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415 INDIE FOR YOU: On This Day, September 6th, Of 2018.

Ballyhoo! – Detonate

Inspiration comes in different forms. Whether through experience, or through advice, depending on what your particular situation is at that particular time in space, that suggestion might stick. BALLYHOO!’s ‘Detonate’ is some positive grenades thrown at you. Don’t worry its Blink182 style guitar riffs and head bobbing. Go in peace, for it could dang stick to your ribs and help you formulate a plan of action for yourself. Maybe this ‘inspiration’ can get that first step going.

AKWUAR – Sea Moya – Nothing Is Real (AKWUAR Remix)

We rarely do Remixes. But sometimes, like anything, there are exceptions. We think AKWUAR’s remix interpretation of SEA MOYA’s ‘Nothing Is Real’, is kinda unreal, where we feel like we traveled to the mid 90’s and was in an inter-dimensional capsule smoothly intertwined with the Matrix. We listened to the song again, without the music video. And the impact is heightened, and more tactile for us. And that is good. And good for you – us – him – her. Word.

Money & The Man – This Season

Hard-rock like this with a fabulous and memorable riff is hard to find. Probably just us. In any case, we got to know MONEY & THE MAN, and man, they bring the blues lined, classic rock sensibility that just clears up our summer cold. Punches through and makes our sinuses much better, if you know what we mean. It’s the sh*t. Bring this up at your next kegerator par-tay, and you are god.

True WIll – First Attempt

We get tired, when unproductive routines keep cropping up in our lives. Relationships? Not-so-fun-career? Lack of fishing skillz? Get out of that rut. Things have to change, right? Pull that band-aid quickly. Will hurt, and might leave a scar, but it’s the rest of your life you have to defend. You but only have one lifetime, right? So, let’s do it. Together. Well, not literally ‘together’, for we’re geographically far apart, but you know what we’re sayin’.

Capitano – Dive!

‘Dive!’ is bad-ass. CAPITANO seems to BE bad-ass. You know that tape around your chest, where you have lots of hair? This song would drive you insane, and make you pull it off. Might bleed, but the flow of your own proteins would, oddly, make you smile. Like a crazy person. Like a serial killer….of those sirloin steaks, that is. Red, juicy, and kinda reminds you of your bleeding chest. But very much a tasty heaven of an experience. Listen to the arrangement on this song. It’s glorious. The pen-ultimate climb to the ‘children-chant’ of the song is glorious. Oh, get some ointment for your chest. Take care of yourself.

Wanderwild – Irma

The R&B scent of WANDERWILD’s singles, including ‘Irma’ is infectious. It’s wildly done. It’s beautifully constructed. And it’s not quite what you’d think they’d present for your ears to nom-nom at. The Athens, Georgia band is indie and pop and just scrumptious. Their use of pauses and starts, along with the diabolically awesome lyrics just makes this song, and the other, a thorough experience. They are a half-step into the world of early 2000’s British-indie-rock, with the distinct touch of classic and modern sensibilities. Examining the band’s layers upon layers of complexity is not fairly done in this small review. We hope to do a larger review of their wares, again.

Temples of Youth – Slow Burn

“My sadness, was you.” Disappointment, some say is worse than being yelled-at. When your loved one becomes disappointed in you, all hope is lost from your significant other’s view. That’s a depth that is hard to recover from. It’s a cave of unrelenting caution. It’s a day to day ‘living’ of ‘not-really-living’. There is less joy, hour by hour, minute by minute. It is like the week old flower, slowly losing its once, vibrant colors, becoming a drab monotone of a husk. Let’s not let it settle like this. Let’s move on. We deserve this positive separation. “I need to get away from this disaster.” Okay. TEMPLES OF YOUTH’s EP ‘Darker Places’ drops this October.

Beat Ratio – Electric Devolution

Roger was hard at work. It was a job he’d love to do, everyday. He came to work on time. He worked hard. He ate lunch at the correct time. Never encroached on others’ lunches in the fridge. He left work, saying happy salutations to the front desk, every evening. He always arrived home around 7pm, on the dot. He cleaned up. He changed to a more comfortable apparel. He cooked some dinner. Sat down and at the dinner, while watching some TV. He surfed the net for a while, and caught up on some emails. Then he brushed his teeth. Then was ready to sleep. But not until he checked on his smaller replication of the cyborg that destroyed his home-planet. He kept it in his basement. It was caged. He tortured it. He loved seeing his mortal enemy slowly dying. Revenge would be Roger’s. His superiors would be proud. BEAT RATIO, with ‘Electric Devolution’ celebrates the ‘technology of a bygone era.’

