Peter And Kerry – Cold Hugs

What a wonderful collaboration. Kerry Leatham’s voice is gold. And with Peter Lyons, the both of them in this harmonic travel to the stars, pushes us to a beautiful slow dance. With her. With him. The softest touch, means the world. The softest whisper, mean the future. It’s been a long while since consistent releases of singles from the duo, but seems like the times-a-changin’. And for the better. Expect more and more from this delicious duo. We’ll cover them even deeper, in the near future.

Serious Klein – Voodoo Money

Germany based, Ghanian rapper drops ‘Voodoo Money’ off of upcoming debut album ‘You Should’ve Known’ (Oct 19th). “It’s written from the perspective of some of the people that surround me, people I grew up with, and their decisions. Stuff that really affected me.Friends that changed overnight, due to the love of money. It’s like thinking that you know someone and feeling that they’re being entranced by somebody in the way Voodoo magic does.” SERIOUS is serious talent.

Keea feat. Quamebrown – Move

We’re glad that KEEA is making a music video for this grand single ‘Move’. It’s large. And bringing back classic old school rhyming just makes it even more charming. Well, we do have to use the word ‘charming’, for it’s what it is. It’s hard-core, with the kind of ‘heft’ that we listeners deserve. Short, but sweet. Looking forward to the visuals soon.

RVNS – Life

London based, Parisians Clement and Julien, work hard everyday to make their music how they see fit. In ‘Life’, the beckoning to what possibilities of a love bloom could be. Let’s look at the stars above us, how still they are, and how beautiful we look together in this wonderful world. “You’re so beautiful.”

Ryn Weaver – Reasons Not To Die (demo)

Included in NGX: TEN YEARS OF NEON GOLD COMPILATION (Sept 28th), RYN WEAVER returns with a new single, continuing her way to your heart with wit and poignant salivation towards life. “Here’s to the ones who stuck in when they should’ve run, despite all of my ranting and raging so…” – RYN. She’s a puzzle, for sure. But we all dig her stuff. More to come.

cZar Brown ft IK – Reach

Do it now. What do you have to lose? Finish the beat. Finish the track. Go for your dreams, if you’re sick of just dreaming. You can do it. Just hunker down. When there’s that feeling of why you’re doing the things that you shouldn’t, then it’s time to move on. You have to. You need to – for your sanity. If you have the skills you want to show the world, you have to work hard. Harder. Even more. Reach out.

CameFromEAST – Lil Tunechi

Just F.U.N. Nice beats, drums, words that just hit on target. Also, the video is cool in a very minimalistic way. Love the shot of them on the roof. “I remembered what I used to get really hype for when Weezy would come on and the beat was straight DRUMS. The bass would slap and he would snap and this is something Rilla produced off our group project “BLIMP DREAMS” that really brought that back for me.” Party time, anyone??

ARIA & Vic August – Hangtime

ARIA & VIC combined forces again in ‘Hangtime’, after their previous EPs ‘2020’ and ‘Moncler’ hit strong.

Jordan Higo – Lock & Load

“In life you meet people you trust and people you don’t trust,” explains the new young artist. “I think the hardest part is when you find someone you really trust and you want to tell them things, but the voice in your head tells you to hold back and not submit to vulnerability. Vulnerability is too often compared to weakness. Being able to open up and let someone in, for me, is the complete opposite of that. Vulnerability is something that I struggle with. I guess this record was a manifestation of seeking confirmation, that should I let you in…can I rely on you for sure?” JORDAN HIGO’s debut single is powerful, soulful, dynamic, and gorgeous to listen to.

Cubgod – Ready

WTF. That’s what you say to yourself with the first word. It’s a good thing. This aggression is awesome, fun, serious, and comic in message. CUBGOD’s ‘Ready’ is catchy as heck. Rent, debt, work, making tracks – who can’t relate to this?!? We can. Love it. And the synth work in the background is fabulous. Very cinematic, in a weird way. No? We think so. Crisp production also is just fab.

Honors – Feel Better

Alt-R&B 4 piece band is fabulous. Just as crisp as the high-hat. Just as deep as the deepest blue ocean. ‘Feel Better’ is produced by the Toronto based band, for all of us who are deluged with social media. It’s what the world is. And can we manage it for our personal lives, as it engulfs every facet of it? Who knows. One thing’s for sure: HONORS is fab to listen to. Get in.

Jane Holiday – Something to Believe in

“I wrote this song with my friend Micah in Courtship. I think “Something To Believe In” is a response to feeling lost. I can’t imagine I’m the only one running around confused & disheartened that a post to the Internet is currently the most important & exciting thing going on in everyone’s lives. Is anything sacred any more?” JANE HOLIDAY will play Tarfest in L.A. on September 22nd.

Trevor Douglas – Take This Back

You just want to be in love with this single. YOU. HER. Holding hands. Pulling out the pastel of dreams, in that playground of life – together there’s nothing that can touch you. TREVOR DOUBLAS’ debut EP ‘Four In The Morning’ drops October 19th. Get your sneakers on, dance in the street, no one’s looking – promise.

6orn & Zaytoven – Ferragamo

Ferragamo is fabulous. No doubt. Tells you something about the person when that is draped over him. Nothing’s limited. It shouldn’t be. Just like this collaboration between 6orn & Zaytoven. Nice snaps, nice beats, nice chorus – what other can you ask for? Oh, yes: Ferragamo. That’s right, feel this Boston-meets-Atlanta vibe. Too nice.

Chris Grey – When I’m Gone

The build up is fabulous on CHRIS GREY’s ‘When I’m Gone’. The classic, ‘regret’ story telling that our relationships go through, Chris takes it to a different level of arrangement and strategic note placements. Quiet good. Quite full of tasty bits. The 17 year old producer is well on his way. Very much so. You can’t deny.

Seann Bowe – Self Medicated

SEANN BOWE is a song writing machine. Wiz Khalifa, Rehab, The Veronica’s, Weezer, Miyavi and more have depended on him to bring down the words that would bring down the house. Now he’s at it as a solo act. EMO. BROODING. POP. MUSIC. That’s what is demonstrated in ‘Self Medicated’. Torturing the self. Knowing what’s wrong. But like love, we can’t live without it for long.


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