Massage – Crying Out Loud

MASSAGE is back with ‘Crying Out Loud’ and we at CHF is back doing a short review of their work. And that’s easy to do, for we dig their stuff, lots. ‘Crying Out Loud’ is a single in the band’s own words, exploring: “…the frustration of deeply caring about someone but not being able to spend time with them without something going wrong”. A conundrum, as many would say about that challenge. A ‘catch 22’. A ‘bliss, without a way in’. Bad luck? All of it, possibly. This single is the third single off of MASSAGE’s debut LP ‘Oh Boy’. We’d said some stuff on the title track ‘Oh Boy’, and oh boy, we’re IN.

Lost Cousins – City Escape

“City Escape is about a relationship that spans two different cities,” the band explained. “It speaks to feeling trapped within a certain space and routine, and finding solace in another person’s day-to-day. The lyrics reminisce on time spent in unfamiliar new places, and how this experience can feel like an escape from reality.” And it is an ‘escape from reality’. We do this all the time. It’s that realm, no one can touch. It’s ours to do, as we please. Double edged sword, you can say. But isn’t it worth it? It’s certainly worth it. At least we think so.


The naked electric guitar in ‘Butterflies’, makes an interesting bedfellow to the synth drumming that is framing this particular and interesting exercise of sonic goodness. Drip, drip, drip – your memories assign a tantalizing clue to what future you’d like to choose. “I’ll take curtain number 3, Jack.”

Hi Viz – Thought Criminals

The electric guitar chord was what got us. The hybrid feeling single from HI VIZ is ‘annoyingly good’. We say that in the best possible tone. The rhyming is reminiscent of past decades, but with the choice of arrangement, makes it fresh to the listener. Well, at least for us, anyway. Some of the pausing and time changes reminded us of some Beastie Boys elements. Then the synth combination, on top of the fab solo licks make this highly cool. The gang is good; dang good, innovative, bold. Good sh*t.

Bad Shapes – Always Enemy

4 Piece. Band. Phili. Guitar. Garage-rock-pop. BAD SHAPES. Making. Waves. That was just for emphasis. It was necessary. The band is given life by Joe Gruber (drums), Wes Harmon (guitar, synth, vocals), Mark Quitevis (guitar), and Ben Taylor (bass, vocals). What they do with ‘Always Enemy’ is that moment when you realize there’s no way out of the movie-theater without having to cause a scene. You sit in the middle of the row. Movie isn’t finished. Boom. BAD SHAPES will remind you. They will help you. Maybe. ‘Rough Edges’ is their latest 6 track debut EP, and is available now. Do it.

Dustin Tebbutt – Satellite

Dustin Tebbutt states: “For me, its about the echoes of a relationship I was in where I felt like I wasn’t really able to stay or go… feeling in awe of the connection we had as I was confronted with its dynamics, and having an outside perspective on things that are more or less out of my control. More generally, it’s a song about the nature of the connection we have with certain people and how once you get to know someone well, they will always be in your life in some way”. Ain’t that the truth. It’s odd sometimes how human relationships bloom (or dissipate). You never know what kind of personalities you become friends with, in the long run. That’s the beauty (and frustration), isn’t it? And that’s gold for being creative about the world. The importance is obvious. Dustin, confirms.

THE DOSE – Saline

THE DOSE release new single ‘Saline’, the third track and video off their full-length debut album helps you take yourself to that later grunge and alt-rock heavenliness that we are familiar. The chorus is what drives this single to its highest crest. And that ‘crest’ is high, crisp, infectious, dimensional, and just rockin’. Best of friends, best of lovers, we keep our paths clear of impediments. It’s wholly up to us to find our summation in life. We’re just glad we’re together, and will be forever. I’ll see you again. Don’t worry. THE DOSE has been added to the GOOD CHARLOTTE TOUR, for October 16th (Orlando).

Angela Harris – Should Have Known

Whoop! Been a while since our last cool country/folk offering. And with ANGELA HARRIS, you get the cool lyrics, cool story, the brooding attitude, and the song that drives home of angst that we can all feel. At a certain time and space in our life, we speed past the likes of such hardships. But we stop at the train stop, eventually to realize what we have. Don’t let it be too late. Unless the person is horrible, then we should keep moving on =D Goes without saying. We think Angela knows this and is part of her life’s montras. Cool song, with steel guitar, summed up with the classic country ending. Oh yea. “I could not have completed this album without the encouragement and support of so many people,” she reflects on the new album. “I will be eternally grateful to my family, close friends, fans, Creative BC and the BC Music Fund, as well as and 100+ contributors who helped me make A Woman Like Me possible.” Kudos.

Wolf Section – Your Face Will Be My Downfall

Wolf Section is a new indie band writing 3-minute pop songs influenced by goth/punk music. The first EP ‘The Bedroom Demos’ is out now on Spotify and other digital stores. Although there are simple demos, I believe there is definitely something in them.

Electric Lemming – Flying Airplanes

You’re hard to please. Or is it because I want to please myself, so badly? Am I blinded by the whole song and dance? Typically no. But your love can help me find the way for me. Will you? Be able? The Quebec based artist brings us a dainty mixture of daydreaming and psychedelic music hymns. Delightful.

