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515 POP-HIPHOP FOR YOU: On This Day, September 2nd, Of 2018.


The heart plays as it wants, no matter how much we try to discipline it. When she arrives, we’re nothing. When she arrives, your discipline disintegrates like sand in a hurricane. When she arrives, your animal instincts explode to the surface. You’re toast. Now your soul is in the hands of fate. Milla Sunde & Marlow Bevan are the dynamic duo of TGC and they are a a force of musical nature, and you just can’t help but listen. So go ahead – listen. Go with the flow. Be kind. Be love.

Seattic – Young

“Live your life to the fullest, now – for the ‘here & now'” Let your hair down, long and brown, toss them around, and hug your best friends. Smile and damn the adjunct rules. Kiss the one next to you – your lover, your pal, your rock. Hug them with all your might. Do it now – often. Seattic is a solo project of Adrian Osman and in his treats like ‘Young’ his opinions go off into the psyche of nonchalance and decadence – hinged in responsibilities and expectations. You should rock on with his digital gems.

Strong Asian Mothers – All I Do

The band states: “When writing the lyrics I had a recurring image in my head of someone alone in a flat, half losing their marbles. Of this person having a sense of being haunted, of having an excess of odd energy in them, of time passing by (badly spent), and, of course, taking regular trips to the kitchen sink for top ups from that tap.” Kinda like a description of regular life, no? Word. Listen to S.A.M. and enjoy the blended textual contrasts and layered old school lyrical antics.

Sam Way – Hard Feelings

Sam’s focus is about talking with you, one-on-one. And just like talking in that way, it’s sometimes hard to get our bearings before the conversation rolls. You look at her. She looks at you. A serious discussion is awkward with a lover. Especially when it’s not a positive dose of reality between the two. But some things need to be done. SAM WAY is on your side. Take a deep breath. He’s here to guide you into this part of the relationship. It’ll be worth it. The ‘dark’ needs the ‘light’, in order for new chapters to be traversed together. You. Her. The future.

RIM – The Heist

Love productions like ‘The Heist’. Taken from reality or only from the mind of the artist, story telling, whether you’re on one side or the other, is at its core – story telling. And put it up against the backdrop of old school rap stylistics, it is a kernel of fun and entertainment. Brownsville’s RIM of Da Villins drive the point of the music home, with delectable horns and deprecating lyrics that you can’t help but love as a combination. ‘The Heist’ is a part of a two song single, with the next being available Sept 7th.


‘Scar’ is from Ireland’s own SEARLS, and the soaring synth-pop deliciousness says ‘Told you so’ to our doubting heart – which wants to love again. Don’t be lonely. You don’t need to be lonely. Even if there are many thing that could be ‘negatives’ from a relationship, there are far more ‘positives’ that can alleviate that trepidation you might possess. We say, ‘get scarred’, but don’t get ‘scared’. SEARLS would approve your new ambitions. ‘Scar’ is the first track from the upcoming 4 track EP ‘Imprisoned’ (October).

3 One Oh – I Want it

Recommendations. Suggestions. Opinions. Remedies. There are so many, and sometimes you don’t know how to absorb so many, all at once. But we have faith in you. You can do it. “I want this,” you tell yourself of your goals. “I deserve it; the Universe needs to give me a fair shot.” So you go, and do it. Easy. Not really. But everything starts with that ‘first step’, no?

Kelli-Leigh – Can’t Dance (Music Video)

With production like KELLI-LEIGH’s latest ‘Can’t Dance’, you must be ‘dead’ inside if you don’t approve. The formula is dynamic, beautiful, and it’s what electro-dance-pop does for your senses again, and again. “You and I often argue, and sometime life is difficult. But going on can’t be done the way it’s been, without you being there with me and by my side. Life isn’t right, without you. Stick with me. I’ll stick with you.” Kelli-Leigh states: “I’m so proud to be putting out ‘Can’t Dance’. It’s a fusion of styles with the ballad entry point building into a satisfying dance drop, balancing emotion and beats. I’ve co-produced the record and produced the entire campaign and visuals around the release, it’s very much a product of my creativity and the growth of me as a Solo artist.” Coolness, for sure.

