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42 King Shares ‘Jumpstart’. “There’s only one way for the band, and it is ‘up’.”

It’s just too easy for the gang in 42 KING. The band makes modern rock as smooth and easy as your girl’s newly shaved legs. Dynamic, driven, supple, and oh so fascinating, the trio kicks it where they want, however they’d want. It’s up to you to meet them for the showdown.

‘Jumpstart’ is another stepping stone to that great radio heaven where the band wants to play, tour, and “get rich” like all the rockstars do. That’s ambition for ya, and from what we hear so far in the past year, that might come true, right quick.

The Kentucky and Tennessee stock ‘good ole boys’ come with chips on their shoulders, riffs from their hearts, and rock n’ roll bleeding from their veins.

There’s only one way for the band, and it is ‘up’.

They’ve only released 2 singles so far, but the rebel-yell is strong in this band. Kurt Collins, Tucker Krishock, and Sam Ward aren’t afraid of bare-knuckle hard work. They love their fans, and they’ll do almost anything to make it worth while.

As Kurt once stated: “Long live Rock N’ Roll. Long live 42 King.”

Elvis would have been proud.

Go get’em boys.



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