Henry Chadwick – Crawl

He was lying on the shag carpet. He had his feet up on the sofa, where his girl, Janet, was reading her book, while with her left hand was massaging his socked left foot. This was one of his favorite time of the week. It was Sunday, lazy, and comfortable in the living room. The TV was on, but on mute. Their pet dog was on his bed, cleaning his coat. They’d been together for 3 years. It was about that time. That time was coming closer. They both knew it. “Getting hungry hun. What do you want for lunch?” he asked. “You,” she replied. He blushed =D HENRY CHADWICK’s album ‘Marlin Fisher’ is out now.

Brother Reverend – Another Hand

The lad was being punished again today. It’s 1741, and his parents caught him not working on their farm. He hated working on their farm. You know what he loved to do? He loved to watch Abigail-Anne’s booty while she was working on her own family’s place. Oh, she looked so good in her latest petticoats, layered on top of her kerchief, and headdress. “Man. Abigail-Anne. You just don’t know what you do to me!” said Reginald, to himself again, as he daydreamed – during his punishment time. “Reginald. Dinner! Come back in, but leave your sinful thoughts about sweet girl Abigail-Anne, outside!” said mom. “You got it mom!” Sometimes, he’d thought he wasn’t from this time period, but from the future. From how he acts, maybe he WAS. Abigail-Anne was sweet, but BROTHER REVEREND’s blues from the deep-south of New York City is sweeter. Get into it.

Gator – Jackie Says

We love Jackie. Whoever she is. Fictional or real, she seems to be a person who’d kick our ass, and we’d like it. She’d laugh at our ‘wimpiness’, but like a true authoritarian, slap you and say that you deserved it. We’d feel some inkling of tears, but we’d pull it all back. “Here she comes again!” Tattoos? Yes. Golden bleached punk hair? Yes. Leather jacket? Yes. Long legs? Yes. Smoke like a chimney? Yes. Skin, soft as a bunny? “Don’t know yet, you fool! Haven’t gotten close to her yet. Her fist feels hard though.” =D GATOR describes this song as: “The shortest track on the Gator album, a short-and-sweet punk anthem inspired by a friend of the band.” Simple enough.


“‘Flowers Crime Scenes Silver Machines” materialized from the star-lined streets of Hollywood Boulevard where the ghosts of Montgomery Clift and Orson Welles roam.” That’s a mouth full. And fabulously makes sense with this avant-garde/film-noir depiction in chant, on chant. It’s sometimes because of our jealousies, our insecurities, our knowledge that we, maybe, are NOT good enough. But as humans, often do, we become angry, and from that a positive plan, blooms. It’s the learning of our inner feelings, and the origin of such feelings that can define our maturation to mental adulthood. Oh well. We can all try. Or maybe just try harder. Or let’s just live in this song by KINOLECTRO. Looks so comfy in a 1920’s way. Serenity-now.

Ed Tattersall – Dancing Silhouettes

ED TATTERSALL’s voice is ‘what’s-what’. He beckons you to go run-away with him, to some abandoned house in Arizona. And you’re seriously thinking about it. Weird huh? The growl and roar of his voice, along with the background arrangement of rockin’ amplitudes, make this single a trip. Just reminds us of Arizona, because of the flatness, motorcycles, and the sun. Yes. Other states have these attributes, but somehow, in a local live-rock watering hole, the locals love this. Then you, us, become those locals – blending in, as expats. Coolness, we thinks. And ‘Dancing Silhouettes’ is ‘coolness’ in a ripped up jeans and leather patched jacket. Word.

Twist Helix – Graphite

“’Graphite’ is a song about frustration and articulates a fear that many artists have that their own work is derivative. The song imagines an artist failing to give an original interpretation of the city’s landscape.” – TWIST HELIX. Yes. We agree. But more than that. The single is a declaration made ‘real’, in that most ‘un-real’ of situations. That situation of uncertainty, that motivates and innovates. It’s natural. It’s part of the process. Without it – then that is just commonplace. Springboard from the emotions. In this case, you must ‘come to the dark-side’ to quote a famous character. Let it flow.

Church of the Sea – Sweet Surprise

I’d run, after I’d assassinated him. I dropped the pistol in the restaurant. Quickly sped past the bartender. Out the bell ringing front door. With another’s blood splattered on my face and chest, I ran. It was night. It was dark. No one could ever see me in the streets, I’m sure. Am I sure? Why had I done such a thing? I had to, for he was the enemy. Not my enemy, though. My bosses. I will die eventually. Maybe this is the extent of my life. Maybe this is my day of glory. CRACK! I’m dead now. I’m glad. The pain is no more. CHURCH OF THE SEA’s ‘Sweet Surprise’ has a feeling of ominous warning to it all. Being careful of the future, by defending the present. Odd way to feel about this song? Nope. It’s the essence that makes the song work.


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