515 POP-HIPHOP FOR YOU: On This Day, September 6th, Of 2018.

Rachael Cantu – Love Rush (Official Video)

“This is the first time I’ve appeared in any of my music videos (although covered from head to toe). The feeling behind this song is that electric moment when you meet, when you connect, maybe even say “Hey, I know you…” knowing full well you’ve never met this person in your lifetime. LGBTQ themed.” Word, Rachael. Word.

Baja Ajax – Commercial District

“Animated by Paul Plastic, the video illustrates humankind’s struggle both to understand the nature of their desire and to explain that which they do not understand to their curious children.” BAJA AJAX’ ‘Commercial District’ is distinct, occupied, jazz-infused inter-Universality for what is smooth and right about YOU, ME, US, in this dang world.

Benny Mayne – Devil In A Dress

What do you do to me? Do you know what you do to me? No. That’s disappointing. I’ll tell you what you do to me. You destroy me. Every time you tempt another. Why do you do this? You torture me. You do this on purpose. Is it just for fun? It’s not fun for me. You trying to drive me away? Guess you are. “I’m not.”

Eden Iris – Demons

You’re like quicksand. I’m about to commit. To you. To what, and how you are. To us. What we can build and should build together. To a lifetime of friendship and team-spirit, towards a better and wider horizon. Possibilities and surprises will be the reward for our hard work in the final house that is built. Our hands callused. But not hurting, because of the ecstasy. Nothing can touch us. Will you commit? Let me drown in your quicksand. It’s okay. As long as we do so, together, hand in hand. EDEN IRIS’ new album ‘Demons’ is out now.

Annabel Lee – Go Girl

Girl power anthems can’t exist more enough. Clumsy sentence? Yes. Because we were rushing to state it. If you think about we always need to a more aware of what girls can do. It’s not cliche to encourage. It’s not cliche to tell them they are worth more than what the other sex says. It’s not cliche to tell them they are worth more than what the same sex tells them. We, as humans, have it hard in this, sometimes unforgiving world. Think of your mother. Your sister. Your niece. We sure do. Be strong. Be stronger. You can.

Kirby Forest – Esco

“After that studio session, I bought one of those cheap USB microphones and started a Youtube channel. I practiced my flow by rapping on other artists’ tracks, and in order to get views, I named the videos stuff like ‘official song’ and ‘official instrumental’. I mean, it worked, I got views. Some people got mad, but a lot of people actually gave me great, constructive feedback” Kirby Forest says and laughs. KIRBY is fab on this single. It’s chill, but at the same time garners substantial amount of substance and heft. It’s that far off galaxy’s bright star, that is headed right towards our Earth. And we can do zero about it. We dig ‘Esco’ like nobody’s business.

Chloe Lilac – Summer

What is better than a summer in the city? Nothing. As long as you have some kick-ass friends, some parties, lots of pools to visit, and a cute girl or boy who seems to be into you. NYC is the nearest ‘big’ city near us at CHF, and we often have that fantasy: We’re actually kids growing up in Manhattan, get exposed to lots of ‘artsy’ stuff, hit lots of clubs, and have tons of weird friends. Yes. It’s a fantasy. But, as life has it, we have some weird friends, odd and pretty girls/boys to look at, and lots of bars we visit here in New Jersey. We digress though. CHLOE’s single ‘Summer’ belongs in the early 90’s. The ‘fun-ness’ and nostalgia is very much the movie ‘Heathers’ combined with heck of a lot of Angelina Jolie in ‘Hackers’. Guess we at CHF are the weird one, with this review, huh? =D

Leila Sunier – Telephone Tag

We talk. But we don’t. We move our lips. We bring out the words. But nothing really helps our situation. We talk past each other, like ships in the night. Let’s change that. Hold me, now. I’ll hold you. I’ve missed you and your beautiful eyes. I’ve loved you since our first introduction. I’ve always loved you. “Me too.” Let’s try again, shall we? “Let’s”. ‘Telephone Tag’ is the second single off of LEILA SUNIER’s upcoming EP ‘The Length of A Song Installment I’, which drops Autumn 2018.

