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45ACIDBABIES // Condescending // FLOWERS // Tres Kings // Hollow Coves

45ACIDBABIES – Dorian Dale

Off of album ‘Amber19’, 45ACIDBABIES exists to pull that skin of ordinary from the surface of your face. And arms. And legs. Then your heavy heart chest. Yep. You get the idea. Normalcy if compounded into remorse, as the sunshine of life and belonging, crash into each other, without the benefit of having dash-cams for insurance sake. It’s too late. It’s not going to help, now that you’re in a pile of suppositions with this band of talent. Arms on top of arms; bodies moving in ecstatic agony – ‘Doran Dale’ is a fabulous addition to this Universe by the band’s odd tastes. Incorporating elements of hip hop, dance punk, garage rock, and pop, they’ve already shared the stage with a.o. Sleigh Bells, The XX and Millionaire, to make people make happy frown faces on the dance floor. 45ACIDBABIES are a foul, hard, rough couple of youngsters from Utrecht. They are Sophia de Geus, Daniel Brem, Giorgio Paquay, and Sam Verbeek. See them next @ Concerto Recordstore, Amsterdam October 20th.

Condescending – Belt

“‘Belt’ is a candid look into the formation of a long distance romance while a bi-coastal road trip serves as the backdrop,” said producer WhatsHisName. Deviating from his usual trap based offerings, the talented and multi-dimensional artist/producer gets his alternative styles on with the dream-pop and gazy single ‘Belt’. The conservative, progressiveness of the single is a guitar driven song of lazy afternoons, sizzling between love and main street. It gets complex from there for the protagonist. As an observer, it means that a love of expression, charms with minimal efforts. Good stuff.

FLOWERS – Chemical Burn

Single from the newly released lofi, stoner doom album by Dutch female Duo FLOWERS. Downtuned and fuzz-dusted stoner-doom agenda is what FLOWERS throws at you. ‘Doom City’ is a concept album, and its lyrics concerning “a decaying, industrial, deserted, isolated place in an empty, resourceless desert” sounds like the opposite of a beautiful Monet landscape and the perfect soundtrack for a no-deal Brexit. It’s imported from the continent, of course, like fine wine, car parts, fraternity, and hope. In ‘Chemical burn’, your flesh of brain matter floods with blood and sweat of industrial psyche madness. Shurikens pierce you dead cold heart, filling with anxious blackness. But contrasting to how you’d thought it would turn out. ‘Chemical Burn’ becomes you infatuation for ‘living’ once more. It bolsters your inner fascination and lessens the un-necessary. Love it as it is.

Tres Kings – Cold Soul

Swagger. That is what ‘Cold Soul’ is all about. Said the band: “”Cold Soul” is about the greed and hypocrisy of people who also lack empathy for others.” You can’t deny the cool and gliding confidence of this latest from Tres Kings. Tres Kings are an up and coming indie rock band, coming from Maidstone in Kent. Only formed at the beginning of 2018 they have just released our first single ‘wake up the people’ with a further EP release in 2019. Refreshing means of communication bursts from word to word with Tres Kings’ vocals. The nostalgic, ol’ school effervescence harks to a time of the early 00’s of UK indie rock. Now, we have Tres Kings with ‘Cold Soul’. It’s dang good, yo. See this fabulously fun band next @ Poco Loco, Chatham, UK on October 11th.

Hollow Coves – Anew

Hollow Coves is a an Indie Folk duo formed in Brisbane, Australia. Delivering an earthy folk sound, the band meshes simple acoustic melodies, vocal harmonies, and impactful themes that ‘gets’ you. Ryan Henderson and Matt Carins make up Hollow Coves. “Perspective is so important.” said Ryan. “More and more we keep hearing about all the tragedies around the world. The focus is so often pointed towards the negative. It’s easy to get stuck in that. I guess in a way we wanted the album to be the music equivalent of some sort of new-age retreat where people might go to sit still, renew their mind, and shift their focus to something more positive.” From their upcoming debut full length album ‘Moments’ (Oct 18th), conscious realizations of the world around them makes the eager to be more positive about it than ever. See them shine on stage in 2020 starting on February 11th @ Baby’s All Right, NYC.


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