Valid Light – A Work of Reflection in the Age of Mechanical Sentimentalism

It’s not only about you and her, or you and him. It’s about the band you associated for a long time. It’s about the routines you once had, enjoyed, had mixed feelings, but ultimately loved. We all reminisce. We get nostalgic. At the end of the day, there’s always a core reason why that had to happen. A very good reason, we’re sure. With time, we get to pick what collages of memories are filed within our puny brains. We remember, though, the good, the bad, the unbearable, the absolute love. We move on and put those back into the file cabinet.

Craig Cardiff – Ymir, BC

Places in our minds flicker, from day to day. Places where we’d like to be. Places where we’d like to have been born in. Places where we’d like our future selves to grow and evolve. We all have them. We want to get away. At least for a bit. It’s the places and times when things looked, and functioned ‘the way it used to be’. It’s a warm feeling of comfort within your soul, and the justification to revisit that place in our minds, sends signals to our mouths to smile – to caress and to hold. For a little bit more.


Toronto Canada’s MONOWHALES brings the energy. “Gots places to go. Gots people to meet!” The band consists of dynamic individuals: Sally Shaar, Zach Zanardo, Jordan Circosta, and Holly Jamieson. And with ‘Let It Go’, the synth driven cheerleading anthem, is a fun culmination of energies from the Universe 2 blocks away and the galactic knowhow of yourself, within. That’s quite a gap. And it’s also quite a fabulous summation of the band’s vision. All speed ahead!

Tom Leeb – Are We Too Late

French actor/comedian/musician TOM LEEB brings us a beautifully shot music video of his single ‘Are We Too Late’. His beautiful ballad of beckoning hearts, was shot in Alabaster Coast of Normandy (northern France). The folk crooner remembers the nostalgia of memories of you, me, all of us – depicting the differences of our desires and aims – which are deep and wide and mysterious as the natural world that surrounding us. “Is it impossible to reconcile between you and I?” “Can the gaps be filled with dedication and promises?” Time can tell.

Oberon Rose – No Stranger

OBERON ROSE comes from the rock n’ roll hearts of Tommy Oberon and Rebecca Rose. “As a lyricist,” says Rebecca, “I want the listener to bring their own experiences to the song…” “It’s in the vein of traditional psychedelia though,” Tommy adds. “I try to keep production simple. There’s some reverb, some delay, but ultimately, I want the music and the words to do the work.” An interesting premise, this OBERON ROSE. Something you should taste, we think.

Ben Howard – Hot Heavy Summer ft. Sylvan Esso

‘Hot Heavy Summer’ features a collaboration with American electro pop duo Sylvan Esso. BEN HOWARD starts his U.S. tour stretch starting from September 21st in Seattle. The eclectic ambience of this single, is intrinsic with BH’s relativist outlook into life’s weird little winding roads. He’s taking that road. He always had. And that journey continues.

DANSU – Love Is Ours

There was never a time when you’d not skipped through life. It was a time of your life. You’d always known that. Nothing could get you down, for long. You see the positive in any situation. Your energy was unbound. And that was your attraction. And that was why I wanted to be with you. Always. “Never leave me.” “Smile. Don’t worry. Buy me a snack. Then I’ll kiss you.” “Okay.”

Ewan Marshall – Seasons

“Lyrics are taken from a poem written by my Dad, who self-publishes his poetry,” stated EWAN MARSHALL. The start of something good, often times is recognizing that ‘something good’ can exist. We’re sure Ewan will make his brand of impact towards the music scene. And in this edition, his combination of arranging sounds, interesting take on construction, and notion of sonic communication – offers something interesting for the taste buds. See for yourself. Looking forward to where Ewan wants to lead his listeners in upcoming singles.

The Blue Winter – Alive

Don’t let it slip away, without a fight. Don’t let the summer slip away. Don’t let her leave without telling her so. The time is now. Realize the importance. It is not, or never. “Writing songs has always been a passion of mine, and I get especially excited about songs like ‘Alive’,” says Aaron Troyer. “This is the kind of song that for me as a songwriter just kind of came out and I didn’t have to think to much to shape it. It just had a flow from the very beginning and everything – words, and music just fell into place. Listening back to it, I thought about that, and it seemed like an obvious choice to be the debut single.” A full album by Aaron is coming soon.

The Exits – Press Repeat

“We grew up listening to great rock music,” Schneider explains, “and it doesn’t really seem to be well represented at the moment. We’re doing our part to make Rock relevant again by incorporating some of the cool things we hear in modern music.” THE EXITS consist of Jared Schneider (guitar/lead vocals), Ryan Calabrese (drums/vocals), and Tom Harrison (bass). “I think we might be at that inflection point with today’s popular music, and change can’t be far ahead. We’d like to be right there to help jumpstart it if we can,” added Harrison. We hope so gents. We hope so.

Nick Ferrio – How Will I Know

“‘How Will I Know’ is a philosophical song; it’s about my relationship with music and thinking about why I’m drawn to make it, especially in today’s day and age, with the music industry changing,” said NICK FERRIO. “We’ve all heard over and over again about how the music industry is in the pits and how culturally music isn’t as valuable as it once was. I guess the nagging question in this song is, ‘is music still worth something?'” Of course!! The value is constant. The creative process is important for our species. It’s a way of communication. It’s what we humans do. Keep on adding to that conversation, Nick! Depending on you.

