515 POP-HIPHOP FOR YOU: On This Day, September 14th, Of 2018.

Neon Valley – Valley Girl

‘Valley Girl’ is so fun. It’s what we needed on this Friday. We danced. Really, we did. Our shoulders were shimmying like nobody’s business. NEON VALLEY is just getting started, and we’re so glad they are doing this for people with less than ample dancing skills. Don’t run, Vick said. It’s just that your legs have a mind of their own, and you just don’t want to face-plant and crack a tooth. “But I don’t care.” See what we mean? Good sh*t.

Cam Be – Miracles

Cam Be is a film director, photographer, musician, DJ and music producer. And ‘Miracles’ is Cam Be’s first music video from his album ‘7 Steps to 7’. The self directed music video is of the positive vibe we sometimes need to push us doing what we have to do to survive, and thrive the best as we can. Be serious, be silly, be productive, be tempestuous, be righteous, be kind – CAM BE wants you do just be the best you can be. Strive.

Friends At The Falls – Graffiti

“Graffiti” is the third single off of the upcoming record “Wild In Our Ways EP” that is set to be released later this year.

Vallkyrie – My Way

Sometimes it’s just not the way it was meant to be. Acceptance, get you far. Then you can traverse the gap between the past and the future. Cut that line to the anchor. Take flight. To do so, your wings must be freed. Will you do that? The key is with you. Only you can do so. Strength to do so, is within you. You are the answer. You can do so. Say it. “I can do it.” Yes. Their sophomore EP is to drop late 2018.

ZOLA – Blue

Zola Johnson is ZOLA. The jazz infused soul stirring single ‘Blue’, is off of the upcoming debut EP, set to drop this Autumn. The vocals of Zola is the heart tugging eventuality, we are so afraid of. With the right moment, in front of our lives – we get skiddish. We pause. We think too much. We drop the ball. The opportunity fades away. But sometimes, and with maturity, we know how better to alleviate those chances of a life time. The time is now.

The Motion Epic – Ulterior Motives

Relationships falter from the first white-lie. Down this slippery slope, we destroy the good things that come with a great relationship. She’s there for you. Why sabotage? He’s there for you. Why can’t you start from ‘trust’? But it’s not that easy when you’d been tricked before. It hurts ‘less’ if you ‘hit them’ first. That’s fair in war, isn’t it? Then why get into ANY kind of relationship, then? What’s the purpose? What’s your purpose? The end-game isn’t really palatable, with only heartache for you and the other. So, let’s start afresh – give it a shot with giving face value. THE MOTION EPIC’s expected to drop his new EP on October 26th.

Seed X Nottz – The Devil’s in The White House

Statement on our current social and political affairs? Ya think? ‘The Devil’s In The White House’ is a decade by decade take on how things are being handled in the U.S. from SEED X NOTTZ’ perspective. You can’t help get into the rhythm though, with the choral backup vocals, and the strong vocals of the duo, make this a fabulous thump for that extra juice you need throughout the day. The world is very contentious, but at least we can recognize the goodness of this fabulously produced single.

Ribai Zion Mesha – IDK

The spoken word constructed and displayed by Ribai Zion Mesha (Ribai Heljanan) is fabulous. ‘IDK’ brings the rhythm and strength, we deserve as listeners. The old school denominations within the song strongly contrasts the subject of the matter at hand, and that, in itself, provides the background for the summation RZM depicts. Random, nope. Focused, yep. Have a go with this talented rapper from the Netherlands. You might dig.

All Follows Eve – Young & Dumb

Noel Raye, Angie Grayfox, and SirDwight met. Then born was ALL FOLLOWS EVE. And with ‘Young & Dumb’ an anthem of sorts was born for lessons learned and/or to be learned for folks like you and all of us. Take the day as it is today, and live it to the full. It probably is not the direction we should be taking. But it can be reversed. Have trust in yourself. Have strength in yourself. Take responsibility, but go 100%. No regrets.

Cooper Phillip – Speak in Tongues

“I believe we underestimate ourselves often and our fear takes over. My goal is to show people that they are stronger and can do much more then they think they can,” she admits. And we agree. That’s with everyone. Some digest that fear better. Some do not. COOPER PHILLIPS is a woman with a purpose to her music. She wants to add to that conversation for empowerment. She’s your best cheerleader, and she’s there for you. Live through CP. Love like CP. Exist like you mean to.

ALYA – Puppet Strings

Listen to ALYA’s chorus in ‘Puppet Strings’. It’s beautifully sung, but the twist at the end of each chorus makes it that juxtaposition what we hooked on to. ALYA brings the hook heavy ethereal thought process to a refreshing take into a single, a lyrical construction, and entertainment. It’s quite a mash-up of genres, as she calls it. We whole-heartedly agree, with two thumbs up. Let’s see what she comes up with next.

