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515 // Pop Pop Row. Doe Paoro, GLOSSE, KUIZZ, Jogee with a G, Dree Mon…

Virginia To Vegas – Yesterday

VIRGINIA TO VEGAS is the project of Derik Baker, a music industry song writer who wanted to try his urges and see how his material would land in the world’s ears. “Writing ‘Yesterday’ was one of those moments in the studio where everything just clicked. It was written in a World War Two bunker in a tiny little studio 50 feet under ground in Stockholm, Sweden. It was such a surreal experience just being there, let alone coming out of this studio with a song that felt very special and honest. It’s been roughly a year since my last release, so I’m really excited for fans to hear what we came up with this time.” Sticky notes and melodies? Call on Derik. Millions of streams and platinum hardware to make a knight’s armor? Derik has them. So, look out for more, and more from this music rainmaker.

Jogee with a G – Salmon

‘Salmon’ by JOGEE WITH A G (Jose G. Santos) drops the pretense and tries to make heads-and-tails from a profoundly surreal situation. The Toronto experimental r&b artist dropped his new album (‘Greenery’), and releases this new single video. The hypnotic steps of the snare grinds you to another dimension, as Jogee takes you in a sound filled chamber of luscious notions and unfulfilled potentials. It’s a pallet cleaner of a single, and with its 90’s r&b downbeat funk feel, there’s always a place for it in your bosoms.

Doe Paoro – Cage Of Habits

What do you have when DOE PAORO’s attitude is added to the atmosphere of DOE PAORO? You get DOE PAORO’s embrace. And in this case, you have that excitement of the blues, soul draped single ‘Cage Of Habits’. Reminiscent of the multi-dimensionally influential, Fiona Apple, Doe does her own interpretation of pertaining and containing the frustrations of angst and anguish that entails such a life. And sometimes, that kind of life must be ’embraced’, and when listening to Doe, it helps A LOT. You have a helping hand in the songs and vocals of Doe. Because to be honest, you ain’t really doing a good job of managing. Hold her hand. Her album ‘Soft Power’ is out now.

ANNALIA – Cycles

ANNALIA in ‘Cycles’ remembers to know where she’s been, what she’s experienced, and then goes out to understand her emotions for the betterment of tomorrow. She knows that it’s the only way to survive, then thrive. The personal scars may always exist, but they shouldn’t come to impeded your true path. “Emotional abuse is real. I never thought I would be someone to experience it, and it’s taken me a long while to understand it, but I’m processing. And during that processing, this song came to life…It’s about accepting what happened and feeling all of the emotions that follow— the hurt, the confusion, the anger, the loss, the grief, the freedom, the joy.” ANNALIA’s delicious pop is certainly infectious, with classic setups and translucent vocals. However, it’s more than that in ‘Cycles’, for it continues to put more light into the notion that, ‘yea, we deserve better’ kind of attitude.

Dahlia Sleeps – Settle Down

Wow, is what you think when listening to DAHLIA SLEEPS’ single ‘Settle Down’. What an epic and cinematic journey in one song. This is the 2nd cut from the new EP ‘Love, Lost’ which is due at the end of this year. Written by the band’s producer and member, Luke Hester, he stated: “‘Settle Down’ is a dialog between myself and someone I care greatly for,” he explained. “It’s what I couldn’t say in person. That contradictory place of trying to reassure someone at a seemingly hopeless point, that there’s still hope.” Word. Have a go.

Fred Nicolas – Youth Is Gone

FRED NICOLAS brings ‘Youth Is Gone’. His trademark ‘yuppy-pop’ style, which emotionally takes on the realities of ‘millennials’. The song is driven by pop guitars, rhythms, and lyrics that are as light and frothy as the bubbles on a delicious milk shake. Strawberry. While you’re watching that beautiful girl at the other side of the counter. Red lips. Seductive eyes. Oh so naughty. So, listen to this single. Get your heart going.

Biawanna – Take You Back

BIWANNA hails from Vancouver, Canada and the pop/multi instrumentalist/producer makes us feel good with ‘Take You Back’. BIWANNA is working on showing off the good stuff on their upcoming new debut EP in 2018. This should satisfy and excite their fans as the focus of continuing to fascinate.

Restless Modern – Totaled

RESTLESS MODERN (Jack Kieffer) is a young recent University graduate who has music in his fibers. And we dig the genuine premise – the place where his music wells up and takes form. “I started writing music four years ago, when I was 17 – I’m now 21 years old and about to graduate from Harvard University. Everything that you hear here was written and recorded in a dorm room, though that will change soon. I’ve always struggled with debilitating anxiety and depression. And, up until very recently, I never really knew who I was.” Through his collection of 7 tracks, ‘To Come Undone’, he gets to “explore those experiences” further, as he puts it. We’re glad Jack’s doing what he’s doing.

The Motion Epic – Midnight

THE MOTION EPIC’s been on our radar (and reviews) for a bit now. And every time, his music gets to a funky place. It’s a good place, just like when you’re all alone with your girl, both in the dark, but knowing where each other’s touches lie. Without knowing with one sense, you come to another level of appreciation every time you touch her. When she touches you. It’s a glorious experience; an insatiable experience. His new EP drops on October 27th, 2018.

