515 POP-HIPHOP FOR YOU: On This Day, September 13th, Of 2018.


There’s a time in my day, when I want to just scream. Not as frustration, but a love for love’s sake. I’m anchored in this dock, and the tide has rolled away. I’m waiting, in patience, and jest – for you. You to come and fulfill the harbor to my salvation. Where are you, I wonder. Where are you, I imagine. I’ve never met you, but I’ve always been there. Are you in the stars? Maybe the moon. It’s too far. Set me free. Kemal Pruscevic sings ‘Brave’.

Tilde – Are You Willing

‘Are You Willing’ is the 3rd single from TILDE’s upcoming debut album, which drops September 28th. Tilde has traversed many a continents, literally and figuratively, to get to where she’s at now. Starting her professional career at 19, then impaled for a long period with a debilitating illness – it’s been a hard fought battle. However, she is here now, energized, as ever before, bringing her audience with belting vocals and doo-wop induced modern soul in her musical heart. Tilde’s a tough cookie, and we dig her, fabulously.

CLARA-NOVA – Cold Water

Sydney Wayser is CLARA-NOVA, and she’s ready at the start line, again. As her debut EP ‘The Golden Age’ is set to release, she keeps us on that tippy-toe-dance-pop in ‘Cold Water’ where trying to evade the raindrops of her musings, is very difficult to accomplish. And that’s because ‘Cold Water’ is exactly the rainfall of guitar-drops and dollops of synth fascinations, you were looking for. Maybe you weren’t seeking it out, but we think deep inside you had that niggling feeling of ‘incompleteness’. Now you’re whole. You’re welcome.

Arkells – Relentless

Which band do you think we thought of when we first listened to ARKELLS’ single ‘Relentless’? INXS. Close your eyes. Listen to Max Kerman’s (frontman) vocals. The underlying strength, then the pop-goodness at top layers. Put on top of that, the rest of the arrangements, froth with fantastic teasings, from the story and from the tinge of 80’s blues edged pronouncements. No? Thought so. It’s a fun ride, and suffice it to say, you should be on this. ARKELLS’ upcoming album ‘Rally Cry’ drops October 19th.

Kelsy Karter – God Knows I’ve Tried

KELSY KARTER is popular for a reason. She’s a maverick. She’s a rebel. She’s a pocket-rocket of energy. She’s got the chops. Most of all, she beckons you with questions, sometimes belittling you, then slaps you, and you kinda like it. That’s because you have some limitations, within yourself (which you knew you had) that needed some tender loving and hard caressing. Kelsy might be the doctor for you. Blues, anthems, rock, and pop, all rolled up into one. Guitar work, always included. Word.

Stevie Zita – Moonlight Dancing

I’d asked you out the other day. Then surprisingly, you said yes. You replied, with a smile, too. That blew me away. Now, here we are, after my picking you up at your apartment. The ride was a bit awkward, and silent. My fault. I’m not clever like that. But you were very nice to make things comfortable. Anyway, at this restaurant, menus in hand, I ask, “The steak seems great here.” You replied acknowledgement. I hid behind the menu sheet, in embarrassment. Waiter comes, “What will you have this evening?” I point to you to order first, with an open palmed hand, and a smile. “I’ll have the steak, medium rare. Plus, would love the dessert menu, when you can.” I opened my eyes in surprise. She likes me. The evening was smooth, fun, and lovely after that. You are beautiful.

NAPKEY – Simone

NAPKEY is life, some would say. The fleeting moments, encapsulated in just several minutes. That is what they achieve again, with ‘Simone’. And we like that. The strength of NAPKEY is their lyrical representations for the mini-stories within. The waves of emotions from the protagonist, and in ‘Simone’, the key work is beautifully done, in reminiscent of Pet Shop Boys, and Erasure. The ‘calm’ washes over you, and everything seems ‘alright’ when things are seen from a different angle. Benjamin Cholet & Justine Rousseau are NAPKEY, and it’s lovely.

