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415 INDIE FOR YOU: On This Day, September 8th, Of 2018.

Johnny Payne – Lazy Love

JOHNNY is one of faves. He’s from the band The Shiloh’s based in Vancouver, but with this solo project, we just dig him and his outputs even more. We’d reviewed his single ‘Never Stop Learning To Love’ and that blew our minds, just like his lyrics do on ‘Lazy Love’. Just can’t get around it. He’s fab, and we think his music should rotate in your music list. We sure do.

Yellow Shoots – sirens

YELLOW SHOOTS is the project of Greg Matthews, and whenever we listen to the singles, our minds change from ‘pop’ to ‘indie-pop’ all the time. It’s that chameleon-type art that Greg presides over in his singles. That’s why we get confused. Confused in a good way. And that fact, tickles us, and we get infatuated. This is our 4th single from Greg we’d reviewed in some form or another, and that says a lot. Kudos, Greg. Word.

Minor Birds – Luna

Chelsea Wilde is MINOR BIRDS, and she’s a different kind of musical phenomenon. She’s that cougar in the wilderness jungle of south-east Asia, enigmatic and elusive in thought and lyrics. Mysteriously winding and haunting, in ‘Luna’ (1st single from the full length LP ‘Bestiary’) scrapes at your back with the nails of life’s caustic relations, then soothes with the keys of re-birth and larger path for the future to come. The journey has just begun.

The Birthday Letters – Mythos Pathos

I’d found the pencil she’d used for the test we’d taken today on her desk. It was a #2, and it was chewed to bits, with her teeth marks all over it. She must have been nervous. Or was it the way she’d always took tests. It was, after all, a mid-term test, and it was about 20 percent of the total from the semester. But whenever I’d peak to look at her in class, she’d never looked like she was emotional at all. Just quiet, calm, and oh so beautiful – all the time. I look at her pencil at my desk at home, every night. ‘Mythos Pathos’ is the title track from the latest EP.

Airhead DC – Honey-Colored Flame Blown Off My Candle

Vishal Narang projects his feelings and thought through his project AIRHEAD DC. And we think it’s the ‘bees knees’. Take a read of the single’s title. It says ‘Honey-Colored Flame Blown Off My Candle’. Just that fact should make you like this song. Creativity is fully noted within this song and when that happens within the frame of this dream-pop goodness, we at CHF, take copious notes. In script, mind you, because we think this song deserves the ‘old world stylistic’ penmanship. Don’t you agree? We do. Wish our ‘J’s’ looked good as Thomas Payne’s, though. In any case, this single is off of the debut album ‘Crush Hi’.

Sunshine Frisbee Laserbeam – All The Way Over The Edge (Bros Don’t Talk About Anything)

What the frig?! Live music tailored to fit like the Apple Airpods? Snug, long lasting, hype-as-you-want, and so good in the real world. Speak on the phone? Works. Loud? Works. Wireless? Works. And SUNSHINE FRISBEE LASERBEAM is the Airpods of what we at CHF deem, for our office. Looking and sounding cool, functional, exciting, and indie-rock like it should be. SFL is rockin’. ‘All The Way Over The Edge’ is the first single off of the new LP ‘Blackout Cowboy’ which drops November 9th. Weird CHF comparisons aside, (1) put SFL on your rotation, with (2) the Airpods in your ear. *We were not paid by Apple for this announcement =D

Mike Edel – 31

MIKE EDEL isn’t here to be just a part of this never stopping Universe. He wants to be counted, and express his own ‘Universe’ of emotions, into the public sphere. The Canadian artist sets a great presidency with his single ’31’. The child inside me wanted to come out, for your love and affection made that child want to play, like he’d always wanted to. The adult mores stipulated that the child be silent, as the years rolled on. Responsibilities made the weight of life, more and more heavier, and there didn’t seem to be an escape. Until I met you. You helped me understand and come to this place with you – a great and good place. I haven’t been this happy since my grammar school days. You are my sunshine, revealing all in the brilliance of daylight. Now able to map, for the next chapter of life, with you, hand in hand. And I can’t wait.

