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515 POP-HIPHOP FOR YOU: On This Day, September 3rd, Of 2018.

Disco Shrine – Up in the Air

“ parents immigrating to America after the Iranian revolution. It’s symbolic of … all of the hardships they had to endure before and after getting on that plane, but most importantly all of the possibilities they had waiting on the other side. This music video is just a small glimpse into the many lives of immigrants who have a fighting chance at following their dreams and aren’t taking that for granted. Jessica Delijani (Disco Shrine) has returned with ‘Up In The Air’.

Ace. – Love Wasn’t That Strong

ACE. proclaims that this is part of his ‘first full project as an independent artist’. Oh Yea? Interesting. Because we thought this was your sophomore album effort. It’s hooky, strong, accessible, and could be a great fit for any rotation in that device. We’ll be looking forward to more. Oh, and if you have time, go listen to his single ‘Taste For Sale’. Also, his latest 10 song album ‘Somewhere By The Sea’ is available now.

Color Theory – The Future You Is Forever

This is COLOR THEORY’s debut synth-wave album, and in ‘The Future You Is Forever’ is affectionate, caress-able like new-wave, and is delicately constructed with fundamentally fabulous vocals to glue all together. Brian Hazard is the creator of COLOR THEORY, and from what we know of this single, his album ‘The Majesty of Our Broken Past’ will be fantastic in every way. It has to. He’s ‘poured his heart’ in for this publication. We haven’t heard synth-wave with this kind of refreshing take on it, for a long while. The strength is the vocals and lyrics of Brian. It all flows from there. Looking forward to doing a larger review on a single soon.

Sam Rhythm – Broken

Time makes things a little gray. So, there are times we just need to focus on the ‘here and now’. Keep it fresh. Keep it new. So, maybe getting into a serious ‘love’ entrenched relationship wouldn’t be a good idea. Is it though? The heart will tell you, what you need to know. It’s being honest. Maybe you’re just pretending not to be vulnerable. Well, who knows. Only the finest experiential capacity can really give you that final analysis. As a philosopher named ‘Rascal Flatts’ once said: “Life is a highway. I wanna ride it all night long. If you’re going my way. I wanna drive it all night long.” Guess we’ll just need to see where it leads.

Emmy Law – Fairyland

You can feel it in every part of a new relationship. That ‘tipping point’. The point where you can’t go back to the place where you’re just being cordial and friendly. Once crossed, the bridge behind you will disappear. You two will now be forever be in that zone for lovers. You kiss. You savor. You memorialize. Your heart’s lock is opened. Her beautiful eyes gaze at you, as you gaze at her. The deepening forecast in the matters of the heart, is crystalized in that one beautiful second. No walking away now. So, live it. Cherish your being, together. Anguish over not being together, always. Look forward, and walk towards that horizon, with every expectation shielded and nurchured – hand in hand.

The Faim – A Million Stars

‘A Million Stars’ is off of the 6 tracks EP ‘Summer Is A Curse’. This particular single is an anthem for love and what lovers go through, and for why they got into that beautiful predicament, in the first place. It’s a reminder to us, in relationships, that things were different and maybe, in a small way, we should look back and smile. Where we were. How it used to be. Why not. Giving it a shot, shouldn’t hurt. Because after all, we’re all worth it, no?

Fourth Man – We Don’t Travel We Escape

‘We Don’t Travel We Escape’ is FOURTH MAN’s debut Single. Life is a powerful inspiration – for good and for bad. But it’s a battle everyday to be positive. We have our bad patches. That is inevitable. But it’s about coming back from that depth. Reaching deep. Reaching deeper, in order to win that daily battle, again and again. For the result of the war depends on you. You can fold, or dance. Well, not exactly ‘literally’ dance, but get up and fight another day. You must. You must do it. For you, for her, for him. Live.