BIRA – Pretty Little Lies

BIRA brings classic alt-rock/pop sensibilities to the basics. And when we mean basics, it’s a straight forward description of love, and the loveless, meeting and maybe the world changes from there. ‘Pretty Little Lies’ utilizes the heart strings built in all of us to bring us to our knees. All in the name of love. All in the name of her. All in the name of You.

Highschool Jacob – Leave You First

“I got the idea for the song when I was in a museum and realized that it made me miss my ex,” said HIGHSCHOOL JACOB. “While initially this was followed by the expected sadness, I realized museums as a whole now had a wider effect on me and therefore a new importance. Instead of bemoaning the things that remind you of a former partner, I wanted to point out how much those things can add new dimensions and loves in your life after that special someone is no longer in it.” Can’t top that. HSJ keeps the funk and soul at the sleeves. Then those horns kill you. You’re dead. Mission accomplished.

GLOSSE – Malibu Long Haul

GLOSSE is what you need. How do we know? We just know. And with their dark-pop electronica ‘Malibue Long Haul’, get drawn in by the literal disgrace of ‘having been in a relationship’ that was destructive. It can be any relationship. It just ends. It begins again. You can’t let her go. She can’t let You go. There will be no other outcome, but to be together – again. Oh well. That’s how the Universe is built for you. Embrace it. Embrace the impending ‘cosmic collide’.

Sean Gast – Don’t Matter to Me

SeAN GAST is a talented solo singer/songwriter/dancer from Orange County, California (via Ohio). As he’s worked with artist and producers such as Syk Sense, DJ Fu of Ear Drummers, Rich The Kid, and producer Cassius Clay, Sean released his debut album ‘Good Company’. The raw talent and as important is the way we felt his vibe and attitude through the simple science of sonic waves through air. No other single on his debut album demonstrates that ‘tact’ is this single ‘Don’t Matter To Me’. It cements the honesty and genuine palpability that we think all of us listeners want to hear from a single. The chill anthem, just makes it very crystal for us. Look for more from Sean.

JohnT – Lights

JohnT’s single ‘Lights’ is a synth driven modern interpretation of an ecstatic soul, on the cusp of something tremendous. The protagonist is digitized but human in format and emotions. He knows the humanity of it all. He knows the limits. It’s that struggle between, and then the victory from that mire this instrumental offer. It’s a journey of vision, and what’s to come. It’s a rarity for CHF to take on a pure instrumental of any kind. But sometimes you gotta do, what you gotta do. This was one of those times.

Pete Philly – Gigawatts II, feat Jurley Colin

PETE PHILLY drops a fun video for single ‘Gigawatts II’. “The video is the most fun I’ve ever had shooting mainly because it involved flying, like LITERALLY flying for minutes on end. You can’t see it in the video but there were many high pitched squeals of joy whilst we shot those scenes.” Word. We do that all the time. Throwing ‘high pitched squeals’ that is. PETE PHILLY does the opposite, just dropping dope stuff. Dig it.

Brendan Thomas Meyer – Nerve

New Jersey product BRENDAN THOMAS MEYER takes it to the hippity, with the jazzy righteousness of this pop deliciousness. And there’s no denying of the 1000% fun factor within how the song has been constructed, interpreted, and presented by Brendan. So, get out your dancing shoes and dance like the fool you are. Because we ‘fools’ know what we like, and dance when we can. Even at the office.

Dree Mon – Dance Like I Want To

How can you not like this song?!? You can’t. You need to do it. Whatever that is, just do it. Drop the notebook, drop that errand, forget the kids at the soccer practice. Have a moment for yourself. DREE MON, makes it easy for your make excuses to dance and sing. And isn’t that what we want in a song? Fun times in a 3 minute package. Oh yea. The Southern California artist mixes r&b, soul, and funk sensibilities to produce tracks like ‘Dance Like I want To’. And we whole heartedly agree.

Roland Greco – Nowhere To Go (feat. BAER)

When ROLAND GRECO produces scrumptious singles like ‘Nowhere to Go’, we have to listen. Oh straight away, BAER is fantastic on this track. The mix of delicious and sticky percussions, with the aromatic harmonies, the single accomplishes and dictates its purpose for existence, in a significant and poignant way. It traverses the pure pop and the indie pop worlds, and we dig it so. Just don’t know where you are, but you’re just glad it’s playing. Beauty in pastel, tbh.

KUIZZ – Vibe

KUIZZ’s new single and video is a beautiful combination about love. “The concept of the video is about a boy and girl who are in the early stages on love who dance in sync to the song itself in different parts of the world.” The singer/songwriter/producer from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia makes hits and this time with ‘Vibe’. The chill ballad penetrates the heart with a thoughtful angle on young love, and future implications that come with it. The excitement, as portrayed correctly in the video, is palpable. As he’d written songs for artists like Mia Martina , Danny Fernandes & Kristinia Debarge, he’s taking a new role as a solo artist, himself. We think it was the right call.

Jerrica Alyssa – Those Cherry Lips

JERRICA ALYSSA is a Vancouver native with the vocals that seduce. With the tinge of 90’s r&b freestyle invocations, the single ‘Those Cherry Lips’ brings forth for the listener, the airy atmosphere for and of love, Jerrica wanted to convey. And she does that in this playful rendition, with infectious guitar licks and funk-tastic loveliness. Did you know that Jerrica was studying Genetics at the University of British Columbia? Yep. Smarts, gumption, and pension for adventure – that’s Jerrica. And we did that. We also dig that she’s pushing her solo career in new ways. Word.


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