515 POP-HIPHOP FOR YOU: On This Day, September 12th, Of 2018.

b.bassett – Critical

Wake up in the morning, have a bowl of cereal. I was drunk from last night’s events, and needed to sleep in. Was that a dream? Did that really happen last night? Did she really reveal to me that she wanted to be with me? I couldn’t process it that night. I was in shock. It was surreal. Why would she want to be with me? A nobody? “You’re not a nobody,” she told me, as I remembered bits from the night of my life. “You’re cute. You’re smart. And I’m really into you. Why don’t you believe me?” It was an 80’s movie come to life. So, I had my breakfast. I got dressed. Then at the front door, there she was. “Hey, you. Let’s walk together to school.” So, it was true. It wasn’t a dream. She was gorgeous, in every way. Watch this space for more of B.BASSETT.

Meresha – Game of Video

“Is life a “Game of Video”? Are we part of a simulation?” And we at CHF say: “Heck yea! Of course!” “Are we a simulation, Paul?” she asked of their state of relationship. “Don’t think so,” he replied. “Think deeper. Think harder, would ya?” MERESHA’s ‘Game Of Video’ seeks something we cannot find out with our current state of technology. We’re very limited in that fact, as a species. But the longing to know of our emotional soundness, within this ‘matrix’, is always poignant. For whether ‘simulation’ or not, it’s ALL that we know, so, our heartaches, stresses, love – are real. Let’s keep on tryin’, shall we? Let’s have a go.

Ray Volpe – Without You ft. Devin & Lydia

Bit of a dip into the dubstep side of the moon, but sometimes when you feel it, you feel it. And with RAY VOLPE’s ‘Without You’, we feel it (pointing), right here. You can’t see where we pointed (because this is a writing exercise) but you get the notion. RAY’s doing his thing and in his latest EP ‘All Emotion Allowed’ he delves into his deep seeded thoughts on love, heartbreaks, and everything in between. GO.

Snazzy Phade – Someone To Hold

SNAZZY PHADE is Adam D. Bennett. And this ‘lover of love’ wants to take over the world someday, with his music. Don’t they all? But with SNAZZY, his plan of world domination starts with that one touch. That touch to the heart, her skin, her mind – the one that silences you, in the middle of your sentence. It’s okay. It’s a snazzy situation. Yes. It sure is. ‘Someone To Hold’ brings its intrinsic ‘thought in progress’ kind of feel, where some time is needed for expressing your honesty and infatuation. She’ll understand, for she’s into you too.

Kuma Overdose – lofty. (part 1)

Chill-Soul. KUMA OVERDOSE won’t be the way you kick out of this terrestrial life. He’s the antidote. And ‘Lofty’ is that pill. It’s not that big. See there? Take a swig out of that glass of water. Better yet, get the bottle of coke out of the fridge. Now, take your pill. ‘Gulp’. Isn’t that better? The jazz induced chill-goodness is the latest from KUMA, and it’s the melancholic ride that you needed, right now to console your future broken heart. And it’s SO very fine. Kudos, Kuma. Kudos.

Audego – Disconnected

The duo AUDEGO. The fierce AUDEGO. Fire, in the best of places you’d want. It’s that fire within your belly, for her; for him. The thoughts will belie the pain. In that sun lit umbrella of the open sky, you dive into that pool of liquid passion. The pain subsides, just a bit. Let it sink in. Taste that liquid goodness – forever stamped in your mind. Reel it back – let the memories reel back to that time. Then realize the finality. You. Him. Her. Bon Voyage. AUDEGO is a Melbourne based duo of exceptional digital tastes.

FYE & FENNEK – Dark Lights

FYE’s vocals are so unique and therapeutic, in some ways. Weird, but true. ‘Dark Lights’ is the ‘chasing’ of your dreams, within dreams – following your expected anticipations for the future. In exchange, you must leave THIS point in life. Will you? Will you progress? Will you go forward? It’s very easy to see why FYE & FENNEK have been received so well. Their playful dramatics within the musical progressions are affable, and with the said uniqueness of FYE’s voice, it is a cocktail for a kind of sonic pop extravaganza. Deservedly so.

Dara – Liar

DARA’s ‘Liar’ is a blend of Nashville-pop that is beautifully presented by Dara’s vocals and sensibilities. The story of a ‘lying guy’ is aplenty. And when written and sung about it, it’s not about the other person, but all about your own heart and feelings. It’s a healing process that, in the most positive way, makes you stronger. “’Liar’ is about a guy that I dated briefly, who led me to believe he was more invested than he actually was…I wrote “Liar” to express how differently everyone is wired, and that expecting everyone to go about their lives with the same honesty and vulnerability as you do is a sure-fire path to disappointment.” DARA is a fabulous artist, with Americana and Pop as her pallet, we think she’ll be a bigger sensation, soon enough.

Potpourri of Pearls – Safer Time

POTPOURRI OF PEARLS will get you humming. And doing that awkward shoulder dancing that you do so well. The group combines pop, rock, and synth with the silky austerity that brings the full flavor of the steak of life, we all deserve. It’s juicy. It’s thick. And it’s ultimately nutritious to our bodies. ‘Safer Time’ is that nourishment we need to have – this moment – this time. Don’t despair. Don’t be lonesome. Tonight. It’ll be alright. Look out for their mix tape in November. It’s taken another 4 years to do this, but at least they’re here. And we’re excited to find out more about the new offering. Let’s do dis.