Lui Peng – No Rush

Oh, stop. She’s gushing. You got it. She’s ‘yours’. Oh, then pull the play back a bit. Let the anticipation build and build. You can take it. But will she be able to? It’s take a week of gentlemanly interactions. He’s been doing his best for a week. He’s about to burst, as am I. But we can’t at the moment. Can’t look too much in a rush. But he looks so cute. I can’t wait to drape him with my love tonight. Done.

Fifi Rong x LO – The Crown

Fame. Fortune. Glory. All humans have these desires. Just that some have it in trace amounts. And some have more than they can spare. Like any ‘desire’, we are left with decisions that always come with some kind of consequences. COST is the ultimate addition to life’s ‘education’. Some learn. Some don’t. It’s how we all live and have built civilizations. Now, is it your turn? Is it ours? Can it come true? And how will you conduct your journey, to that ultimate prize? It’s your fruit to taste.

HoneyChrome – Cashing Out

Despair is desperation in action. The opportunity is to do something about it. Either that or do nothing – doing the same. Then there’s zero progress. Can never escape that enclosed box. It’s okay to want to live better than you are now. But there has to be a start. The first step. That hard fought entry into being even more uncomfortable. It will be a hurricane, before the gentle warmth returns. You can do it. Do it. Focus. HONEYCHROME represents Brooklyn. And his message of ‘action’ versus bing ‘inactive’ to the plights of self, is something to take home. Simmer babe. Simmer.

Andreas Pistolelis – Sirens

“This song tells the honest truth of how it was to follow my own voice. Being stripped of my voice my whole childhood, this song represents the truth that was not allowed to be told. For the last 5 years I’ve tirelessly developed my sound and I have for a long time felt a need to tell my story.” Andreas’ new upcoming EP will continue to help him ‘tell his tory’. Roar, Andreas. Roar.

Kid Akeem – Star Light

Going after what you want. That statement’s color and demeanor changes once you know you have a certain limitation in life. Or in this case, KID AKEEM was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) and it’s intrigued him to be faster, creative, more innovative as he ever was. Doing it action is the best for others to emulate, but it’s a larger, more meaningful promise to one-self. That’s the more important part of it all. Because it doesn’t start until you promise and follow through, with results TO and FOR yourself, first. ‘Star Light’ is a whimsical delight to the masses, constructing images of desires and wants; then penetrating the deep layers of challenges for that elusive victory. Live step at a time, and build with results. Not anecdotes and unfulfilled rhetoric. KID AKEEM’s mixtape ‘Playgound’ is available now.

Kid Kev – Feelings

Relationships just come with baggages. Just natural. We are adults and going through life, we experience and for good or bad, our brains get imprinted with memories that help us make future decisions. Doesn’t make things any easier. Doesn’t make anything any more satisfying. Doesn’t make any break-up intellectually acceptable. But we must. We must move on. Relationships can be a big life-changer. But sometimes, they have fallen apart, because it wasn’t a good fit. Start again. Rev that engine, once more. Sing. Then try love again.

Snazzy Phade – Shot Taker

SNAZZY PHADE (Adam D. Bennett) has a chip on his shoulder. He has goals. Far off goals he’s been eyeing, must come realized. That’s his doctrine. And from what we hear from ‘Shot Taker’, it won’t be long when part of his dream will come forth. Having a chip is always a motivation. It IS the motivation. Work it carefully. Work it smooth. Take it to new heights. Take calculated chances. Make it yours.

Matt Hylom – Headspace

“Look. You pull that jig, to make complete that circle.” She wasn’t sure. He was frustrated. That planet was cold, but the two engineers were all alone, and had to depend on each other’s intelligence. Unfortunately, they had one thing that was getting in the way. They were in love with each other. In the deep space of the Universe, and with hundreds of thousands of kilometers traveled, the meanings and contradictions of the heart came into question. It was the key to their mission’s success, or doom. “I love you,” she said. “And nothing can change that.” He nodded, witnessing her seriousness and plea for them working together from now on. “I read you, beautiful. I read you.” The Universe, from then on, had nothing on them. MATT HYLOM is a singer/songwriter from Charlotte, North Carolina.


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