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515 // Pop Pop Row. CATALI, Palco, EasyFriend, Sophie Faith, GRAACE, LISHI, Gola…


There are times when we feel we’re talking to ourselves. Alone and lonely, even if the life partner is right next to us. There are times that just is the reality. It’s maybe us. It’s maybe you. It’s maybe him. It’s maybe her. But the ultimate result is that feeling of comfortable uneasiness, which signals an end to a chapter. This is where CATALI’s single ‘Talk’ comes into play. It reminds us that things could be better. Seek better, now. You can. He or she is waiting for you to approach and promise for a possible better future. CATALI sings for the stronger woman – a woman who defies convention. Do it.

Palco – Start Over (feat. Marc Wulf)

PALCO does her power ballad best in ‘Start Over’. Her 70’s embued vocals collapse your listening heart, with the weight of a world’s decadence. You cry with the hurting of a thousand crying thunderstorms. But there’s only one way to continue, and that is to strive for the next step, the next chapter, the next final love. The search is communication that is clarified in this fabulous single. PALCO does a fantastic job of enveloping and getting us to a place isolated, but never alone. Quite a way to go.

Kiri Mioki – Netflix

KIRI MIOKI is an ‘alternative little brother of Kylie Minogue’, as said by the artist. You can’t argue with that certainty. Here’s the rest of his description: “[I am] 6’1” (1.86 m) tall and his favourite flower is the chrysanthemum”. The sounds of David Bowie rains down like fire bombs on top of your house. And KM is okay with that. For he’s a unique animal on this earth, whom exists for that purpose. And that was emphasized when on a trip to Japan, he found music that he could develop and construct. In all seriousness, KM is a fabulous ARTIST and musician. He works on projects to communicate in sensuous and purposeful ways. In ‘Netflix’ he succeeds in spades.

knight – RUNAWAY

Where are we heading towards in this hectic life of ours? Don’t you leave me when the world seems to be turning to sh*t. How could you? But I understand. The defining sounds of knight is quite distinctive to the story telling, and it’s a sound that is deserving of the beats mix that is demonstrated. The heavy bass, brings the house, and we all just want to getaway, don’t we? Let’s just dance. Love the ones near you. You won’t regret it.

EasyFriend – Take A Little

We’ll let EASYFRIEND describe this single. No better way to do so: “’Take a Little’ is a song about being brave and satisfying yourself every now and again. At that point in my life I️ had been isolated on the road for months traveling city to city without any time for real intimacy. So when I️ drove into New Orleans and was greeted by her power I️ knew exactly what needed to be done! I️ dove into that city without care! Every sweaty, sexy human I️ wanted to meet, I️ did. It was a time marked by confidence and connection. I had always given a lot of myself to friends, family and lovers but for the first time I️ was satisfying my own wants and that does something very special the heart. If you feel attracted to another human, don’t be afraid to approach them. If you let the moment slip through your fingers, you’ll always be left wondering what could have been.” Nicely said. And better yet, the mix of rock and pop in the single is just so cool. Can’t help but get into this fab indie offering.

Whales & This Lake – happy liar

When you hate. You hate. When you feel you’d been slated. You scream. In silence, and many times in volume. ‘Happy Liar’ is an “emotional emotional electronic ballad about loneliness leading to a dysfunctional relationship”, as WHALES & THIS LAKE describes it. And it’s an appropriate match up to the way he decided to spell out the anguish, mistrust, and torture of such a situation. Perfect.

Louis Centioni – Here I Go Again

The South London based LOUIS CENTIONI brings some colorful extremities in temperature with his single ‘Here I Go Again’. “With ‘Here I Go Again’ I wanted to draw on being in a long-term relationship and how two people can drift onto an off road course and gradually end up in a bleak state of unhappiness, capturing a timeless and aesthetic feel with the lyrics.” The 22 year old tries to break the mold. And in this single, with usage of synth reminiscent of Netflix’ Stranger Things, the lyrical honesty is heightened and presented in a fashion that is unique and fascinating to listen.

Cambry H – REAL ONE

Off of the released new EP ‘Libra’, CAMBRY H, brings the smoothness that’s required in a real life dilemma within a relationship. The soul effects from ‘Real One’ is quenched nicely with the tempering, rock fitness that expands from the chorus. It’s an interesting contrast that is hooky, and endears itself to your ears like glue.

Sophie Faith – Bad Blood

What a voice. What a song. Back to the basics of r&b/soul. Back to the old school, goodness that helped relieve many in breaking into new heights. SOPHIE FAITH is a songstress to the highest honor. Her delivery, to the attitude in delivering the fine lyrics, is top drawer. Add that technical ability in this studio offering, is quite undeniable. If you miss this single, then it would be a shame for you. Simple as that.

Zaena x Jason Maek – Nice To Meet Ya

ZAENA and JASON MAEK return with a traditional pop offering in this rap infused r&b day trip. The talented duo, weeps in between multiple styles and genres, and in ‘Nice To Meet Ya’, they dig hard in your call to love and the frailties presented. Most importantly, it’s the reminder that being accepting of those ‘frailties’ is quite alright to do. Ultimately, though, don’t let it define you. Don’t let it bog you down. It’s a sultry addition to the repertoire of this talented duo collaboration. Quite wonderful, really.

