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Tove Lo debuts her video for ‘Disco Tits’. Make love like you muppet.

“YOU LOOK SO PRETTY BI*CH” is one of the lines. And we chuckle and chuckle. But the video is weirdly dark.

The scenario in this one is that she’s doing it with a muppet. It’s silly, but combine it with the lyrics, then it becomes ‘skeevy’ and ‘ikky’. At least that’s what we initially thought.

But then it’s just a video about getting you ‘freak-on’ with a very attractive muppet turned male model, no?

We’re fans of Tove Lo, since she debuted several years ago. She’d been a darling for a long while with critics and her adoring fans. She’d originally from Sweden, but kicks ass just like a bar room brawler.

Here’s her muppet-tongue-kissing video. LOL.


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