous either way.

M. Crane – Cate In A Violent World

M. CRANE comes from the land of Tucson, and they bring the world to its knees with their songs. The mix of Radiohead and Muse, salted with the essence of gothic sprinkles, the emotive and deeply invested lyrics of the band seeps into that crevasse in your psyche. Hard to get out once set, you must act now to try to defend against this invasion. But now, it’s just too late. Live in the twisted ironies of M. CRANE. Heck, you might like the neighborhood.

FOXTROTT – Deliver

FOXTROTT is cruel. At least she’s been cruel to us. How can she just say this ‘sweet little nothing’ like ‘Deliver’ and just leave us? We want to be you. We want to live as your essence. As she closes the front door as she leaves, we stay in the living room dumbfounded and weirdly contented by the scent of her music. Our wounds of the heart doesn’t seem to serious. Until we see that our world isn’t colorful any longer, without FOXTROTT. Hurts so good. Her EP collection (‘Meditations I​-​II​-​III’) drops October 5th. Montreal’s Marie-Hélène L. Delorme is FOXTROTT her music is dope.

Moon Honey – Life Has No Meaning

We’d reviewed MOON HONEY’s ‘Mask Maker’ and we’d stated: “MOON HONEY’s ‘Mask Maker’ points out some basics of human (self-inflicted) faults and most of the time, non-harmful methods of communications in this world.” So quirky, so psychedelic, so drama-rock – and we feature their songs because they’re so very good. Interesting, substantive, and their lyrics are something to be discussed and debated. And why not. It’s worth the price of admission. Oh yea.

MAWD – Wandering Eye

MAWD is the moniker of Madeleine Mathews, and she’s very talented. Take mod, then sprinkle of blues-rock, then a bit of pop – you then have something like MAWD. As well, her previous release have been very ‘Californian’ in feel, with free-flowing ‘axe to grind grit’ which is smoothed out by the Americana friendly vocals of Madeleine. Strong, perpetual, and oh so refreshing, we’d think her live sets are so much fun to be a part of. We’re sure many who’ve seen her, would agree. She’s more than what she thinks she is. Looking forward to her evergreen growth and expansion in her music.

Scared by Samurai – Revel

The first time we heard this song we thought of how refreshingly this song was produced. Victor Zhang’s vocals is crystal and communicates the kind of ‘feel’ that we are looking for in such a song. The 80’s styled guitar licks just make it so much fun to listen to this indie-pop-rock fabulousness. The band is completed with bandmates Jaden Raso (bass guitar) and Marco Goldblatt (drums), where the simplicity juxtaposed by the background of the cumulative lyrics, deliver a high grade experience. The Hamilton Ontario based collective of artists give us excitement for the next single they have to offer. Delicious.


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