415 INDIE FOR YOU: On This Day, September 5th, Of 2018.

Alice Temple – Move Me

ALICE TEMPLE returns with ‘The End’, after nearly 30 years since ’24 Years Of Hunger’ dropped ( Alice has been doing her thing, as an artist and contributor to the larger musical Universe for a long time (Prominent friend with Boy George, part of London’s Blitz Kids crew, music videos, and on). Can’t believe it’s been that long, but here she is again, and bringing new music to the fore. And through Brooklyn label, Peace Bisquit, we hope that we’ll see even more of her and her work. Alice is brash, talented, out-spoken, and just does things the way they should be completed. Looking forward to more.

William Fitzsimmons – Angela

We’d reviewed William’s single ‘Distant Lovers’ and we’d stated: there’s “peace in his music, and especially in this gorgeous acoustic ballad ‘Distant Lovers’. It’s a tragic story, but in itself is only one part of what the world affords us. And William, in this interpretation, helps us put one more piece into the puzzle.” The trend continues with ‘Angela’. Another beautifully interpreted emotional wreck we humans go through – in part because of our dependence on another. Lovely song as usual. Lovely video, as well.

Alien Hand Syndrome – Entwined

Stewing in our sauces of anguish is a day to day thing. Just a matter of degree, really. It’s a part of us being human that causes many ailments, as well as causing many to ‘act’. Motivation is after recognizing of the cause of the problem and trying to put into steps, in the effort to alleviate that stress. What will you do about it? What will I do about it? ‘Entwined’ is the first single from ALIEN HAND SYNDROME’s upcoming EP ‘Tales Of Waking’.

BRUCE – Just Like You

It’s when she strolled in that I lost my mind, for the first time. She made me crazy from the first second of school. I’d never saw someone so attractive to me. Cuteness to the hilt. Sexiness to the brim. Smart as that horse whip my friend tested on me. Crack!! It was that summer when we talked. It was that summer that our fate intertwined together. You are me. I am you. BRUCE’s ‘Just Like You’ is that surf-emo-alt rock that you thought you might like. And you were right. Get into BRUCE.

The Tyler Sears Band – One Last Chance

He didn’t leave. Not all the way at least. He’d had his last shot of whiskey with her, the last crack at putting some sense into her, then he put his hat, and it was adios. It was cold out though. “Where’s my jacket?” She held it out to him to slip into. One arm, then second. She kissed him good-bye on his neck. She smiled, as he turned to face her. “Why are you standing there,” he asked. “Aren’t you leaving?” she replied. “What?? You must be nuts.” Jack, another round for my beautiful, here!

Michael Elliot Schwab – Irony

We laugh when things kinda get dire. It’s sometimes our reflexive way to deal with such a sh*tty situation. We laugh out loud. Yes. LOL. But could it be worse? How did we get to this point? Was it ALL my fault? Maybe not all. But the rest, we enabled. So, net: yes, it was all our fault. LOL. Can it change now? This second? YES. IMHO. Michael Elliot Schwab thinks we can and this song ‘Irony’ is from the upcoming album ‘Sugar From A Stone’.

Kindred Hollow – Frosty Mountain

Strength comes from the strength of being honest within. Nothing sets more cement into that base of confidence than the honesty of knowing what you are. How you are in this world, as an individual entity, frees you. It emanates the correct sequence of issues within your footprint in this life. You can be happier. You can be more engaging. You don’t have to hide. You don’t have to be angry. With the core of Johnny Morgan, Taylor Ronne, and fantastic vocalist, Katie Morgan, KINDRED HOLLOW is something to hear. Crystal and folk-driven, the tell-tales of this band has no bounds. Onward.

Palace Revolution – Kingdom

Running and running, he could not escape his pursuers. He didn’t know who they were. He was scared. He just wanted to escape. But his legs had only one speed. He needed to go faster. They were getting closer. They were nearly on top of him. He was done-for. “Get up Jack! You’ll be late!” Dang it. It was a dream. “Hey, wait. Why are my ankles tied up?!? Where are my clothes?!?” Then, he realized it wasn’t a dream. His nightmare was reality. PALACE REVOLUTION’s ‘Kingdom’ is the debut EP release from this grungy Canberra band. Get into it. Welcome to stay in this dream of dreams. *que Vinent Price classic sinister laugh*

The Memoirs – Fear On The Rise

This Nottingham alt-rock band is so cool. Brings to the fore the sensibilities you love of many peers, including Kings Of Leon. Rock, emotion, fueled by love and loves-lost: the best cocktail anyone can make at the corner bar. You want energy for the next work day? Why not THE MEMOIRS. Their newest album ‘Fear On The Rise’ will be revealed soon. ‘Fear On The Rise’ is about the downtrodden, but it’s very much an uplifting song experience. Weird, but so true. What do you think?

