415 INDIE FOR YOU: On This Day, September 9th, Of 2018.

Red Ribbon – Your Car

‘Your Car’ is RED RIBBON’s first single off of the upcoming album ‘Dark Party’ out September 28th. And Emma Danner states that: “‘Your Car’ comes from an awareness our temporary nature and the urgency that creates. Sometimes it may be miss-guided but all we can do is attempt to make connections with one another. I have a hyper awareness of what I expect from others, and realize some of my hypocrisy in that.” Dang. High level sh*t, if you ask us. The vocals of what Emma brings to the table is ostensibly the most elemental and attractive thing we’ve heard this time around. The humor and irony is palpable. And we love it so.

The Vitals – Filter

THE VITALS consist of Kate Strand (vocals, guitar), Henrik Linde (guitar), and Dylan Howard (drums). They are a combination and jumble of emotions and talents extricating the essence of stories for us to absorb and delight. The Los Angeles based alt-pop-rock style of the band illuminates through use of synth and gauges of truth for the ending truth of love, relationships, egos, and the faults of our human existence. Word.

Kyson – Have My Back

Never thought about it this way. You never told me straight out. You confused me; so that’s why I thought about it that way. Help me. Why can’t you? Why are you silent towards me? Don’t walk away from me! I need you. You need me, right? Don’t you? Oh no. You don’t. Pardon. I thought I was right in the way I was thinking about you. Pardon, again. KYSON is the project of Jian Kellett Liew, if you didn’t know.

Moaning – Artificial

MOANING is what you think they are. And you’re exactly right. Groaning, ruckus, silent assassins, musical patriots, time-dial exhibitionists – words that describe the music of MOANING; in turn, describes the 7th dimensional mis-understandings the band has about this matrix. And we’re so glad they feel that way. Sub-Pop signed them. And should be a glorious relationship.

Tim Freitag – By Your Side

Not some guy’s name. Pop, not all the way. Rock-pop, it is. There is a niggling side of TIM FREITAG that ‘bullies’ you. You’re something to hang with on the high-school track benches, then left in the side when the cheerleaders come around. Well, that’s at least the feeling we feel when listening to ‘By Your Side’. The confidence of you being the ‘one’, and the fact that the status can be quickly taken away anytime, is disheartening. Don’t fret though. You know that musical ‘bully’, he’s there for you. Well, after he’s done talking with the cheerleaders. Fun song, fun music video. Word.

The Vice Rags – Jersey Boy

These guys are awesome, as always. When they come around we try to visit and listen to the guys live. They combine NYC style rock with different sprinklings of styles, as witnessed in this single ‘Jersey Boy’. Weird how ‘rockabilly’ style rock always go well with anything related to ‘New Jersey’. LOL. Anywho, we love it. Nothing to think about, but enjoyment to the brim. Vocals, solo – makes us want to do some dancing in our motorcycle jackets (although, we don’t own any).

Craggy Collyde – Sorry Now

CRAGGY COLLYDE is fun-ness the best flannels you own. The style is early 2000’s garage rock with the kind of ample modernity that is affable and entertaining. It’s and odd but fabulous combination, really. The UK/Czech Republic combination of energies from Craggy & Veronika, we think, are infectious and fits such a wide array of venues that we can imagine. And we’re sure they’re doing just that. They are a ‘live session’ band, and the public must enjoy their good-nature fun. Kudos, we say.

Mount Ehinger – Lowside (Or, Something Wicked)

Don’t be fooled. ‘Lowside’ is a heavy-metal type of song. Yes, it is presented in a softer alt-rock ballad style, but transpose the lyrics to some heavier riffs, then you have a metal song that is as dark and mysterious, as any. But it wasn’t presented that way, for MOUNT EHINGER doesn’t roll that way. It’s about the curve-ball, and the slider. It’s about the juxtaposition. It’s about the head-fake. The single brings forth the weather of that thunder clouds upcoming over the horizon. Just don’t know which way it will go next. Sure does exist for sure, though, with emphasis and muster.