Rachel Ana Dobken – Always

RACHEL ANA DOBKEN is just like when your older sister grabbed you by your face with her fingers clenching both of your cheeks to make an extraordinarily exaggerated puckered pair of lips. You look silly. She’s trying to teach you a lesson. Obviously you weren’t listening to your sister’s instructions. You thought you were a rebel. You’re not. But she loves you. Like how Rachel dips into the drizzly, jazzy nonchalance of her vocals and electric guitar, she ‘forgives’ you for your shenanigans. The world is better with her around. Word.

Jim Clements – Not A Lot of Blood

JIM CLEMENTS returns with his 4th album ‘A Failure’. Took 5 years. And it’s glorious. Jim’s inherently nostalgic methods of presentation is encapsulated beautifully by the huskiness of his ‘gentle’ vocals. It’s the feeling of the long life that had been. The stories are told within Jim’s voice. Every step. Every tear. Every laugh. Within the walls of this seemingly simple tune, is a gargantuan gate, built up by emotions carried through from beginning and the end. Who will open the gate? Will never know.

Eden Iris – Dark Sunday Dream

EDEN IRIS is an Auckland, New Zealand artist who is always in a tune of her own, with beautiful sweeping character to her voice, arranged on top of instrumentals that captivate. ‘Dark Sunday Dream’ comes around this time off of her latest EP ‘The Demons’, and it’s a perfect example of what Eden can do. Just don’t let her melt your heart too much. She won’t let go.

Ronny Tana – A Brain, I’m

Off of the upcoming offering ‘The Later Years’ (September 21st), RONNY TARA brings the indie-rock that rocks in this oddly hypnotic single name ‘A Brain, I’m’. Oh, odd name for the title too, and that’s another layer that we love about this song. Primarily it’s the strumming of his guitar that is gold. Then it’s the blasé feel of his vocals. Just goes like peanut butter / jelly. For some that is a bit of a weird food combo. But when tasted, it makes sense. Just like Ronny.

Together Pangea – Hi-Fi Television

TOGETHER PANGEA is: William Keegan, Danny Bengston, and Erik Jimenez. They’re here to kick butt, with zero bubble-gum. That takes talent. We know. We’d try to be big dawgs, and didn’t have bubble-gum to chew. It was distracting. Our resume proves our worth, but no bubble-gum is like kryptonite. So, TOGETHER PANGEA is hard core. Punk hard core. Gets you high on their music. Then spits. You. Out. Like a used bubble-gum. Gnarly.

One Man Rock Band™ – Basket of Deplorables

Scott Gerling is ONE MAN ROCK BAND. He’s very much invested in the political and social climate of the current United States. And he’s going full throttle with his music, as well. In ‘Basket Of Deplorables’ he replies at the notion of how he and others (who support Donald Trump) as ‘deplorable’ human beings. Political rhetoric, of course, but it surely gets the discussions going. In this anthemic single, he’s proud to be associated with this ‘badge of honor’. We think for a one man band, the song is constructed very well. Props to Scott and his music. Let’s all keep on being engaged with the political process, as Americans.

Desert Clouds – Speed of Light

Brooding, yes. ‘Speed Of Light’ takes that
Based in London since 2010, Desert Clouds aims at the pure and free artistic expression when either composing and performing. From Grunge, Rock to Psychedelic Acid and Folk atmospheres heave out of the band’s pours to entice and delight. The band was formed in 2008, David Land (guitar, vocals) and Val Wallace (guitar, backing vocals). With the addition of Andrea Orabona (drums) and Julius Caesar (bass), the band’s current sound has cemented. The new EP ‘Time Distortions’ is available now.

Vickers Vimy – Chicago (Single Mix)

‘Chicago’ is the third single off of the album ‘Atlas Of Hearts’ from VICKERS VIMY. The Ireland based folk-rock band discusses the ‘wireless’ communications between Marconi to Canada’s Nova Scotia. The song tells of the harrowing journey of the ‘wire’ that hooked up the two continents, in the fabulous tradition of old world folk. This is the live session from the band.

Dan Miraldi – She Knows

DAN MIRALDI knows how to have fun. Not at your expense. But he knows how to accommodate to his fans, with the kind of music that is easily accessible and easily understood. And in the case of ‘She Knows’, we think he’s referring to the female mind that seems to have that ‘6th sense’. Not seeing ghosts, but seeing past the facade of guys and gals, sifting efficiently through the public layer of masks. Or was he just referring to how to treat her man? We’d like to think this song is of the prior. Either way, gals do have some special power we guys don’t have. Truth =D

The Wilderness – Dancing in the Dive Bars

Quite sweet, and affable. That’s what THE WILDERNESS is to us. And listening and watching the single ‘Dancing In The Dive Bars’, we can relate. Of course we at CHF, didn’t always get the girl at the end, but the batting average was respectable. “Awwww” was our response to this song. And it felt very nice to have that feeling. It was weird. But cool. “The song tells a story of the joy that can be found in life’s struggles,” Liam Neale stated. “Sometimes the world throws challenges at you that may seem insurmountable, like the end of the month arrives and the $33 in your bank account won’t cover the rent, sort of thing.” =D You guys rule. Good stuff.


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