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515 POP-HIPHOP FOR YOU: On This Day, September 8th, Of 2018.

Ah Mer Ah Su – Need You, Need Me

STAR AMERASU heads her project, AH-Mer-AH-Su. Through it, she expresses her experiences of being a black and transwoman. The beats are the constant white-noise of the society she belongs to. Where her vocals and lyrics, exemplify her exhuberance and energy towards for the better future in this sometimes, reluctant world. Motivation for the music that speaks to the queer + trans community, was her goal. On the right track, we say.

Jacob Neverhill – Always Comes Back

The singer/songwriter/producer from London prolongs the inevitable with ‘Always Comes Back’. With trepidation in her heart, she beckoned the one memory of that special day, with that special someone; whom she loved, touched, comforted, kissed. Now that memory is starting to fade, but deep in her mind, she hates it doing so. She retreats in a new Universe; but a sanctuary of misguided happiness. ‘Always Comes Back’ is Jacob’s second single released. Kudos.

KOPS – Gone (live)

‘Gone’ is a ballad from KOPS, which was written in 2016. After much ‘cajoling’ from fans, the song has been released on all download platforms. It’s a good thing, because the slow and simmering (and naked) ballad brings out the best side of what can be. KOPS makes things ‘right’. Go forward. Full steam ahead.

Corbo – if u only knew…

Internal study kits for company staff are inherently ‘interesting’. The reason comes because they are very much a tool that serves to educate the staff in the products and services the particular company has to offer. In every company, manuals are there to makes sure ‘everyone’ is on the same page and are ‘selling’ and ‘promoting’ the company’s aims. CORBO’s art piece, ‘If U Only Knew…’ takes a collage of contrasts, between the corporate duties, and of Japanese style 80’s jazz and opines this ‘weirdness’ that we occupy, within this world of ours. There’s no conclusion, just a statement of Corbo’s thoughts. It’s a dream, broadcasted.

Chubnacio ft Yev Visao – Rounds

CHUBNACIO and YEV VISAO did this song together. “If you take the edge off, guess what yea/girl I’m taking you rounds…” says a lot. Spinning, is not what you do in a cycling class. The world spins around you, and sometimes, you just don’t care, or care-enough to perk up, take notice. Can you take notice? Will you? Oh well. Just take a hit or drink that next shot. Keep calm, enjoy. Let the warmth take you over.

scene partners – I’m Paralyzed My Love

Through our little and short life we lead, there are points when we are overwhelmed with genuine, through the bone, happiness. Deceived, or not by our inner inhibitions, the effect’s results seem the same. YOU. ME. HER. HIM – holding hands, kissing, caressing, builds to that climax. Are we to be together forever? You make me SO happy. Me too. I can’t believe I am this happy. You make me happy. Please promise this will be forever?

Mondo Cozmo – Your Motherfucker

MONDO COZMO is an interesting band. There’s no limits to their musical construction. Electro? Heck yes. Country? Heck yes. Rock? Heck yes. Mis them all together like there’s no tomorrow? Heck yes. ‘Your Motherfucker’ is ‘The Italian Job’ and ‘Bourne Identity’, mixed in to take us on an underground car chase, with assassins trying to kill you from 2 miles away. Which both happened in the films, and was coolness to the hilt. We think ‘Your Motherfucker’ is cool too, if you haven’t noticed.

Perlo – Front Lights

We’ve always liked PERLO’s singles, ever since our first exposure to the duo. But in ‘Front Lights’, we got chills from the harmonies of the beautiful vocals of Marie “Mree” Hsiao and Henri Bardot. Just can’t deny the fabulousness and delight. It’s that slow dance with the one you love, on that empty dance floor, cheek to cheek. Seems like a spotlight, only on the both of you. Love grows at an exponential rate.

Bravo – Open Letter

Mistakes happen. Hurdles are all around us. Self-induced. Or from without. But that’s what life is, isn’t it? It’s the norm that there will always be floods of difficulties. Bright and happiness, is the exception. So, we should appreciate better those great moments in life, no? This includes our relationships and the loves we have come across. Learn the lessons, be better, and being humble for what the Universe throws at you, changes the perspective. Be stronger. Be a better you.

