Daniella Mason – Public Places

Daniella’s back with us, and she’s as shimmering as usual. Her humor and pop sensibilities are just golden. “This is by far the least competitive I’ve ever been with a project,” Mason admits. “I’ve always been a storyteller, but I often let expectations creep in and disrupt the process. With this project, I purposefully waited to put my business hat on until after the creative process was finished, allowing things to unfold organically, uninterrupted. It’s been a new experience for me, and I hope these EPs continue to reveal more and more of what’s been hidden.”

Dante Jermaine – The World Is Yours

Ambition is his. Ambition is yours. Who will get it first. It might as well be you. Can there be any kind of compromise? Maybe. But actions need to be finalized, and summarized. Born in Richmond, Virginia DANTE JERMAINE took the mantel for that has come to be his calling in hip-hop. Now residing in Texas, in his way, he brings the emotional journeys right to the audience. The grooves he picks for his single ‘The World Is Yours’ is a call to a path, of resilience and ‘fight’.

AKA Wolves – Love Me to Death Ft. Marco Foster

The vein was cut. The blood was balancing the totality of justice. Of the heart. Of her heart. The despicable betrayal. She couldn’t forget. You knew she knew. Now, you lie on the floor with a pool of blood. Your blood. Wide eyed, you accepted what you’d done. To yourself. To her. As you watched her cry over what ‘could have been’ between the two of you. You regret, and join her in silence. Fading into the final stanza, your grip with her Universe finally was over. Collateral damages were many. Part of you will always remember.

NETSKY – Tequila Limonada ft. A.Chal

“I wanted the video for this track to represent simple, happy times; friends, drinks, summer parties,” NETSKY described. “It started off with the director, my friend Diego and his team, finding this incredible mid-century Spanish house in the Hollywood Hills and it all came together quite quickly from there.” Whoa. Right there we were jealous. Then we listened to the fun ‘Taquila Limonada’ and we said, “heck, let’s join in.” Story of our lives. Get to a backyard party, we get weak in the knees. Natural reaction, really =D

Smoke Season – Hot Damn

What is a ‘warning’? Is it as obvious as a ‘stop sign’ on the street? Is it a ‘stop gesture’ by your girlfriend, as you continue to burn those eggs in the morning? Or is it the warning when you meet that gal or guy who you know will be ‘bad news’. You go ahead with them though. Because, well, they seem to be into you. And you dang are into this predictable situation. Feels good though. In hind sight, it was more like a ‘Yield’ sign. Don’t have to stop all the way at the intersection, but dip your fingers in the honey pot, and see how sweet it can be. Maybe that bear won’t chop your hands off. Doesn’t really matter does it though?

LIL TUT – Ride Wit Me

She wasn’t sure if she really wanted to go with him. He seemed nice and all, but there was something that was ‘ominous’ about him. However, whenever she looked back at him, he was beautiful to look at. Just like that shiny silver trophy, glittery and so, delectable. The way he talked to her was especially great, she thought. Sounded like he knew how to take care of a woman. After all, she was a woman who didn’t demand that much from a future guy. Just the basics: trust, loyalty, love. Could he provide those things? The time was now. She had to decided.


‘At Night’, WE ARE THE CITY’s upcoming full length album will drop October 5th. In ‘Mid-Tempo Drama’, contradictions in manufactured human harnesses become frayed and sharp. Cuts you both ways. Understated handcuffs in deficiencies are apparent after the fact. Once the actor is done and gone. While the parade of distractions exist, we don’t know if we’re dying or not. But we are. Slowly. Cell by cell. Mental projections in self-importance, destroy such aggregated human emotions – leaving a dark tire mark along the embankment of, said cliff. The cliff always awaits you. Never ceases. Always working for that final meeting.

Igloo – Bahama Dreams (feat. Nina Jade)

IGLOO is the artist who loves the work. And the London based artist keeps on pushing out the goodness, with ‘Bahama Dreams’ in an EDM house effect, delivering the kind of breezy, ‘forget your day for a moment’ exhilaration. You can ‘run to there’ if you need. We’d suggest a cigarette boat and asking that girl you’d always wanted to hang – today. Summer’s almost over, you feel me?

VALNTN & Peter Fenn – Mona Lisa (feat. Tray Haggerty)

And gal with the name ‘Mona’ or ‘Lisa’ – this song is for you. It’s just our conjecture, but we think VALNTN & PETER FENN’s single is dedicated to the beauty of you. Where ever you are. The dream is to hang watching that football game on a Sunday. Tickling each other on the couch, without any misconceptions. Then having that romantic dinner, the two of you, in the night near Edgewater on a crisp fall evening. Weird thought? Not really. But just don’t play this to a gal without the right namesake =D Silly stuff.

Flavia Abadia ft. Kiki La Asesina – Trumpets (Remix)

This song’s just fun. Just get up and dance. Let the rhythm take you to that place near that window. Share your skills with the world – well, at least with your neighbors. Why not. Flavia and Kiki, on ‘Trumpets’ make it very easy to do so. Nuff said. Have at it.

2dreamz ft. Brian Walker – Out of my Way

The real you is hidden. That’s what you tell yourself, before going out the door for work. “When will I find my prince charming, Wilma. When?” As she turned away from the looking glass, her phone rang. It was her friends that it was Friday and that they should go out after work. “Might as well,” was how you texted back. He was beautiful. You’d never been more positive about the world than that Friday night. Both of you saw each other at the bar. You two talked. The rest was history. “Prince charming: found,” as Wilma tucked into bed. “Let’s go have a date night just the two of us tomorrow,” Peter asked her, as he gave her a passionate kiss good night. “Okay.”

Hobart Curtis – I Found You

My bright outlook in life was a bit dim. It wasn’t what it had to be. It never was a pillar of what I was all about. But you came into my life and broke that trend to pieces. Why was I so dumb to never recognize you existed before? Why were you so patient in waiting for me. Were you waiting for me? “Yes. I was.” How did you know we’d be together? “Because I had faith that you’d come around, soon or later.” You’re an angel. You’re my savior. How can I ever thank you, Celine? “Just love me with every fiber of your being.” Okay.

Emily Graye – Neoasis

“The planet seems to have evolved with living life as similar as back on our own Earth, sir.” Planet 33312 existed for the benefit of human kind. It was the second home we needed to escape the death trap, the former blue and beautiful planet had been. It was in the nick of time, for time was running out. The exploratory team landed and was surprised at the closeness of atmosphere, landscape, and gravitational mechanics of the new home. “The air is clean, and it seems the terrain isn’t violent towards new foreign organisms. What should we do now, sir. Should we tell HQ that it’s confirmed for habitation for all?” The message was never received. In fact the new planet WAS violent to new biological creatures, such as humans. “There’s no escape from my fury, you hear me? Not after what you’ve inflicted upon our relationship. You will pay for your mis-deeds.”

Charles Fauna – Friday

You wrote me a letter today. You wanted this to end. And what you wanted ended, was my love for you. This was abrupt. But you didn’t seem to care. I pretended I didn’t care also. But I did. I was sure you were pretending too. Now you weren’t talking with me, so I couldn’t be sure. So, I resist. I resist and still want to long for what we had. Why can’t I? Those memories belong to me too, after all. “Leave me alone, Jack. You owe me, after what you’d done to me. Let it go. Let me go.” I remember now, let me try again. Please.

Dana Ben David – Wild Thoughts

DANA BEN DAVID is a Montreal based artist and she has intentions of spreading the world of ‘positivity, optimism, and of faith’. “What matters most to you?” Dana wants you to ask yourself, and think deeply about it. The core of what is and what can be, will be deflected off of the essence of what IS your most important and worthy of your care. From this selfish of reasons, you are non-selfish to the beings near and far from you. Dana knows. She’s on your side. Hold her hand.

Sam Johnson – California Fires

Making mistakes is a part of life. The frequency is the key, no? Or is it the severity of the mistake? Well, trying NOT to make mistakes is the best place to start, we guess. For, there’s just so much a person can take. There are outliers but mostly, there’s a one-two-three strikes and you’re out, kinda situation. Being aware is good. Not doing it, is best. It’s all up to you, however. How much do you love her? How much do you care about her? Answer, then the ‘answer’ for keeping the promise, comes naturally. Do it. Sam will be releasing a new single in October, November, and December. Keep your ears pierced.

Ben Provencial – River

Rocking down the boulevard, he skated like there was nothing but sunny skies up ahead. Well, actually, it was a bright future for him. he knew it, and the Universe seemed to agree. “Hey Mack!” That was Melissa, and she’d been Mack’s best friend for ten years. They did everything together since they were younger kids. Today, she was waiting for me at the local ice-cream shop. She waited for me with a mint-chocolate sundae. We high-fived, then sat down outside in the sun. Her radiating and golden hair was so bright today. Wait. But she had bit more make up than usual. “Hey. What’s up with the make up today? You look great!” She blushed a bit. “What do you mean? I look like this every day. You never noticed, that’s all.” He looked at her. She was kinda posing for him while she was eating her ice-cream. “What’s going on here?” he thought to himself. “Kids, that’s how your mom asked me out for the first time,” said Mack. “Ewwww dad! Is that true mom??” Melissa just chuckled.

Clay Dudash – I GOT IT

I walk to get the milk at the convenience store. Is that not normal? I’m not normal, then. From the perspective of the public. Though that doesn’t seem right, as a social judgement. What can I say? I like milk from the 7-11. Is that a crime? No. It’s not a legal crime. It is a fashion faux-pas? Maybe. Guess I do think about this a lot. That tells me I’m self conscious. Is that normal? Yes. Wait a minute. That’s normal, but walking to the convenience store, isn’t? You got it big boy. “I need to exercise more,” he ultimately decided. Clay is slated for appearances at SXSW 2019, plus a Spring/Summer 2019 tour. He’s going to be busy.

Ashlee Simpson & Evan Ross – Paris

“ASHLEE+EVAN will follow singer Ashlee Simpson Ross and her husband, actor and artist Evan Ross, as they balance life as new parents and aspiring musicians.” The show is on E! “‘Paris’ will be featured in the second episode of the E! docu-series Ashlee + Evan which will premiere in the U.S on 16th September and air in 160 countries around the world. The series takes viewers behind-the-scenes on their journey through love, making music and raising a family. All roads lead to a duet album scheduled for this Autumn.” Good luck to the duo.

Danelle Sandoval – Capacity

The capacity for love, and the ability to ‘give love’ is a dicy business. It’s hard to ‘give’. It’s work. It needs planning, once there is commitment. DANELLE SANDOVAL’s ‘Capacity’ is something of a panacea for that kind of trepidation. Shouldn’t be such a stressful thing. But in a positive light, you wouldn’t be so careful and thoughtful about her if you weren’t really serious about keeping your promise. That says much about you, your commitment, and loyalty towards her. She deserves it. You can do it. She’s cheering for you. Danell’s new EP is scheduled to drop sometime in 2019.

Matt LeGrand – 12:00AM

“’12:00 am’ is an ode to Matt’s club audience”. He can’t wait to be with you. The night is pristine. It’s waiting for us to take it over. Tonight. Right now. It’s that excitement, every night. Our night. Why not. Have a go, why don’t ya! Dance, until the night is over. Dance when the morning begins. Dance, until your lover says, “Let’s do it again.”


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