Deanna Devore – Effortlessly

‘Effortlessly’ is DEANNA DEVORE’s call to arms. The precipice of love. Once gravity takes hold, it’s hard to come back to ground zero. The pull is too great. The pull is never enough. You just need more. Of his skin, his scent. Of her eyes, her gaze. It all tolls a deep impression. ‘Effortlessly’ is a smooth and soothing sonic cauldron, waiting to be pierced and envelope a love that is white hot, underneath. Listen to Deanna’s voice. Listen to Deanna’s longing. She knows you want to be there. Don’t let it subside.

Osvaldo (feat, Keegan Hayes) – Lonesome

He just wants to have some fun. With you. Today. Tomorrow. Meet him at the corner shop, get some 7-11 slurpys and shoot the breeze. Laughing out loud, in the Los Angeles sun, making out with the cold drinks on the curb. Taking a ride down west coast, visiting the beaches, of there are many. Sunsets from day one, to the last, skinny dipping, when the public was gone. Enjoying lobster dinners, with old and new friends, making fun of each other, in jest. Thinking how cute she is. How cute he is. Rolling down the days of summer, like it was your last. OSVALDO just wants to have some fun with you.

Ayyuh J – No Peace (feat. Daywu Xinjia & Christina Lyon)

What happens when you can’t find calm and peace? It’s about your insides, isn’t it? It’s about your mental state and thoughts. It’s about your environment, and how you continue to interact. Hard to say. Everyone has an independent method or switch, in their head, when that self-induced torture can end. Or it maybe never will. Can you really ‘exist’ with that kind of perpetual weight on your shoulders? AYYUH’s ‘No Peace’ put a proposal on the table. No solutions. But it starts that conversation. And maybe, conversations is a positive direction to absolution. James Paxton and Jared Mcgill is AYYUH J.

Black Bear Whisper – Exit the Dragon

BLACK BEAR WHISPER is naughty. The duo setup consists of Danish chanteuse Kat Boelskov and London-based producer/multi-instrumentalist Unfamed. Although they’ve never met face to face, they’d created a fabulous project and brings successfully to the fore, their take on emotional rollercoasters and landmarks, in life. Now, after a chance meeting on the Internet, Kat and Unfamed, work on the ‘dark’, ‘cynical’, ‘wary’ – materials conducive to your naughty senses, and deepest personal fears. Oh yea.

Paradise Saints – Medicine feat. Shwayze

What do you do if she doesn’t accept your confessions towards her? Are you then and there, destroyed? Or do you continue to survive and thrive? Well, not at that instance. Does become a challenge, for sure. Can she be a light of inspiration, without being formally together? That’s kinda creepy. But it does make you feel, vicariously, better in a way. It gets you through those days to seek brighter opportunities. In ‘Medicine’ the gang in PARADISE SAINTS make an argument for love. And that ‘she’ is the element that makes the world go round. We’re sure we’ve all had that situation before. It’s an interesting premise. You never know. Maybe she’ll turn around.

d.c.R. Pollock – Hysterical Parade

D.C.R. POLLOCK is a regular on our list, it seems. And why? Because he brings the heat that we love to toast our marshmallows on. The pop intuitions slathered over the lyrical works on ‘Hysterical Parade’ should convince you that this is true. We humans are funny. And on any occasion, we think of multiple thoughts. Not any different for DCRP. “I wrote this song the day after my brothers wedding. He was the first of my siblings to get married and and it happened just as I graduated high school. It was kind of an “end of an era” moment for me. One of those moments that gets you reflecting on the past and kinda terrified for the future.” Heck, we do the same thing at CHF =D

Taylor Grey – Back to Bite

“I’m here. I’m going nowhere.” Can’t move an immovable object, right? Like million year old boulders. Like mountains. Like the Earth. And like her will. The others might be able to be moved by nature, but her will is something extraordinary. She’s a lovely gal, beautiful in every way, courteous like the dickens – but she is a Marine assassin, protecting what she deems honorable. And she thinks SHE is honorable, and YOU won’t get to her in that negative tone. She won’t have it. Deep inside, you agree. And at that instance, you’ve lost the battle. TAYLOR GREY beyond her 21 years on this Earth, is out to do her thang – and that’s making her brand of music. She has high goals. Let’s find out where she leads us from here.