DreamStates – Silhouette

“Addictive as a cigarette”. And that’s what we feel DREAMSTATES’ single ‘Silhouette’ is like. Have that first puff in high-school. Don’t like it? But all of a sudden 10 years down the line, you’re puffing away a pack a day. That habit is bad for you, you say to yourself. But you do nothing about it. And that’s because it’s got your hooks in you. That’s what DREAMSTATE is like. Unassuming, and so cool, with synth and fun vocals, and production that gets you jumping around automatically. Weird. But we accept it. We’re adults. Get to know this Ohio originating band. No peer pressure (just a little).

Dreamware1987 – Beige

CHF rarely does ‘instrumentals’. But with the sub-genre of synth-wave, we have a soft spot. Why? It’s a strictly framed category where 80’s synth meets, 80’s ‘neon’ like horns, guitars, and ‘Miami-Vice’ like pastel dreams. And we always dig that. ‘Beige’ is a single from DREAMWRE1987 and it’s a short and succinct ‘dream within a dream’ cascading and saluting those nights on the beach, the warm breeze, and the touch of your beloved. We think that’s cool. Simply that.

Fiona Grey – Dirty Dream

Somebody say ‘Party Song’??? Heck yea. FIONA GREY’s single ‘Dirty Dream’ is about…you know…dirty dreams, apparently. However, the delivery of the song to our ears and then to our nerves, and then to our brain says that, ‘love’ is a fair game. And that no matter what the ‘spin cycle’, often times, it’s the same ‘repeat’. Detergent then, fabric softner please! Fiona’s a performance-artist and we think you should know a bit more about her, if you haven’t already. Her vocals are unique and ‘raunchy’, but in the most interesting ways. It’s a good thing.

Chris Jobe – Backwards

It was opportune time when we listened to CHRIS JOBE’s single ‘Backwards’. We just had a thought about ‘going backwards’ just a bit ago. And we ‘literally’ were going backwards (we were riding on an amusement ride), when she broke it off. The giant pretzel, to be precise. Who does that?? And without any regard for the supposed ‘love of her life’ at the most romantic carnival in New Jersey?? Well, Chris Jobe reminded us to simmer down, for things ain’t that serious and ‘world ending’. It’s better than you think, and after the pretzel episode, we tend to agree with Chris and his lyrical joy. Thanks Chris! Oh, and he’s working on his next album. Enjoy ‘Backwards’ until then.

THAT KIND – Desire

THAT KIND states: “‘Desire’ is about the emotional journey through a complicated and contradicting relationship. You hate each other, you love each other. You want to be together but you want to be alone. No matter what, there will always be a sense of desire for the other person.” Contradictions and threats to a relationship is always a danger. But ultimately, the love for one another smooths things over. It’s better, in a minute. The world becomes tolerable with her, with him in the picture. THAT KIND is a UK electro-pop duo and ‘Desire’ is scrumptious to the ears as your first kiss with the lover next to you. “Hi lover. Kiss me again.” The taste, over powers both of you. Let THAT KIND over power you.

Ellie Rose – Naked

ELLIE ROSE sings ‘Naked’. Whatever do you think she means? We have a guess. (1) It’s not always about ‘skin’, (2) it’s ALL about ‘skin’, (3) it’s about revealing your ‘soul’ to the other, (4) it’s what we all think when we want another. Well, okay. All of these reasons are about going ahead and hitting home – in the mind and physically. Nothing wrong with that! Heck we all do it! Anywho, the single is prominent because of Ellie’s trademark coyness in her natural vocals. The playfulness is unmistakable, and sexiness comes with the territory. Bet ‘summery’, get ‘drenched in sun’.

SINNAH – Angry Ex

Life dictates, as it goes along. Not all people you come across will be good to you. Could start well, but ends devastatingly. So, what can we do? One thing we can do is to write about it, dance about it, sing about it. “Get it out of your system,” some say. And maybe you should. Things look twisted and against you. But just try harder. You can crack open the safe of trepidation, and take control of your ’empowerment’. You can. SINNAH’s a pop artist from Sweden and sings about many challenges of relationships. Remember her name.


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