Couch Jackets – Pillows and Rillos

Anticipation for the unknown. Can that be even true? If it’s unknown, is there a way to prepare for it? That’s exactly what happens when you listen to COUCH JACKETS’ ‘Pillows and Rillos. The prog-rock themed single is what you think of when traveling to the event-horizon of a black hole. It’s what you think of when you go to your girlfriend’s house and find out that she doesn’t want to see you because you disgust her today, for some odd reason. And it’s exactly what you feel like when you watch ‘Thelma & Louise’ and cry because you think you deserve such a friendship before you die of old age. A little queazy; a bit weirded out, but the dramatic efforts of this band is bombastic and at the same time time consuming. The perfect balance for your day, we say. Watch. Learn. And take two aspirins to calm things down.

Just Shy – Body Language

Sick of her dinner tonight, she pushed it away. She was feeling a bit lonely these past couple of weeks and it was driving her crazy. Because of this, she’d been a bit lax in her work, her social engagements, and in her general upkeep. She was a pretty girl, but not at this home-dinner, however. “You should be out there, having some fun, girl,” the news weather man said through her TV. She froze, “What the heck.” “Yea, Missy. You should be out there, having fun, meeting and flirting,” the weather man winked with a smile. She must be going crazy, Missy thought to herself. “You’re not going crazy. I’m YOU talking to YOU, in a creative way. So, drop that tasteless dinner to the side and get that beautiful body of yours ready for the town. It’s Friday after all!” So she went out and had lots O’Fun. But we swear, she wasn’t crazy =D JUST SHY is not shy, and the output is fab. Oh and we thought we heard the second coming of ‘Dead Or Alive’ in the intro bar. Cool sh*t for sure.

Vicarious Age – Bedroom

Brooklyn’s own, Drew Bond and Tom Essex takes us on an intimate voyage of the local bedroom and the Universe related to that space and time. It’s your ‘space & time’, and it’s always an important event. That event of right, wrong, decisions, and indecisions. We go forward with what information we may have, incomplete as they may be. The assumptions of delightful dividends could be the award. The downright tragic absolution, might be the other. Enjoy this train ride through the clouds of uncertain laws.

Conor Mac – Atlantis

Well, CONOR MAC has returned to us with is next single ‘Atlantis’. “Welcome back Conor!” as we greet him. We’d first been acquainted to his talents through his single ‘Fleur De Lis’. We’d called that: “Conor brings out the right kind of moment-in-time, by describing the natural angst and (often) frustrations of opportunities lost for many in the world.” And no different with ‘Atlantis’. The only difference with this one is that it has a more Bruce Springsteen-like workman feel to this one. Feels very New Jersey to us too. That’s a good thing, Conor. Oh, and ‘Atlantis’ he says was written after his grandmother died. She’d be proud, for sure. Kudos.

Tancred – Something Else feat. Potty Mouth

“You’re nothing to me.” But she knew he was everything to her. She would say this out of spite. She hated it when she said such things. But she couldn’t help it. She loved him too much. Yes. That’s contradictory, but it was true. Guess she was a bit of a bully. But the worst kind of bully. Her targets of bullying the ones she loved the most, was getting to him now. It was ‘old-hat’. It was jarring, and the charm had worn off, long ago. Their relationship was at its last ‘chance’. “Would she realize this? Does she know?” he asked himself. This is a new video of the single ‘Something Else’ off of Tancred’s album ‘Nightstand’. Cool sh*t.

Coyote Tango – Rabbits

COYOTE TANGO’s lyrics are awesome. In ‘Rabbits’ the song is a call to arms. Whatever the cause, it is time for war. War of the heart? War of territory? War of the unknown. You don’t know what you’re getting into. You’re lost. “So, take my hand,” she told him. “You need me. You know it. I know it.” He nodded. The future was bound between the sleeves of the two lovers, blasting away any remnants of past lovers’ memories and blazing the kind of wild-fire nature has done for millennia. “Kiss me, you fool,” she demanded. “No, YOU kiss me,” he replied. Their love was hotter than ever. ‘Rabbits’ is something we need.

Lasso Spells – Be What You Want

You like this trinket? Come and buy it here at the LASSO SPELLS’ store of interests and oddities. Go out the door, guaranteed, with the licks of a fantastic rock band. Go home with the booty shaking rhythms such rock-awesome-ness LS provides. 100% warrantee. 100% certified. “Go on, bad-ass, take that down,” she demanded of him. He was tall, slim, powerful, and beautiful. “I want you naked. Now.” He obliged. She followed his lead. “Now be what you can. Make love to me.” To be precise, it was an day they’d never forget for a long, long time.


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