Steve Aoki & Nicky Romero – Be Somebody Feat. Kiiara

KIIARA on this single ‘Be Somebody’ is fab. Well, it’s always true when such vocals come into play. Attraction and interest are foremost points that we look for in this kind of style of pop, and we’re always melted away when the combination of the right vocal collaborations comes through. We all know Steve and Nicky to do their thang, and we celebrate with them on songs like this. There are lots of horrible dancers (CHF included) that needs inspiration. Let’s keep it going =D

Beard Bates – Dominoes in Fire

BEARD BATES, as we’d mentioned in another review, is always on the fine line of pure pop and indie. Never know what you get from this fabulous amalgamation of talent. In ‘Dominoes In Fire’ (off of the upcoming album ‘The World Is Blown’), BB’s rate of oddness is catapulted to a range above the stratosphere. But, as always, the ‘normalcy’ is evident in his lyrics and that my friend, is where BB live and thrives. The words drive it home, and they perpetuate the notion of life and the wrangling sorrows we face day to day. Sorrows BB faces, day to day. And that feeling of acclaim, for those private thoughts we harness, being crystalized through BEARD BATES, makes it affable and accessible. We know we’re not alone. You shouldn’t either. BB is here.

Kompowsky – The Feeling Is Right

Alright. It’s almost at the end of the week. What you gonna do? You know exactly what you’re going to do. Get pumped up for the Friday festivities. Get your Michael Jackson vibes feathered. Get KOMPOWSKY’s brand of nudisco, up in your noggin, and let it simmer. Your joints start moving. Then your limbs start moving. “What the…?!” Be cool, man. Let the flow take you over. It’s cool, being cool. You have steps in front of your apartment complex? “Whoa! They’re lighting up when I step on them, one by one!” Heck yea, man. Heck yea. Drive safely though, look both ways.

The Bad Dreamers – California Winter

LYRICS: “I drew a heart on your name on your back seat window pane. You might not see it for weeks unless we finally get some rain. I try not to think of you but I’m afraid that it’s not possible. You fill the air I breathe, you are the light I see.” Beautiful ain’t it?? David Schuler is THE BAD DREAMERS, and his injection of the 80’s pop infatuations, in this wholly modern take on love and ‘coming of age’, is both sentimental and dynamic. ‘Sincerity’ makes it what it is. In this style of pop, and in this single from THE BAD DREAMERS. It’s easy to think of that golden haired vixen in your 80’s dreams. And digging this, is fabulously natural.

Grzegorz – Nuclear Option

On October 26th, GRZEGORZ’ new album named ’33’ will drop. And in the best tradition of David Bowie and David Byrne narrative styles, exploration of the ‘delicateness’ of human existence is expedited within this single ‘Nuclear Option’. There are options, there are tracks to each decision made. There are always consequences to each decision. Small or large, but they exist. Cost is sometimes unseen, and undetermined. The unknown factor is how the receiver of that decision, will react – form – deform. Every decision should be done with care and thought.

FAANGS – Love Fast Die Young

Let’s love one another, she said. I replied that, it was a great idea by kissing her. She liked it. I loved it. We’d never kissed this passionately before. Her effort was tremendous. She held me around my neck, as I held her around her small of her back. She was so beautiful. I’m sure she thought the same with me. As our hands roamed around our bodies, exploring and clutching, we were dazed. At least I was dazed. The full impact of us, in this setting, in our little world – was exhilarating. But what now? Where do we go from here? What happens to our future together? “Don’t think about the far future, Jack. Think about me. At this moment. Kiss me.” FAANGS’ debut EP is available now.


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