Good Witch – Shake You Loose

On November 2, Los Angeles band GOOD WITCH will release their EP ‘Double Life’. Rose Shawhan and Raymond Richards combined forces and decided to drop this conjecture of musical abstraction to the masses. On ‘Shake You Loose’, Rose states: “But maybe I don’t really want to be a grown up. Maybe people don’t really want to give up their vices. Maybe sometimes it’s just fun to feel a feeling for a little while, even if you know it’s wrong.” Fair point. And we agree. It’s that ‘sweet and the sour’ metaphor. There is none, without one of each. Word.

Sketches of Dreams – Mirrors

Brooklyn’s own Hank Midnight writes this soft and minimal single ‘Mirrors’. With a simple banjo accompaniment, the song is a nickel backed denomination of the soul, sliced up in pieces, useless to one, but could be useful for that soup of future life’s contents. Roll it around your mouth, taste it with your tongue and sinuses, remember the aroma – the texture. Don’t spit it out. Let it absorb the remnants. Once over the line, there’s no return.

Bronze Radio Return – Ready To Go

We turned in the wrong street that day. We realized that it was a col-de-sac and we had to turn around. It was easy, for it was, after all a col-de-sac. In our debate in the car, we’d said that word several times. And it was a weird word we said over and over. Kind of rolled over and under out tongues. The sky was dark, as it was winter, with snow and ‘chill’ all over this suburban city scape. Our little Corolla was up for the challenge, as it was every winter. “Col-de-sac: that’s a funny word, ain’t it Sherry?” She just looked at me and nodded, then instructed me not to hit the curb while turning around this ‘col-de-sac’. Life can be one, just like it, I day dreamed. “Okay! Now we’re in business. We’re ready to go!” She looked at me with a smirk and a chuckle.

Ryan Fox – I Don’t Need Anyone But Me

RYAN FOX first came to our desk, with his single ‘Thump Donald Trump’. A political piece, you can say, but entertaining, in either case. Now he comes to us with ‘I Don’t Need Anyone But me’, where he suspects that his protagonist is a ‘tank’ in life, where nothing matters but my dependence on ‘himself’. But it’s not easy. Well, it’s easy to say, but to put into action is hard at a quality of pace. Ryan is a ‘realist’. But his dang creativity gets in the way. And that exact contradiction makes his work interesting and poignant. It’s a trip, just like Ryan, we’re sure =D Word.


This is an art project, that’s gone ‘punk-industrial’. Paris Hurley leads this little secession into the mouth of madness, with bandmates Emilia “Pony Sweat” Richeson (dance, drums, vox), Gina Young (bass, vox / SORORITY), Patty Schemel (drums / Hole) and Megan Fowler-Hurst (dance, drums, vox / Tales Between Our Legs). What can you not like about OAS? None. Feminism with the kind of bite that you’d expect. Scream it out loud, out the window, throw that brick of sonic tastes, then frame it for your friends in your home’s study. Spiked gloves, optional.

Code Pie – High

In ‘High’, the Montreal based band, ‘CODE PIE’ takes you on a roller-coaster journey into a dark room of expectations and self imposed delusions of grandeur. The feelings of which we can justifiably feel at some points of time and space. But the journey abruptly ends, because of your unfettered greed for the small, the little, the un-natural disinfectants in non-binary dissolutions. That confusion is yours, wholly. The roller-coaster ride is wholly provided by CODE PIE. Next stop, if for you to decide.

Eli Shane – The View

“You’re supposed to put the chip on number 11. Do you know how to play this game?” He looked at her in misplaced confusion. “You don’t need to yell at me for not knowing how to play YOUR game,” he requested. “Sorry. I’m just a bit confused why you’re being so obtuse.” His eyes popped open wider, for she’d used a movie reference from the late 90’s to deliberately hate-on his thought process. “That’s ‘Shawshank Redemption’. How dare you. You know how I love that movie.” She winked. “I know. Now, get with it. Get on board. Turn those creaking gears in your head, will ya?!” She gave him a peck on his forehead. He tried not to show her how he blushed. “I’m such a sucker for her,” he thought privately.

Linn Koch-Emmery – Don’t Sleep on My Luv

LINN KOCH-EMMERY is a cool kat. She brings the guitar. To that bar-fight. Demanding of the bar-tender, a shot, by dramatically demonstrating the strat on the table – cool white, cool licks. The pop-ness is a drizzly rain getting your hair oh so wet for that date you’re about to have. In an odd way, for the guy you’re meeting, it turns him on. Just like that weirdo, the bar-tender says nothing to deflect – gives Linn that shot. Linn then huffs, then downs it like a boss. The crowd erupts. YOU erupt.

Kill the Barber! – Immortal

The harmonious representations from ‘KILL THE BARBER! is a gentle roll down the river between two white cliffs of two different sections of life. KTB had been born in 2009. And ever since then, they’d gone to bring the delicious, folk-laden promises in lyrical works and instrumental heaving of the heart and mind. “We can overcome the drastic, immediacies. It isn’t apparent enough yet in how it can be done. But hark. There’s that feeling of hope and possible future prosperities. Let’s keep going. We can keep going.” Let’s do this.


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