Lil Jinro – Love Life

‘Love Life’ is the title lead single off of his latest EP. Yes. Loving and being loved, takes work. But there often is that beautiful part of the relationship, we always want to exist – forever and ever. But it doesn’t. And that’s what we are as human beings. We’re hard-wired to be this way. The courtship ends, and the serious planning phases begin. Accountability, on both sides, must commence. In a more positive light, if we come out of this phase alive, our relationship becomes stronger – forged in fire and many arguments. It’s a horrible part of the relationship. Not all survive this valley. The arrows of cupid, turn into poison darts. We die. Figuratively, of course. Then we live once more. We always do. Watch out for LIL JINRO. Get surprised.

Royal Teeth – It’s Just The Start

“‘It’s Just The Start’ is very personal for me. Last year, I went through a period where I lost confidence in myself. I needed to be reminded that it’s alright to not be alright sometimes,” said Gary Larsen. “I had to take a moment to remind myself of my value. This song is an expression of those feelings. Creatively, it feels like we’re starting over, but we think it’s the beginning of something special.” We sure feel that way too. We heard that ‘primal scream’ in ‘Its Just The Start’, and we were ‘IN’. We think you should join us. Word.

DEELYLE – Little Too Late

Little rock. Little house. Little soul. DEELYLE’s ‘Little Too Late’ is about being what you do the best. It’s a warning to you, to us, to the public. It can be revived. The situation can be salvaged. It must. For you two are meant to be. You must realize that fact. Dig deep inside your heart. Don’t let the white noise of life get in the way. She needs you. You need her, more.

Blesd – Gratitude

BLESD is Lily Elise (Lils), Ayo Awosika, Jeremy Lawrence, and Brock Pollock. Uplifting, love, and affection for life and for the lives nearby, is what BLESD is all about. Taking the cues of r&b and soul from the 90’s, the band has fabulously tapped into what we all want from such a delectable musical presentation. ‘Gratitude’ is all positive, and will get you up to that start line of where you’re trying to achieve. They will cheer you on. Get on board. Let the music help you. Let’ BLESD help you get to that finish line.

Nightseason – Dying In The Heat

‘Dying In The Heat’ is off of NIGHTSEASON’s 5-track debut EP. “‘Dying In The Heat’ is about getting caught up in the routine of a relationship,” continued Nightseason. “It’s about how much people will give just to remain in their comfortable routine of a relationship even though it may not be worth it in the end and leaving for someone who will appreciate and value them more might be the better option.” Double edged sword, ain’t it? The comfort of a the every-day, versus seeking greener pastures. But will you stay until it explodes? Or leave before the final nuclear reaction? That’s up to you. The consequences will be many.

HoneyChrome – Boomerang

If you think about it, we’d all had experiences like it is depicted in HONEYCHROME’s ‘Boomerang’. Internal narration is what gets us in the situation we really didn’t want to be, or foresaw. As older adults, we can deal with this better. But in high-school, for example, it’s harsh. It’s the end of the world if not handled correctly, right? It’s cute, in hindsight. But tragic, at that moment. In the whole, we agree the premise of ‘Boomerang’ is the right observation. Made a good impression for her to witness? Yes. Then she’ll get back with you. Can’t force it. Maybe reminder her, here and there, but you must do the ‘soft-sell’. You can do it. Chad is HONEYCHROME, and we dig his ventures in storytelling.

nicopop. – Start Again (ft. Tyler Mann)

NICOPOP. is fabulous. And the chorus in ‘Start Again’ is so fun. It’s what you want from saccharine pop, if you want it that sweet. Dance, sing, brood, smile, laugh, shout – this is what NICOPOP. is all about. The output is fantastic and it should be in your rotation. Here’s how he describes himself and influences: “Growing up in the heyday of Britney Spears and inspired by today’s Poppy, Kim Petras, and Lil Miquela, nicopop. has fused a born-on-the-Internet aesthetic with an exciting sound.” Word, and kudos.

closed doors – all night

“The song is based on the frustration that someone feels about how much they want to work for the relationship to work out, but the other party being indecisive and hard to deal with in a situation that is already messed up. The plot builds upon a relationship that has been good, but is starting to see it’s darker days” says the duo. ‘All Night’ stupendously brings the emotions recalling the nights of passion and subsequent tell-tale signs of degredation. But you persist. You trudge forward. You try your best to fix it. At least you tried 100%. Shivan and Julian’s narrations of truth and honor, highlights their oh so, ‘neon-gorgeous’ of a rendition.

juxa – Dark Times

JUXA wants YOU to hold his hand. Through the wilderness of love and the fantastic wonders of human interactions, he drives the conversation forward to when she first left. ‘Dark Times’ is heartbreak. Heartbreaks are minimal. Minimal when it’s not the way it should be – the fairytale should be how we’d whispered to each other. It never came true. So, what do we do now? Will you leave me? Stay with me. Let’s hold hands, and ride this out. The storm is only temporary. JUXA is based in Finland. His debut album ‘ARCTICBOY’ drops this fall.


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