Emily Magpie – Last Train

We don’t know what to say about EMILY MAGPIE’s ‘Last Train’. It makes us dizzy. And in a way, makes us famished. For her music. For her vocals. Fo HER. The oddity and the talent is overwhelming in her interpretation for the subject at hand. The situation gets torn, crumpled, then fixed into that unhinged frame from the wall – scaring the kids, creeping the adults – making our eyes roll backwards in utter ecstasy. Why is this happening with this minimally styled single? Don’t know. Don’t care. We’d been a bit blindsided by Emily’s work. We hope to delve deeper, very soon, again. Her upcoming ‘Be Your Own Light’ drops October 8th.


‘Growing’ will be launched at ‘Under The Glass Festival’ on September 29th, with a line up that includes Baked Beans, Crepes, Bitch Diesel, Candy and 8 more bands over two stages. Special? Yep. Special kind of fun! The 80’s digs of this fantastic band, is inconsequential, it’s good for your bones, packed with vitamins, and even good for your eyes. Better than 15/20. Better for your sensibilities. A better YOU. Get into DANA RADAR.

Stray Fossa – Sleeper Strip

‘Sleeper Strip’ is a beautiful encapsulation within a moment, in a moment. The ordinary turns into the extraordinary when listening to this single. The brilliantly glittery guitars and vocals make it paramount to get to the date, on time. She’s depending on you. Does she know you’re coming? No. But the version of her, will be there. The one you’re in love with. And love will flow, out of the mysteries of the Universe and the gentle touch of your fingers – on my hand – with the doe like eyes, you have imprinted. Please be there. I’ve always missed you.

Novele – After The War

When you have something to say, sometimes it’s hard to say them. She looks so beautiful there, sitting, waiting for you to sit down with her. She’d been there for you for a long time. You admire her. You respect her. You love her. You have something to say to her, with the kind of deep conviction, to be honest, you’d never showed before. But she’s the only one who could bring it out on you. She made you a better person. You know this. Then sitting down, you stretch out and hold her hand. She looks at you. You look at her. The discussion begins. NOVELE is a mystery to us, as of yet. Let’s see which rabbit hole we’re led. Can’t wait.

Gently Tender – Avez-Vous Déjà

GENTLY TENDER is pure energy. The drip drip of the single ‘Avez-Vous Déjà’ is formidable. It pumps your chest up like a pigeon, and want to take on the world. Especially with the fabulous vocals, chanting away, we get swept away. The clouds up here feels very good. It’s comfy. It’s soft. It’s well maintained. Just like GENTLY TENDER. From the ashes it rose. It keeps on rising. We want to ‘go to there’. Their next tour date is @ LONDON Lexington on September 26th.

Mousewater – Panic Stations

“I was riding to work on my scooter one morning, it’s about an hour commute, the ride always gives me time to think and sometimes song melodies pop into my head,” MOUSEWATER explained. “Wearing a helmet, nobody can hear me, so I play with the melody and lyric. When I get to work I would find some secluded spot to sing the idea onto my phone before it disappeared forever. This was the genesis for a number of the songs on the album, including Panic Stations.” This single is ‘expansive’ and garners the kind of praise that it deserves. It’s a glorious interpretation of the time during ‘the mundane’, the ‘banal. In the mind of an artist, like MOUSEWATER, the world transforms. This is one of those examples.

Nick Ralg – The Dark

I’d never felt sandpaper like that before. My senses were sharpened as it never was before. In that workshop, my world shifted into something different. I put down my cup of coffee, and forgot about it until the day was over. It felt alien. What was happening to me? Everything seemed out of place. I was out of place. The sandpaper, seemed coarse, and was difficult to see how I could have not noticed that before. Guess when things are good, nothing feels difficult. Sandpapers feel like silk, I guess. Not anymore.

Bridges – Maths, Science & English

“I wrote Maths when I’d moved back to my hometown for a while. I’d realised that I had lost touch with a few friends, and somewhat my family, where I had been away,” front-man Ethan explained. “That period in time I remember being a bit of a roller coaster. Though it seems like a dark sentiment at first glance, to me it feels quite the opposite; something I could say to remind the people important to me.” Deep. We all have that episode. We sure have here at the office, for sure. But it gets better. Or it just gets worse. At least you get to know where you stand. The upcoming EP ‘On And On Like This’ drops September 27th.

Marc Halls – Yellow Car

Fun. F. U. N. That’s what it’s all about. Enjoyment of the music. Enjoyment of the gathering. Enjoyment in making people smile. That’s what ‘Yellow Car’ is about and it does it with great enthusiasm. And as ‘cheesy’ as we are here at CHF, we’re ‘on board’ this single and we don’t want to get off until that beautiful brunette at the corner dances with us. Maybe the ‘charleston’? Maybe just flailing limbs, kind of dance? But either way, oh so joyous. That’s the image that we’re getting, at least. In any case, what fun. Marc’s on his way to making a full length album at the moment, following up his last EP ‘Enough About Me’. Should be cool, as always.

Swaine Delgado – 308

‘308’ is a beautiful song. You don’t agree? We beg to differ. Listen to SWAINE DELGADO’s single and you can’t help be transported to that primary color loving decade of the 70’s, in a perfectly angled neighborhood, things seemingly all ready for you to devour. You stand there, in that space in time, confused, and unsatisfied. What is that feeling deep within your gut? You need to break free. It’s time. Swaine’s vocals are powerful, in their own right. And from the diminutive communicative style, he urges you do something. Something that is not in this realm. Not normally within your frame of mind. Life hasn’t been enjoyed fully. Just not yet. We can find out together.

Alpaca Sports – Luxembourg Gardens

Amanda’s vocals on ‘Luxembourg Gardens’ is beautiful. Like the lilac petals dropped on the small pond beside the green bush in Spring of our dreams. The memory of such color and pastel likelihoods saturate, just like the rain does our sensibilities. Why use that umbrella, when each coursing melodies hit each bell of ‘truths’. Only if it manifested, in kind. Only if it manifested.

Braden Lam – Driftwood People

This title track from BRADEN LAM’s sophomore EP ‘Driftwood People’ brings the harmonica. Yes. Harmonica. And we dig that. Why? Because it’s a harmonica, and just reminds us of so many artist who used this fabulous instrument to dictate, or highlight the massive undertaking of a journey taken in a song, then intimately dissecting that enormity into soluble and digestible morsels of enlightenment. Well, at least we think so. And Braden does this with the effervescent levity that is what this single is all about. “Let it all hang out. Head for those mountains. Take a deep breath. Work hard.” But smile and enjoy during this long trip we’re on. Let’s do dis.

Right The Stars – California Sun

Before the Californian Supreme Court pulled the ballot for further review for the ‘California Secession Movement’, this was a situation that many thought would go to referendum at the end of 2018 for public voting. It won’t at the moment. But imagine if it does, and the public wants ‘Calexit’?? Not as complicated as the difficulties from the upcoming ‘Brexit’ between the UK and EU, but still quite strenuous in scale. Where does RIGHT THE STARS’ single ‘California Sun’ come into this?? Absolutely nowhere! And that’s good, because it’s been 4 years since their last single release, and we want RTS to stay on their creative ways. Maybe their music can calm everyone down at ‘Calexit’ HQ. Who knows. State secession movements are many, in the U.S. But we should always annex the fab musings of RTS.

Th3 Numb3r5 – Blue

Frustration is what comes to mind with ‘Blue’. Not of the band, but what the song inevitably professes. Life can’t be that bad, right? It can be good. But it’s hard. It’s always dang hard. That’s the norm. And we should just accept that. We should just go about our business to absorb the harshness that is put upon our shoulders. Family, friends, ambitions help ease the pain going down that path. The bruises and ‘frustrations’ take their toll, but we can manage. We have to. It’s imperative that we do so. ‘Blue’ is about the positive. Let’s will ourselves forward.

Only – What Have We Done? (Simple Math)

Formed in 2017, frontman and guitarist Steve Zuretti, drummer Jerrod Bettis, and bassist Kei Yasui come together in this dream-pop offering ‘What Have We Don?’ and some say, flower petals were strewn all over the deck of that gilded passenger sea vessel, set for the open waters of the beautiful Pacific. The band ONLY played as the lead bill, and on that deck – shimmering from the sunlight – played their hearts out to the audience. The future looked bright, and the oceanic ambitions of the gathered crowd, danced and danced, to the grooves of the song. Evening set, as lovers loved, as partners hugged, and all enjoyed that beautiful night of romance. “Wow look at how clear the night sky is. What a feeling.”

oh800 – Melanin

Listen to the wah pedal usage. Gentle. Obsessive. What a tease. Then listen to the lyrics. You get miffed. You get confused. And then you tell yourself, “It’s so true.” Yes. It IS true. Your truth, colliding with reality. Funny in a tragic way. You’re fuc*ed. Get real. Accept it. Then try your best to move forward. You’re still fuc*ed, but a bit less, if you know what we mean. No? That’s okay. The results come out to a good average. Get into OH800. Admit you’re that demented. It gets easier from there.

Velvet Flare – My Femme Fatale

Love her, then you hate her. Just because you’d been killed by her, to be honest. It’s not being selfish. After all, you’d been killed, murdered, in the house that you two occupied for some time. No trust at all, eh? Well, she does what she wants. The female black widow spider kills its mate for nutrition. You play with the big boys, you could lose. But at least you were part of the ‘elite’ men who died with their risks. Be proud. She’s too much for you. “I know.” ‘Despair and Desire’, VELVET FLARE’s latest album is available now.

JJ and The Pillars – Howl (Feat. Alyssa Morrissey)

How can you NOT love this harmonious country-rock from JJ AND THE PILLARS? No. You only can love it. It’s story and melodramas. It’s the taste that keeps giving. That’s what has been always attractive about modern U.S. country music. Very sexy to be honest. In ‘Howl’, the delectable voice of country singer, Alyssa Morrissey, is prominently featured. For good reason. The duo playing off of each other takes you on to that precipice. Hold on to their hands. Ingratiate yourself with this one.

Grand Nathaniel & The Ghosts – We Spoke

GRAND NATHANIEL & THE GHOSTS visits ‘misspent’ youth, and everything that comes about from that reaction to life. And it’s glorious. ‘We Spoke’ creeps up on you. And when it does, you ‘get it’. Adding to that, the danceable aptitudes of the synth and lyrical works, just speaks volumes to the expertise inherent to the band. Self deprecation is mandatory. But seriousness starts when you make light of your past and take responsibility for the future. “And that’s half the battle” – some celebrity. GNTG has it, and YOU must get it. They’ll give it to you, if you’re nice (and dance).


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