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515 // Pop Pop Row. Fabian Secon, ONUR, Alex Weit , Arctic Lake…

Fabian Secon – Run Away

FABIAN SECON’s beautifully made single ‘Run Away’ is the UK artist’s brand new offering. And the ballad takes on a fully emotive r&b/hiphop direction with masculine obsessions, delicately assuaged with brilliant notions of understanding. The pinnacle of self-confidence is when there is nothing inside that can be shameful to the outside world. And most importantly when it’s not shameful to yourself, that is the start of something glorious. Dig this single.

Just – Motivation

“This is the first song I have fully completed in my repertoire. I am dedicating it to my uncle and my girl, who have inspired my level of motivation and dream chasing.” The Kennesaw, GA based artist, Justin Ragland, is going for the gusto and loves his support system. He wants to give it all. Oh yea.

ONUR – Stunnah

22 year old London based artist ONUR is fantastic in his latest single ‘Stunnah’. Soul, r&b, rock, all rolled and mixed beautifully, the single takes you on a brightened land of imagination and possibilities. On single ‘Stunnah’, ONUR said: “I’ve always loved more sensual music. And I feel as though Stunnah is just that embodiment. It’s raw, it’s aggressive, yet still delicate…I definitely feel as though this song is a statement more than anything else. A statement of confidence, passion and energy.” Interesting stuff ain’t it? Word.

kidsun – Mind Made Up

KIDSUN is a project of 23 year old singer/songwriter Ben Kidson. Shimmery pop-rock? Check. Holster full of emotional bullets? Check. Ben knows what we exactly want from his songs. The perfect example is ‘Mind Made Up’. The intransigent heart really wanted to stay in one place and be with the one he loved. But she didn’t want him there. She didn’t want him to resent the decision to stay. She knew him, more than he knew himself. KIDSUN’s idols were made up of Nirvana, Sigrid, Twenty One Pilots. KIDSUN will go a long way into stardom. Word.

Krept & Konan – Pour Me Another One ft. Tabitha

What can we say. KREPT & KONAN knows what they do. Sold out shows, filled up hearts, and lots of enthusiastic dancing legs – it all just works. And in ‘Pour Me Another One ft. Tabitha’, it samples the 2000 released Garage classic and chart hit, ‘Flowers by Sweet Female Attitude’. What can we say. It’s good sh*t.

Father Artois – Siren of the Dregs

Halloween anyone?? Or the devil inside each and all of us? The lyric: “Oooh Look into my Eyes. Sacrifice me your life.” isn’t a good way to start a date. But maybe she’s into that? We hope so. It’s just more fun that way. And during this month of October, we need all the joy we can muster. FATHER ARTOIS’ ‘Siren Of The Dregs’ is the darkness that you needed to draw that line between NOW and WHAT CAN BE. Everyone’s got a little devil inside. Well, except for Diana. She’s genuinely nice.

Sean Gast – Where Yo Head At

22 year- old Sean Gast is good. Real good. We’d reviewed his other single ‘Don’t Matter To me’, and his way of production within his songs make the story he tells complete and succinct. We want the protagonist to work at it, and win the day. The synth drums, bass, and the ghostly harmonies make this single another fabulous edition from SG.

Alex Weit – By Your Side (feat. VOX)

20 years old ALEX WEIT is based out of Stockholm, Sweden. And like so many fabulous artists out of that country, Alex has a point to make with his music. And at the same time he makes it a reality in helping us feel happy. “With this song I wanted to make something that sounded, at the same time, both electronic and acoustic in certain parts throughout the song, especially in the verses. The vocals tell a story of two people that really fancies each other, but the girl is scared of love. So she cancels their first date and instead they both stay home, fantasizing about what could have been if things would have played out differently.” Simple, and effective. Kudos Alex, kudos.

ZOLA – Blood (Sugar)

Oddly but awesomely, ZOLA’s attitude in this single reminds us of what CHER’s persona is remembered as: strength, clarity, defiance, loyalty. And in the single ‘Blood (Sugar)’ makes us think this way. Is it correct? