515 POP-HIPHOP FOR YOU: On This Day, September 9th, Of 2018.

Talker – Changes

“‘Changes’ is one of my most personal songs, dealing with the harsh realities of living with anxiety and depression and trying to pull yourself out of it. We try and try to change aspects of our life and make adjustments, but often we end up getting stuck in the same places and feel like we’re not making any progress. The only way we can move forward is to face way we’re feeling and move through it, not trying to force it to fix itself.” TALKER is the project of Celeste Tauchar. Her musings through her musical talents, speaks volumes in the way she communicates and shapes the images in our heads. Her voice is beautifully calm, but has an underpinning of layered stories upon uncertainties and trepidations. Celeste has a lot to say, and we’re glad she’d lending her stories, her voice and platform. We look forward to more of Celeste in the coming months.

Follies & Vices – Wake Up

I can’t believe you make me this way. You make me mad, crazy, chaotic, insane, useless, useful, handsome, ugly, talented, un-talented – and I love you for the contrasts you bring to my life. I hope you feel the same with me, as well. What do you want to eat tonight? “Two kids who met in rehab” are now the duo name FOLLIES & VICES. Whatever style you call it, Rob Auerbach and Tanner Houghton blend the genres with ease, with wit and humor, in their attempts to describe and heal. The two are from Seattle, but now works in Los Angeles. Heck yea.

FINNEAS – College

With a conversation with PAPER he said: Any song I’m going to put out under my own name has to really feel like it’s 100 percent authentic to who I am as a human being and what I’ve been through in my own life. [Making music] it’s my favorite form of therapy. If other people relate, that’s icing.” Poetic, thoughtful, and makes sense to us. Earlier this summer, FINNEAS and Billie Eilish (yes, that Billie) launched their own ‘Beats 1’ show. Boss.

DLRN – Lahaina (ft. Terra Lopez & Stevie Nader)

DLRN consists of the sharp vocals of Sean LaMarr and the works of Jon Reyes’ boards. Like many they are trying to break the walls of perception with the musical art they are presenting with each single. Love, hate, compromise, life – they ride the rhythms of decades of past, waving goodbye to the thoughts of what’s conventional. They work hard, and in ‘Lahaina’ it might have been achieved. What do you think? About the song: “”Imagine seeing your estranged wife crying in the crowd as you perform a song you wrote while trying to save your marriage…and in the next moment seeing your two young sons losing their minds watching their dad perform for the first time.” – Sean.

Rita Klara – U & I

At the moment of this write-up, it’s raining where we are. Summer is definitely over, from what see and feel in the temperature. That’s sad. But there are serendipitous moments where a silver lining comes through and perks you up on a day like today. And that’s where RITA KLARA comes in. Well, in this case, ‘comes through’ with her interesting nonchalant (and naughty?) vocals, and honey drop harmonies, that ray of sunshine and relaxation enveloped our little bodies. Takin cues from past decades hip-hop and R&B, she make ‘U & I’ her own, and we dig it like it’s no one’s business. Weird but true. In any case, listen, and dream away.

Laura Jean Anderson – Thinkin Bout You

When LAURA JEAN ANDERSON sings, we feel like you can’t lie to her. She’s like a living ‘lie-detector’. What do we mean? Well, it’s hard to describe, but her beautiful tone in her falsetto deliciousness is like if your girl or boy crush, came up and asked you what you were doing. In your head, you’d imagine you’d be very ‘manly’ or ‘matter of fact’ and say that you were just ‘hanging out’. But in reality, you’d just forget that you have a brain and a thing called ‘mouth’ where you’d form words which would be strung together to make small talk. Yep. You’d be a big fail, in that test. But not LJA. Her voice is honey. Better than honey. Get to know more of LAURA JEAN ANDERSON.

Posh Hammer – After We Dance

Like the nostalgia of a ‘FAME’ musical, POSH HAMMER doubles down with their unique sound and modern sensibilities to the single ‘After We Dance’. What a combo! Brings the 70’s school musical, with the synth pop that you (and all of us) deserve. Tasnim & Navied brings the fun in this single, and it’s so cute (yes, we said cute). The vocals are delectable and hooky enough that we think we’ll wake up in the morning with Tasnim’s voice. Would that be considered cheating? Sorry ________ (enter girlfriend’s name)! Anywho, they are a hoot, and you should enjoy their goodness.

Sipho The Gift – Hold Up

‘Hold Up’ is the first salvo of new music to come from this South African rapper and MC, in 2018. “Hold Up is an exciting song about love. A resilient love that’s withstood, not only the test of time but, any obstacles thrown its way. I’m in love myself and this was a huge inspiration to me. I think not enough rappers talk about it for fear of appearing soft or wearing their hearts on their sleeves. The sound is fun, melodic and very rhythmic which is something I’m hoping to explore a lot more in the future as I play with more sounds”. Word. Keep an eye on SIPHO. He’s good for ya.

Moonlight Zoo – Wild

Up-lifting. Cause for pause (not paws). Delight for life. That’s what we think of when we listen to MOONLIGHT ZOO’s ‘Wild’. Yes, the song’s about relationships and what comes about surrounding that plight. But it’s more interesting than that, for there’s nothing ‘he’ or ‘she’ about the protagonist. It’s about ALL of us. We’re ‘wild’ and ‘crazy’ for a while. Some longer in terms, than others. But we all, to a degree see an opportunity for that once in a lifetime chance with ‘the one’. Or at least the ‘one next’. Well, in any case, we humans are fun to observe, especially when seemingly life changing moments are thrust upon us =D

Sanna Martinez – So Low Solo

Wow. What an anthem. The low bass dance extravaganza of a single ‘So Low Solo’ is fab to listen to. Take care of the last days of Summer 2018, with this diddy. It won’t let you down. And with Sanna’s crystal vocals, you can’t help but appreciate the fun factor in this single. Sanna “reminds us that even during the deepest of heartbreaks, some people just have a remarkable ability to see a humorous side to things.” Heck yea. And then we move on! The way it should be, no?

Johann Beach – Summer Love

‘Summer Love’ is what’s so fleeting about the season, and love. Many times it just happens that way. It’s just a natural way of working in this big ol’ world. The experience, the highs, and the lows, help in making us, who we ultimately mold into. It’s a good thing. JOHANN is on his way to a debut project with a drop in 2019. He lives in Hawaii, and we kinda don’t like him for that =D Nah, just kidding. Look for him to really get popular, in the coming year.


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