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415 INDIE FOR YOU: On This Day, September 3rd, Of 2018.

Si Clancy – What’ll It Be?

It’s a dilemma – love is. It can tear you apart, from seam to seam. It can heal you from the most devastating injuries, emotional or physical. But one thing that isn’t a dilemma is SI CLANCY’s single ‘What’ll It Be?’. The beautifully constructed and sung single grabs ahold and doesn’t want to let go. The emotional highs and lows are effectively felt, until the journey of the hero/heroine is finished and recognized. The country/folk aspect of the song is the perfect pallet to frame, to admire, to caress.

kokiribloom – I don’t know why you like me (Prod. by kokiribloom)

We walk along that road of haze. We can’t help it. Everyday. Everyday. Every hour. Every evening. The routine always existed. You can’t get off this ride. Until she came along. New view on life. New strength. New un-inhibited confidence. You’re off the ride. Hold her hand. She’s your key. Take care of that key. Don’t lose it.

claws ai – 777

He was sweating. His eyes deep in concentration. His brows intense with minor-fear. His heart yearning, but knowing not how to express yet. “Sorry for being so nervous,” said Johnny. She was so pretty, sitting across from him on their first date. She chuckled. He was embarassed. She reached out and touched his left hand. He looked up. “It’s okay. Let’s have a good dinner.” CLAWS AI is from the future, is from the past, is made up of electronic pop-ness, and like many, likes that girl in the corner with the cute long black hair.

Samskara Radio – Can’t Kill The Radio

That intro is killer. You have to agree. SAMSKARA RADIO is made up of Simon Marrocco, Lance Larsen, Charles Longey, and Stephen Rappolt. They make things better, day to day. Do they know that they have that kind of affect? They must. Especially with that kind of bass licks, right? Anywho, the disco tattoo on this single with the kind of humor and contrast only SAMSKARA RADIO can bring, YOU must relent. YOU must love. YOU must kneel to the pop goodness. Looking for even greater from the guys soon. Word.

My Ultra Violet – Wilde As Me

‘Wilde As Me’ is the 80’s pop that you secretly loved and virtually ‘made love to’, but never admitted. With MY ULTRA VIOLET, you can do that and then some. The refreshing sounds, the sexy nihilism and angst, all put together by Dexy Valentine’s vocals – no one can resist. We don’t think they can. Just like we couldn’t. Just like you can’t. ‘Let’s make love’ to that sensibility. Let her in your life. Let MY ULTRA VIOLET in your life.

GillaWatts – Feed My Fantasy

GILLAWATTS is a North-East Pennsylvania located singer/songwriter and producer. From ‘Feed My Fantasy’ it’s apparent at his focus. And that goodness is express and amplified in his latest EP ‘The Voices Are Gone’. In the 6 track extravaganza is a lyrical and instrumental Class-A demonstration in popular music. Listen to this single and extend your time into his EP. We promise, it’s a worthwhile time.

Wuzi – Compromised Host

WUZI is a Leeds based psyche-punk-rock band. But most importantly, they promise us some heavy riffs and some curve balls, along the way. They are a throwback to the grunge-era with this particular single, and we dig it for its aesthetics and the kind of humor the band seems to carry, clearly and confidently, on their ever popular shoulders. We hope to hear more and more from this fab group musicians.

Shapes on Tape – Climb/Ride Into the Weekend

SHAPES ON TAPE brings that certain aspect of ‘joie de vivre’ into each single. At least that’s what we think so. The duo doesn’t disappoint with their unique angle into music making, and we’ve always dug that to bits. The band from Brooklyn, can’t be denied. Dikembe Mutombo has nothing on SHAPES ON TAPE’s ability to jam, and to make you do the ‘feels’. Let’s have some fun!

Gringo Star – Back To The City

You know one awesome part of this song (among others) is the intro chords. In the best and most complimentary way, we thought we were transported to the era when Everclear was everywhere. But what made it even better, was that the chords helped decide the rest of the song, including the unique and fabulous vocals of Peter Furgiuele keeps it real and furtive in this fabulous single. GRINGO STAR has been publishing fab songs for many years now, and continues to do so. We love their stuff, and you should too.

All Those Who Wander – Tim Richman

Songs about THAT person. We dig it. We love it. We’re IN – big time. And when ALL THOSE WHO WANDER does this for their single ‘Tim Richman’, we knew that we were in for a great time. Tall tales, taller beer glasses, quick in temperament – it’s what’s great about this type of story telling. Wandering, wondering, and seeking out the goodness in life – no matter how small, it’s big to you. That’s important. Make it part of your daily routine.

The B.A.R.N. – Heart For Sale

White paper background. Kicking through that said white paper background. Punk-rockin’ single from THE B.A.R.N. Can’t go wrong. The song is a classic construction, and we don’t care. It’s so fun. Anthony Banks’ vocals are perfect for this format, and with is cohorts in the band, ‘Heart For Sale’ is a gem. Again, we repeat. It’s so fun. Get it? Yes. Get it.

HOAX – Moon Moon Baby

This Long Island, NY originating 5 piece band is delicious in their single ‘Moon Moon Baby’. With just the right enough of ‘pop’, they draw you into the alternative aesthetics. This single is only the starter, for their other singles are very much soulful and thoughtful, that you can’t ignore such goodness. The experiment is now ready for immediate consumption. HOAX is here. You should put them in your rotation.

Kane Miller – All We Need

We often take that lonely road by ourselves. Sometimes it’s with the purpose of introspection. Sometimes it’s with the notion that we want to build something better. And sometimes we need time to reflect on all the external forces that tries to crush you, one bit at a time. We all need some help sometimes. And in ‘All We Need’ the acoustic smoothness, can reassure you, in that time of thought, lip biting, desperation. Don’t despair. It can be better. Let’s try harder.

Distant Mountains – Bury Your Crown

Heavy. DISTANT MOUNTAINS has a habit of bringing the ‘heavy hardware’ within their singles. The instrumentals and the arrangement, make it that solid experience of thoughts and feelings of our lives: daunting, restless, all-encompassing, often draining. But there’s always a ‘silver-lining’ of hope too. And that’ where DM has it covered. ‘Bury Your Crown’ is a track off of their upcoming new full length album. It’s that dream you dream, unpredictable but consistent in its uniqueness.

deelanZ – Low

“I’m sitting here in shambles” is the first line from this single ‘Low’ from DEELANZ. Don’t we all, at some facet of our lives? Silently, alone. Boastfully, in a crowd. But we’re nervous, with all the weight of the world upon us. Mornings are hard. Evenings are harder to cope. Day in, and day out. What a life. Can we change it? Recognition is first. Acceptance is second. Now, change could proceed. “I wrote early this year when life was such a whirlwind of emotions for me. paths that i had walked for years had crumbled before my eyes & negativity begin to leave my life to make room as goodness took over me..this song is about hope in the dark times, to live and let go, and to never forget to follow the light.” – Dylan Lewman.


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