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515 POP FOR YOU: On This Day, August 29th Of 2018.

Vibrante – Otro Cambio

We don’t know anything at all (except for their single) about the outfit named VIBRANTE. The project originates from Madrid, Spain but as you all know, music is Universal to a degree. And this time with ‘Otro Cambio’ it sure hits that mark. Mysterious and ‘tragic’ in its under-tones and operatic dramatics, the single is chill, and ‘in effect’ to borrow that phrase. Hold your arm over your loved one on this one, then tongue kiss while you two dance the night away in a slow, slow whimsy.

RALPH – Weather

Ralph is what Ralph is: pop that is ‘your calling’. It beckons you with the hooks, slaps you in your left cheek, then kisses you on you face. Glad you shaved this morning. With ‘Weather’ it’s the hippity-hop of the effervescent longings for the love of your life that BECOMES the journey. It’s that gap between actual touch, and ‘anticipation’ during the drive there. Oh it’s good stuff. Get with it. Listen. Ralph’s going to be in your area soon. Lots of events, festivals all the way through to mid December. Count on Ralph.

MAUVE – Come Around

Selfish? Maybe. But if you want something, you must ‘drive’ for it. Not literally, but you should ‘go for it’. Cliche? Maybe. But he looks so good, and you want more of him. MAUVE is just saying what you’d been thinking about for a while. Don’t be a jerk, but talk to him. Hint. Do your thing. Oh, he noticed. ‘Come Around’ is the Toronto based artist’s latest and should be a rotation in your list, if you want to be jazzed about the day, and/or about the honey in your life. We sure will.

NYA – Hollywood Hills

‘Hollywood Hills’ is off of her latest EP ‘Southland’. The sultry depictions in the single, coupled with NYA’s authoritative vocal idiosyncrasies make this single a treat for that downtown driving down that long evening highway. NYA’s got something going on, and should be a fabulous addition to the musical world. The Tampa native has much soul and blues within her works, but in inconspicuous layers and subsided narratives. It’s nice. Real nice.

Anieszka – Fluid Gold

ANIESZKA’s voice is beautiful. Her song ‘Fluid Gold’ is beautiful. You can’t help but take that dreamy trip with this angelic voiced talent. This Sydney based artist is fast on the rise, in our opinion, and should be anything to stop her from doing so. There’s just too many good things from her that will make it hard for forces in the musical world to prevent such a domination. Love her voice. Love her attitude. Look for more from her.

Max C Bud – Temptress

‘Temptress’ is MAX C BUD’s debut single and from the looks of it all, it seems the road should be paved with some shiny stuff along the way. Why? Listen to this song. It’s relaxed. It’s calm. Then it says what it wants to say, clearing the protagonist’s throat and his concerns. Yes. The concerns of a girl and a boy – a life time of duals, a challenge for man-kind, from before written history. But we love it, don’t we? The subject is constant, but when it hits the asphalt, creativity exerts itself. Like it does in ‘Temptress’. Go on, have fun.

HARTS – Wishfulness

“Lyrically Wishfulness is a song about being stuck in a rut, longing for something else. Something otherworldly. It’s a different kind of song to come from me. Like ’21&19′ the focus here is the groove, song & vocal, rather than the guitar. I love the way it all comes together in the second chorus when the bass line and new drum pattern kicks in.” – Harts. Oh yea. We’ll leave it right there. Nuff said. HARTS is Darren Hart and he’s touring lots in Australia, starting in Adelaide @ The Fat Controller, Nov 2nd.

CHANEY – Headaches (Official Audio)

There are 3 things we can write about when you listen to a song like ‘Headaches’. (1)Yes. We do take lots of Excedrin for stress, (2) Yes. There are many people who gives us those kind of pangs, and (3) Yes. This is dance, but we really needed this with our Excedrin. No where’s our coffee?! Go in peace my Jedi. Go in peace and listen. Listen close.

TELYKast – Talk Again

Unwrapping myself out of this cocoon of an existence, isn’t fun. Why did you have to leave me? It’s uncertain. But don’t come back in my mind. You don’t deserve to live inside my heart, for so long. So… so long… it was nice when we were one. Now we are two, with the gap of the Grand Canyon. It’s up to you to start again. It’s up to me, to exist again.

Fox & Charm, Ilse Hendrix – Perfect Melody

Ilse Hendrix (Villarreal) is charming in this arrangement by FOX & CHARM’s ‘Perfect Melody’. Punchy, trappy, delicate – is a stroll in a memory within memories of the future to come. It’s a declaration of a treaty between moving bodies that just want to love, and be loved. Simple request, no? Can it be done? It’s totally up to you.

Kady Rain – Bad Kids

KADY RAIN is an Austin TX based pop artist who comes at us with ‘Bad Kids’. An anthem of sorts for our rebellious and mischievous sides. She’s garnered tastemakers all over and wants to continue this fast trend. “‘Bad Kids’ [is]…a song dedicated to every teenager who skipped school, stole their parent’s liquor and cigarettes, and made out with strangers at parties.” And sure enough, were we at CHF this bad too?? Probably, kinda… ‘Bad Kids’ was written by Kady Rain, Ben Bazzrea, and Ariel Abshire.

Dixon Brothers – Feel Me (feat. Gypzee)

‘Feel Me’ is a creation of the DIXON BROTHERS. It’s a good one to be sure. Like cement in your coffee, and steel in your macaroni. Ridiculously easy to love. Especially with London based singer/songwriter Gypzee doing her vocal thang. Awesome-ness? Heck yea. Dig it.


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