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4MORE. // MACKAVON // nottr // $limeboy Kell // Hatty Maines

4MORE. – loveit*

Deep bass feeling you up where restrictions should be set. But you drive him crazy. It’s just a natural order of things. Scream at the inability to inconsistently make the days go faster. 4MORE. breaks it down in this mumble-rap synth driven affair.


“2019, you can hold my chain…” Simply put, that says it all about MACKAVON’s single ‘Pop’. Don’t mess around. Get with it.

nottr – Oh you know!

With tasty samples and groovy hooks, NOTTR’s single ‘Oh You Know!’ is a delight that keeps on giving, and giving, and giving to that dancing feet you have there. No rap, but just cement hard ‘rap-like’ attitude for the dance floor.

$limeboy Kell – MOPSTICK!

Car + Girl + Summer Night + some dollars to spend = Good Times. $limeboy Kell’s ‘MOPSTICK!’ is the embodiment of all that is unholy and so much fun-tastic remedies. Go, go!

Hatty Maines – Strange

‘Gotta get it.’ Yep. You gotta. And there nothing different about working for what you want in life. HATTY MAINES’ video supports that premise, in slightly different side of the spectrum. Yep. ‘Strange’ in the best possible way. Kudos.


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