Runrummer – Good For Nothing

Rambling down the twisted road, it seemed like the same road I’d taken yesterday. The trees, the sidewalks, the parked cars, the passers-by, all looked similar. The birds chirped with the same kind of robotic exuberance that I come to expect in this haze of a reality. They never failed to come with the goods. And here I was. Again, driving down this twisted road, again, with the feeling that I’d come this way before. But now, fully realizing that I’d done NOTHING to prevent it from happening, anew. ‘Good For Nothing’ is off of RUNRUMMER’s upcoming EP debut EP ‘Soul Wrinkles’ which is set to drop on November 9th. Should be doozy of an EP, if her outputs so far are any indication. Word.

Color The Night – Eyes Off You

Has anyone thought of pulling off a ‘heist’? You know just like in the movie ‘Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels’ for example? No? Really? Dang. There goes this review. Is it just us who had that kind of thought? Anywho, let’s say you did have dreams of pulling off an awesome heist and that you are a ‘bank robber with a golden heart and gets the gorgeous girl for being a rebel’. THIS song would be playing in your get-away car’s INTRO to the highlight of that film. Because, you know. You are THE MAN, and you have an infinite amount of leisure, because, like a grand master chess player, you’ve figured all the angles out. Then as you drive away, in Monte Carlo, your bombshell of a companion, kisses you on your mid-day shadow, right cheek. Pan out. Helicopter, ‘Steve McQueen’ shot. Oh yea.

Das Body – Graceland

DAS BODY is an oddity. A beautifully crafted, long legged oddity. Regulations in life, says that things in real life don’t work that way. You can’t meet that girl who is nerdy, beautiful, talented, and all that you are looking for – in your small town, in that one long hot summer. That’s a Hollywood movie plot, not the real matrix. But in DAS BODY, the band’s outputs make us feel exactly as if we’d met that girl, who’s beautiful, talented, courteous, kind-hearted – in that small town, during that long hot and passionate summer. Something like that you can’t forget very quickly. In ‘Graceland’ that is exactly what happens when we listen to it. The pop-light prolonging tiptoes, dance at the tip of your tongue and frolics with amplitude and energy; electricity personified, in a demure celestial precedence.

Yellow Shoots – River

“Take this tray away from me. Let me sleep.” The surgery was hard for her. It took out almost all her energy. The doctors and the nurses were surprise that she was even hungry, just 2 hours after that grueling time on the table. “Can I get some jello, please, nurse? Ice cream too. Thank you.” She was amazing, he thought. James had fallen in love with her 2 years ago, but never knew how strong she really was. She was the ‘rock’ of the family. She was always positive, encouraging, and smiling and laughing. What a joy she was. In that moment, James realized that his days as a regular person was kinda over. The River of Life had consumed him, and with a ‘dad hat’ and cargo shorts, the path to his new part in this world, was cemented. He looked at Nadine, who was now lying on her reclined bed and silently muttered the words, “I love you,” with a wink. Nadine smiled back and puckered her lips at him, with a rye smile.

Demon Days – Disco Baby

Australian neo-soul DEMON DAYS are just ‘coolness’ to the ‘max’. You wanna dance? Done. You wanna clap your hands in the air? No one will judge. You wanna take her hand and then give her a big kiss that surprises her in a good way? Just don’t get slapped. The rolled up fun-ness of this fantastic band is Perth’s to cherish. And we’re kinda jealous about that; that Perth only get to see them. For now. Their latest EP will drop and should be a fabulous way for the pop loving fans to get into the infused jazz and disco fabulousness DEMON DAYS represents. We wanna buy what they’re selling. Word.

Donnie Raven – Rainin’ (feat. Elzhi)

DONNIE RAVEN is fresh. Like really fresh. We dig his giant heart for what is needed in this world of pop. And with this single ‘Rainin’ is the start. One of the factors for rappin’ vibrancy. This showcase shines as it is a wordsmith exercise of the highest order. ELZHI joins him on this single and her vocals just make us shout, at the office wall, but yes, we shouted saying, “Whoa!”. DONNIE RAVEN’s 6 track EP ‘Livelihood’ will drop Sept 27th.

Cimafunk – Me Voy

You know we at the office gets into many kinds of music. And sometimes we just want to (pretend) dance. We’ve said this many times, but we really can’t dance. ‘Shaking’ is what we do. But at least when we listen to songs like CIMAFUNK’s ‘Me Voy’ we try our best! Short of best, but we have to say we give ourselves an ‘A’ for effort. Anywho, you can’t help but try to do so with this single. No idea what the lyrics are, but it doesn’t matter at the moment. It’s almost end of Summer, and we want to get our dance on. Leave us alone! =D


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