Lo Artiz – Wild Woman

“I want to shake the foundation upon which my audience stands. I want them to know they’re not alone. I want to be a voice for those who feel voiceless. I want to make people feel something they’ve never allowed themselves to feel before.” LO ARTIZ is a go getter. ‘Wild Woman’ is an anthem for the ‘go getter’ that is ready to break out. Whether because of a relationship, position, or self-misconceptions, there’s no limit to the powers of ‘hitting back’. HIT BACK to that angst. Don’t stay in one place. Get out. Expand. The powerful vocals of LO makes everything alright. Feel safe. This is LO’s first single off of her crowdfunded EP. Told you she was a go getter.


GRAACE, the 21 year old songstress based in Australia, is someone we fell for, right away. That was done in a click, when ‘SOS’ was playing in our speakers. The delicate analogies, and delectable electro framing of her fragrant lyrics, make it irresistible. LOVE giving you the blues? Let GRAACE caress you some with her airy extravagance.

Gola – The Line

Exiled Iranian singer and multi-instrumentalist GOLA releases ‘The Line’. “There is always a stage in your life when you say “enough is enough” and you make a change to reclaim your power,” explains Gola. “’The Line’ is a metaphor that is deeply personal but at the same time I feel that everyone can relate to its meaning. The overriding message is about the power of women, unity and the strength inside each of us. So many women today don’t have the chance to have their voice heard and I feel that I have the responsibility as an artist to be a voice for them, while also staying true to myself.” Love the lyrical twists and hooks by GOLA. It’s to die for.

Brookelyn Rose – Broken Doll

BROOKELYN ROSE is a singer/songwriter from Philadelphia originally, and has a fab way in expressing her thoughts and feelings through her songs. And in ‘Broken Doll’, an operatic pop tune, brings soulful vocals and honest-to-goodness ‘promise’ to the ‘best’ in YOU. HER. HIM. All of us. She’s working on her new EP.

Quincy – Devour

We were chuckling when listening to ‘Devour’ by QUINCY. His humor and realistic look at relationships, is fab to listen to. It’s obviously about things that come up, when we’re in a certain relationship. Things that bother us, or not. It’s the real things that go into working on her expectations / his expectations. So true, Quincy. Listen to this fab offering. You’ll agree and smile as well.

Ross Henry – The Birds and The Breeze

We’ll repeat ROSS HENRY’s quote on this single: “You can hoard all the oxygen in the atmosphere, water in the oceans, write your name in the sky, build a pyramid or two. However Your name will fade over time. Life as it presents itself will transform and keep on rolling into many other of embodiments, as it did long before the idea of ‘you’ came about. It’s all quite funny really. Running away from death has become a very serious style of living. Humour is a wonderful blessing.” Word, Ross. Word. Fab tinge of drum/bass, with electro textures make this a single to really explore.

Me&Mark – Drama Queen

With the distinctive vocals reminiscent of ABBA, Me&Mark draws upon the energies of the 70’s pop-opera-rock scene and gives it their own delicate twists. For their fans, and for the love of the music, the band sinks its teeth into the higher clouds, reaching, and watching the sun rise above the fray.

Pikes – Lluc De Riu

What a primal scream of a single ‘Lluc De Riu’ is. From the falsetto vocals, begging to be noticed, all rightly framed with the delightful anthemic attitude of the enthusiastic. The single’s title means ‘Pike’ in French, and in the winter of 2018, a 5 track EP is due to drop. We hope so.

LISHI – Token

Singer/songwriter Eleanor Dunlop is LISHI. ‘Token’ is the breeze of gratitude that hangs around our halos, during that fascinating plight. The Australian artist brings together sultry electro textures, weaving the colors of a sometimes, colorless situation. “I wrote Token about two years ago towards the end of 2016”, tells Dunlop of her first release in 6 months. “I’m never sure when I sit down to write a song what it’s going to be about but this one ended up being inspired by the memory of my father. Since I wrote it I haven’t felt any need to write anything else, it’s almost as if I started music to ultimately write this song.”

Daniel Polich – Bad For Me

DANIEL POLICH debuts his single ‘Bad For Me’. The single beckons to be touch with your heart, and reasons for why things are the way it is. It may be you. It may be him. But it’s the results that cast the doubts and unconventional look into the shaky future. And Daniel addresses this issue in this single. And in this quite delectable show of maturation in style, the performance is immense and very much an experience. The succinct and dynamic single points a finger, and never wavers. Knowing of an impending heartbreak, to come.

Rachel Maria Cox – Time

“TIME reinforces to me the absolute necessity of what is called in DBT ‘radical acceptance’ – the idea that you have to take a good hard look at the reality of a situation and accept the way things are right now before you can do anything about changing that,” said Rachel Maria Cox. “I think all to often we can get caught up in ‘should’ thoughts about our life – “I should be thinner” or “I should be able to just get over being dumped”. Finely said, Rachel. Finely said.

New York Drip – TEARS

“Mixing the chorus more traditionally was throwing the flow of the entire song off, but I understand if the sound is a bit unorthodox for some folk.” NEW YORK DRIP’s ‘Tears’ drizzle and pop, as it suits its purpose. Get intimate with the ‘raw’ mix of the chorus. Get grated by the lyrical rhyming, part lo-fi, part nihilist. What a contrast. There’s rap in this single, but it’s the overall aura of the song that sticks to our ribs. It’s pop, amplified.

The Modern Strangers – Red Strip Lights

Can you say hint of disco that twinkles around the room with funk and dancy pop elements. The movements of our bodies is extraordinarily a fascination to us and to anyone else. But when we’re dancing to tunes like ‘Red Strip Lights’ we don’t mind who’s looking. Get soaring with this tune.


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