Danny Golden – Old Love

Clarity is important for DANNY GOLDEN. And in ‘Old Love’ his introspective examination of his life’s routes, experiences, relationships, faults, and victories, takes it into a new plateau. On that plateau, the world can be viewed, through the fog of clouds, now glistening in the sun. You admire the hardships. You admire the bumps. Even though hey cause scars, small and large, just like forged iron, you survive, thrive, and become stronger with every hammer. ‘Old Love’ is a way to say ‘good-bye’ to the old ways. Accepting the past, constructing for the better opportunities for the future.

Same Girls – Young Minded

We’d reviewed SAME GIRLS’ single ‘Domino’ a bit ago. We’d stated: “The vocals (Taifa Nia) is low-key but has a tinge of understated aggression that is very habit forming and might be good (or bad) for your health. Well, of course it is good for your health, and you should listen to it, for the maturation and form fitting exultation from the single is well informed and constitutionally sound.” Still true to this single ‘Young Minded’. And that’s a good thing for you and us. So, why don’t you partake on this little journey with them? Their album drops September 21st through Text Me Records. Dig.

d.c.R. Pollock – Hank Williams

“Being scared of what can be, of you and your sensibilities can be overwhelming. The arrangement of the song is fabulously done to translate and communicate a feeling that can be held and be accessible. Pollock’s vocals masks the confidence with the jolt of nervousness found in many of our inhibitions.” That was our assessment of DCRP on the single ‘Cold Bath’. In ‘Hank Williams’, DCRP gets deeper and deeper. Balancing between madness and delight, questions of the relationship with the world was becoming blurred – a task that wasn’t lost on him. It was high-time that he needed to control this. He needed the key, back. Where was she? I need you to make me better, Alana. Don’t forsake me. Don’t forsake me.

Lance Rodriguez – In and Around

“So what do you think about Lance up there playing this song, hun?” he asked, but she didn’t answer right away. She had a red colored halter top dress that accentuated her curves just the way he liked seeing them on a girl. She was beautiful, jet black hair, shoulder length, almond eyes, dark red lipstick. She bit her olive, off of the cocktail in front of her, and said, “He’s looking better than you, buddy.” She promptly turned again towards Lance, and swayed to his music. “Written while under the influence of drugs, my mind was on a spiritual journey to find oneself. I was accompanied by Megan who is now my girlfriend, but wasn’t at the time it was created.” – Lance Rodriguez.

Hospital – Golden days

HOSPITAL is this fabulous Russian Federation based indie-rock-pop band. Their music, especially in ‘Golden Days’ is effervescent and full of the angst of growing up, and learning ‘as we go’ through this rail of life. The band consists of lead vocalist Egor Berdnikov, Andrey Tsvetkov, Alexey Shorin, Vladimir Balovnev. The refreshing guitars of ‘Golden Days’ is that breeze from the lazy Sunday, of that future past. It could have happened. It could happen again. HOSPITAL and their music will reach further and wider, as the months roll on. Water seeks the path of least resistance, and that momentum is true with Hospital.

East Denistone – Sitting With Strangers

Marcus is EAST DENISTONE. It’s the project to amplify what’s in his mind, his heart, his soul. Listen closely, and you can imagine the song being a language of what Marcus has deemed appropriate for this particular conversation. You, him, and the strangers looking into the jar of words and emotions – help to demystify, in the course of utter madness of a total stranger’s attempts at self-assurance and self-assessment. This is Marcus’ debut single. The Sydney artist is part of the upcoming EP ‘While You Still Draw Breath’ which is due to drop October.

Moontwin – Lose You

Maple Bee and Zac Kuzmanov are MOONTWIN. With the two friends reacquainted, they quickly clicked and set out to make music they wanted. The oddity and gloriousness is, is that, the two has Never met in person. Through video they’d produced and coordinated this project, with spectacular results. Whoa. Determination and inspiration made the duo go through with this, and the story is the making of a legend. ‘Lose You’ is part of the story that culminates with the beauty of randomness, chance, and what makes music just so wonderful sometimes. “Moontwin are a band unlike any other.” For dang sure.


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