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42 King Share Single ‘Split’. Enjoy What You Do. Enjoy It.

Kicking the can down the street. That’s always a hot topic. Well, it just comes up as a relevant part of discussion, when the idea of ‘responsibility’ is up for display. We all say we do our utmost, to uphold ‘responsibilities’. It’s about honor sometimes, and many time, about holding a personal brand, to scrutiny and winning.

People have to trust you. Especially in work. The person next to you, or the partners you have lined up, need to feel that you’ll come ‘through’.

Many can’t keep this up.

Many can.

Some just ‘squeak’ by.

Some are tanks, and just keep going.

We all aspire to be the latter, no?

But it’s a constant battle to maintain that order. It’s easier to lose that trust in one minute, than in building it.

‘Split’ is a single from the band of core duos, Kurt Collins and Tucker Krishock. The song is not punk, but a hybrid of radio rock pop with blues elements. It’s fun, and it’s a light and airy song that certainly has its place.

But we get it.

The guys are all about ‘balance’, ‘enjoying life’, and ‘doing the things they are passionate’ about.

And there’s nothing that can get in your way, if you do.

In that sense, they’re definitely not kicking the can down the street.



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