Taylor Page – Andromeda

“Listen and take a journey to find yourself while lost in the reaches of an unfamiliar galaxy.” That’s what TAYLOR PAGE states on ‘Andromeda’. We take it a step beyond: “It’s that first step. That first step to the actions of your futures desired.” Grasping in the soup of the dark matters of our little footprint – gasping, reaching, desperate. Urgently we survive, just to end with a whimper. Could this be it? Hope not. Let’s collide, galaxy with galaxy – in ourselves, without borders.

anton. – I Can´t Stop (Macchiato) feat HICARI

Delicious ain’t it? anton. is just so delectable, with the kind of music he produces. The Oslo / Bodø based artist debuted on the UK label, Black Butter, late last year. And his trek in the music game just keeps going at 100 mph. Now with the new ‘I Can’t Stop’ single featuring HICARI and distributed on Baked Goods Records, this fab journey continues. Just listen. Enjoy. Simple as that.

Anahita Skye – Gold

We’re off on this wonderland scraped up by the mental notes on your mind’s notepad. We are fictional, can’t you see? Don’t let this other than perfect life get in the way of what’s not. Don’t be pessimistic. Take what you have and make it the real thing that you seek it to be. Don’t shrink. Don’t let it detract you from what you are entitled. After all, you have her support. You can conquer all. ANAHITA is working on her 4th EP, set to drop Spring of 2019.

Kaycee Kersch – Hush

KAYCEE KERSCH’s ominous vocals makes this single ‘Hush’ what it can be. And what it is a beckoning in the height of a beautiful relationship, an underlying inkling of untold destruction and forthcoming emotional hurricanes. “Can it stay this good? It is different with you. Will this be it? Will I need to just keep silent and absorb what I know is coming?” Her latest album ‘Desolate’ is available now for you to contemplate about the now, and future.

Billy Fox – Echo

BILLY FOX is a Sydney based artist, who delights with electronic flavors by mixing the current with the classic. In ‘Echo’ begs the question of that moment of no return. It rings in your head. It is the calling of what bliss can be on that other side of the door. But what cannot be, after it is opened. You must go, however. There’s nothing else for you on this side of the fence. She’s waiting for you. Don’t let the moment slip away.

Tim Schou – Run Run Run Run Run

We chuckled when we heard this song, and then the music video. It’s brilliant. It’s fun. It’s what many of us do when we ‘shouldn’t. Emotionally detrimental. But urges have to be quenched, somehow. ‘Run Run Run Run Run’ is a fabulously paced pop single that takes some variant from country-folk music, mixing it up with doo-wop fun to keep the interest even further. Tim seems like a fab guy, and even better entertainer. He’s been doing his thing for a long time, and we can’t wait to be exposed to more of his outputs.

Monique Angele – Our Paradise

MONIQUE ANGELE’s voice is what makes her single ‘Our Paradise’ unique. The journey down that golden sidewalk, hand in hand with Monique would be a fabulous experience. It’s that run down Los Angeles wonderland that is easy to picture in this single. And why not? The uplifting vocals. The cinematic grace-land like presentation. The glitter of a musical. What’ not to like? The rock side of things glue it together to another level. It’s a mini-movie in a song, really.

Luna – Forest Song

‘Forest Song’ is LUNA’s single off of her debut EP ‘Nostalgia’. Its solum take on love and life, in general, is a massive undertaking for LUNA. However, with the witnessing of ‘Forest Song’ it is very much apparent that her message is about the positive of life. Things are better than they seem. The x-factor unaccounted is YOU. Your efforts, your energy, your knowledge, your gumption – is the biggest ingredient of all. It tilts the balance of power. It tilts towards you. You can do this. LUNA thinks so too.

Jeremy Zucker – comethru

Sultry gooeyness is what his eyes look like to you. You love it that way. The way he looks at you gets your motor going. It heats up quickly. His brown eyes, seek deep within your soul, and at the right time, you want to reveal it all. But not now. Soon, though. The Universal recompense for relegating the finest in emotional strains – “I love him, but can’t tell him yet,” she thought to herself. “I know what you’re thinking,” he said taking a sip from his tea cup. “Whatever.” He held out her soft hands, then kissed it gently. “Whatever you’d like, babe.”

Collectors Item – Games Bookstore

“This song is from the perspective of two doggos. The first is my own little guy, Koda Bear, who loves to chase the ball. The lyrics in the first verse reflect the exhilarating feeling of playtime. The outro section shifts in timbre to the perspective of another dog. I was walking a dog named Max. The owner told me not to play with him because he gets too excited and will bite. I immediately forgot this rule and started to play with the dog. Max bit me hard and I still have scars. But, in this song, Max is apologetic and begs for my forgiveness. I decided to depict Max in this light because I know that he is a good boy, and it was my own fault to trigger his primal play instincts.” Isn’t that description fun?? That’s from the artist, and we dig the premise to the hilt. Word.

Hawk And The Wild & Mistasy – Monkey

Starts bluesy. But wait. There’s more. Harmonica based dance electronica is the least you expect. But it happens. And in your bones, you love it. We did. The 90’s feel of the track is bouncy with a constant guitar extravagance that never leaves the scene. It sticks around. It’s there for you. Whether you’re there or not. Now, take that train ticket, and off you go to the next town. Don’t forget your sensibilities. You’ll need it. ‘Monkey’ is a collaboration between Mistasy and Swedish singer-songwriter Hawk and the Wild.


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