e-LIJAH – For A Chance

Symbolism for our actions, sometimes just doesn’t equate with the kind of dividend we might expect. Might make us feel good for a while. Might make us look like a hero for a while. Might not makes us any different, at all. If it’s not genuine, there’s no end return on that investment. e-LIJAH’s song of ‘death and realization’ in his single ‘For A Chance’ is that no-guarantee end. Nothing to gain, except the experience of hard work, and maybe self validation – a passport for that horizon – which he’d been seeking for a long time. Patience is key. Will he pull through? That’s up to his iron will.

Young Lyonne – Shekilledme

“Yea, take that and roll it around that. There you go.” She instructed him gently in the art of being a painter. It was straight out of the movie ‘Ghost’. Very romantic, he thought. He liked her even better because she was so talented. “So, what do you think?” he asked of his first painting. “Well, it’s good,” she was being nice. “Maybe some more practice would be a good prescription.” She smiled. Then she gave him a kiss. She tasted so good, he thought. “Come back tomorrow. Let’s continue then.” Dang. She knew how to work it. Respect.

Dree Rivers – Real Life

Anticipating something to be ‘wrong’. Anticipating something to be in ‘contrast’ to your thoughts. It’s the opposite of giving an honest go at a partnership, relationship, path to a future together. Had there been clues to a bad past? Had there been hints to what kind of trouble might be set for the future? A seed, is hard to dig out, once implanted. Be true. Be truthful. For yourself, evaluate carefully. Care in being critical of facts, is hard to do in such a blissful moment in life. But if not, who will? It gets harder. Not easier. Hold your ground.

Lil Goon – Happiness

Being happy is sometimes very simple. That’s what LIL GOON’s single ‘Happiness’ is all about. Nothing layered in deep meaning, or anything of existential exploration. It’s about weed. His love. And how this natural plant is helpful for him. Purest love? Depends on the angle right? As long as he’s hitting his personal goals, we say. Yea. Maybe it is ‘pure love’. Can’t get better than that. For that moment and time. And just maybe, it’s easier to deal with a plant, than people. Just maybe.

Wild Tribe – You’re the One I’m lookin’ for

Synth has been used in this single ‘You’re the One I’m lookin’ for’. But to us, it reminds us of the British New-wave from the 80’s more than anything. Additionally, in parts of the single, the 80/90’s radio hair rock feel comes to fore – especially the guitar solo, and so forth. To us, that’s a fabulous combination: mystery of that driver behind the Chevy Camaro Iroc-Z, coupled with the rock n’ roll girl with the high-teased hair and oversized sunglasses to show the extravagance and luxury of the nostalgia within.

EE Beyond – Dreamers Howl

“When we’re experiencing it together, you realize that what I’m experiencing, you’re experiencing, too. It sucks, but at the end of the day, we’re not gonna let it be the final blow to us, let it be the final say in our story.” Encouragement comes from the clapping, which is incorporated for the maximum of cheerleading you, the real you, to that Start line – that finish line. Of your desires, your wants, your needs – through steps from left to right, one step at a time, chipping away. March on. You can. You must.

Dime – Explain

You wake up. Get up. Wash up. Go to work. Come back home. Wash up. Go to bed. Putting it that way just doesn’t sound very good. How about adding ‘You get hug. Get kiss. From your girl. With gorgeous eyes. Every day.’ Not bad. Much better. “You better add me in that mix,” she said. “Aren’t I special enough for you??” He looked frazzled, from his work desk at home, to see his fiance standing there after she looked at his writing. “Hey beautiful! When you get home?? Didn’t here you come in. Sorry hun.” She always teased him. She loved him. He love her. They were so ‘made for each other’. “Okay. Now where was I?” ‘Explain’ is off of DIME’s debut mixtape, ‘Magic’.

LOVER – Eagle To The Prey

“Lyrically it explores the loss you feel at the end of a relationship and through that hurt you often turn to forms of escapism (drugs, alcohol) instead of facing the reality of the situation,” LOVER explains. “The metaphor and title of ‘Eagle To The Prey’, for me at least, captures that feeling of resigning to your fate.” That’s a ‘cop-out’, some would say. Maybe easier to let the hands of time and fate do their best. But willing to let it all go, without a fight, is just not you. And you know it. So, go. Love, if you want. But do it on your terms. You will do better.

Mike Smiff ft. City Girls – 4 1 Nite

City Girls. Very cool stuff, for sure. MIKE SMIFF puts it all together in this fab single. Has all the facets of a rap delight, with bass, lyrics, and the attitude that drips off like there was no tomorrow. Have we mentioned City Girls? So fun. And the single drags you by your collar. Then slaps you. You like it though. A lot. Rolls both ways though, right? True.

Out Loud! – Keep on Moving

OUT LOUD! makes you move. Makes you feel good. It makes you want to do things that you’d never thought of doing. Like dancing and eating at the same time (it’s not a thing). Like diving after the golf ball into the pond, when clearly you didn’t have to (now your electric cart may get shorted from you being wet). And like tackling that wild boar, just like Sylvester Stallone did in ‘First Blood’ (you didn’t kill it, because obviously you’re a weakling compared to the boar). You get the point. ‘Keep On Moving’ is exactly what it advertises. You better do it. Will Jay is watching you, for total encouragement.

darienstaxx – Misery

“We won’t find happiness until we pull out our deepest pains and observe them,” states DARIENSTAXX. “Misery should be heard all the way through, You will get something out of it if you’re in the right mindset.” As we always say: the sweet isn’t as real, without the sour. Minimizing the effect of such effects on emotions is a mistake. It increases efforts. It increases creativity. It is the ‘urge’. It encourages your mind to work overtime. You might die. But you only have one life, one engine, one steering wheel – let’s use it to its full tilt. Embrace the ‘Misery’.

Brooke Law – Don’t Say Its Love

You’re caught up in the moment. Actually, you’d been thinking about what she means to you, for a long while. While you’r dreaming. While you’re working out. While you’re in the shower. While you’re at work. “I love you.” crept into your mind. Is it safe to tell her? You have a feeling she’s thought about telling you too. But when? How? Casually? Formally? No, being formal isn’t right. Maybe just out of the blue? Then the moment isn’t weighty enough. While watching movie at home? “Rob. I wanna tell you something…” Whoa. She beat you to it. Congrats, she knew all along =D Now make her happy.

Stefan James – Situation

“I eventually discovered who I was through music and the power of poetry, love, and family…” Breaking away from ‘trouble’ isn’t easy. It tries its best to follow you around. It’s the demon that always seems to seek out your weak times. It never goes away. Building up layers of defenses is part of the game. No one else sees you struggling to keep the bad, out. It’s a lonely fight. But it must be done. For your music, your soul, YOU as a human being, with many ambitions – need that to come true. Every day. Every year. Making the best of THIS time, is what should drive you. All of us. New music releases this Autumn, from Stefan.


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