Abby Wolfe – Win You Over

ABBY’s singing career path started when: “Someone got sick, so I got a call to come in and fill the spot for a day.” A serendipitous chance cropped up and, from all indications, Abby’s taken the reigns and is marching straight down the road to that high pop mountain in the sky. Her ride is a V8 super car and she’s taking no prisoners. But she will let her work, speak for themselves. And ‘Win You Over’ is that declaration to her lover, and being up-front. Like the style, Abby. We like the style.

Van Bobbi – Vicious Appetite

Some guys have the knack and have girls on their shoulders, all the time. Some don’t. But just like any kind of talent, it’s not ‘greener’ on the other side of the fence, when all the factors are weighed. So, when that girl is interested in you, you must work hard to win her over. Don’t lose that chance. For if you don’t, that ‘guy’ who has the ‘knack’, will take over for you. Pressure? Well, if you put it upon yourself, yes. But it’s just for fun. Don’t fret. Enjoy the ‘chase’. She does. “I love LA and still find new treasures here everyday. But this city will make you feel alone in ways no other place can/will. You will feel alone in a room full of friendly people or among palm trees and pool parties. It will challenge your creativity and self-esteem. It is also expensive. I wrote this song as I navigated these new waters.” – Van.

A.M. – Akeele Jigga

A.M. is a Bronx based rapper and producer. He’s got stuff to say. Will you listen? ‘Akeele Jigga’ is off of his upcoming debut album with RnR (co-founding member). A.M uses his writing skills to ‘take his audience on the journey…through life’. He wants his fans to know him, intimately, through his lyrics. His road has just begun to open up.

BLOWSOM – Old 21

BLOWSOM is the project of Arnaud Bernard and in ‘Old 21’ he expresses his thoughts on ‘Peter Pan Syndrome’, where you don’t want to grow older, in mind and in emotions. In contrast, Arnaud also expresses the opposite feelings of being young with very mature admonitions and feelings. It’s certainly a curiosity of a puzzle. But we think, for Arnaud, he’s got it going on with his music. The drip of honey in your ear with ‘Old 21’ is delicious. And it’s good for you. His upcoming EP ‘Last Call’ is on its way. Dig BLOWSOM’s pop-ness.

RINNGS – Glorious

Karl Zine & Nai Jannson make up this fascinating duo and project named RINNGS. Pop, substantive, poignant, and in part, haunting – ‘Glorious’ brings you up to a counter of that flight you’d like to take to that island in the sky of your dreams. Cross that line, and step into the air-liner. From there, there’s no going back. Drop your past baggages. They will not exist any longer. A new future awaits you, with a new view in life. Go on. Cross that line, with the RINNGS.

Queen Naija – Karma

With the easily demonstrated R&B devastation QUEEN NAIJA disseminates in this single ‘Karma’ sets the pace. But it’s not her first salvo into the world of pop. And won’t be the last one either, by a long shot. With the smoothness of warmth, contrast with the likes of soulful indignations and attitudes of the lyrics, make Queen a great listen. A beautiful listen. Simple as that.

Maggie Szabo – Only Human

Oh, the 80’s style synth is delectable in this single. MAGGIE SZABO’s ‘Only Human’ decides to take a different tact into the world of producing a pop single. The synth brings a kind of contrast that seems, from first glance, an interesting choice for Maggie’s lyrics. But listen. Just listen. The beautiful contrast comes to the fore, gluing together the vocals and content, in that place in your heart that you’d never thought existed. For Maggie, it’s a departure, but no less adventurous and successful.

Hazey Eyes – Scars

Watch the video, please. Nice twist. And that’s what HAZEY EYES’ single ‘Scars’ is as well. Pop, indie, with a twist of lemon-synth, accentuates the call, the yearning, the destitute and homeless emotions of devotion and love, we want to give – which we want to receive. We cry out for help, without crying. We hold our hand for love, but no-one seems to care. You have me. And I have you. That’s all that matters. Let’s hold on tight.

Brigetta – Tic Tac Toe

A little warning. A calm warning. It’s the quiet ones who will break your legs. It’s the ones with the big stick, can’t stand up for themselves – without being in a group. So, don’t touch BRIGETTA. As Brigetta shakes her index finger at you, while smiling and dance stepping, you realize she’s got a long and thick baseball bat in her backpack. She’ll crush you. Or if you’re good – she’ll crush-on you. Your choice, really. Choose wisely.


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