Bullock Hearts – Pillar of Fire

‘Shiny Rock’ or ‘Anthem Rock-Pop’ is what you think of when ‘Pillar Of Fire’ comes on. That’s what we thought. Then that synth bass and harmonies got to us. It’s that feeling when you get to that mountain cliff. Refreshing. Exhilarating. An opportunity for you to see a different angle. Ok, so this song IS ‘Shiny Rock’. But dang it, it’s so glittery. And it’s all goodness. What can we say. So, we listen to it and enjoy it. You should too. The Swedish quartet consists of: Johannes Häger, Lina Häger, Jonatan Lindh, and Alfred Ahlin.

Izi Phoenix – Running With My Eyes Closed

Traveling the roads of the country, gave him a new insight into the making of his soul. The countless nights in motels, and less-than satisfying T.V. dinners, helped him with the life he was seeking. The road taught all he wanted to know. But will he realize this fact, in time? One thing can help with the new chapter in his life. It was her. Her care. Her kindness. Her advice. He missed her. “I need to get back home.” Izi is from Cambridge, and makes songs like ‘Running With My Eyes Closed’. Let’s keep it going.

Arts Fishing Club – Icarus

You want fun? ARTS FISHING CLUB is it. You want knee slapping, grassroot-rock at your outdoor festival of your dreams? AFC is it. Some bands are built for the live concerts. And from what we know of AFC, they are the quintessential path to that entertainment bliss. Cooler with the suds? Check. BBQ grill cleaned and greases? Check. Your girl giving you the thumbs up, for the day’s festivities? Check. ARTS FISHING CLUB? Double check. Good times, guaranteed!

Crushwater – California

Is it really ‘greener’ on the other side? Or is it just ‘astro-turf’ surrounded by some plastic flowers? We don’t know. We’ll never really know. It’s a risk. A dang calculated risk. Circumstantial evidence is 50/50, and therefore it’s hard to judge. Weighing the options of a life on ‘this side’, versus a life on ‘that other side’ is difficult to say the least. But that’s life, ain’t it? ‘California’ is the first video from CRUSHWATER. They’re weird, odd, and glorious to the touch. The mystical methods of music construction will never give you that definitive direction, but it sure can ‘inspire’. And inspiration is what CRUSHWATER does with this single. Their EP ‘Cactus Storm’ is available now.

Tender Glue – Lights Out

TENDER GLUE is an artist who we dig, without a doubt. We’d reviewed two previous singles from Tom Gluewicki and we always are gravitationally pulled towards his musical lo-fi inspirations. ‘Lights Out’ is no different. With the kind of bedroom-pop basics, and ultimate highlight of central lonesomeness and life-inherent hierarchies as themes, it envelops you in weird and odd cellophane wraps. Still clear enough to see through to your soul, but just opaque enough not to be too distracting to the pigeons outside. Yes. Go with it. Go with TENDER GLUE. Might surprise you. New album ‘Closet Leftovers’ will drop September 28th.

Seafret – Bad Blood

Back in September of 2017, we’d reviewed SEAFRET’s single ‘Blank You Out’. We’d stated: “Seafret’s Blank You Out is a voice of the voice-less chump, who thought that the other side was ‘greener’, ‘more fruitful’, ‘more indulging’. However, just like in reality, sometimes, it’s best to open one’s eyes and see what one HAS, opposed to what one DOES NOT.” Now they come with ‘Bad Blood’, and it continues the U2-esque high-flying and soaring lyrical airing that we love about the band. Of course the vocals of Jack Sedman keeps it realz, and always on point. Can’t go wrong, we say.

IYEARA – Enclosure

“I’m in trouble,” he told her. In an instant, her thoughts reeled at what could have happened. He seemed so stressed. He isn’t like this normally. She has to find out more. “What happened?” No answer from him, and no bodily movements. Was he hurt? Was he shot? Have to call the police and an ambulance, she thought. As she made her move towards her phone, he stretched his arm to grab her wrist. “Don’t go. I need you.” IYEARA’s debut live show will be supporting JOYCUT @ the Pickle Factory on November 5th.


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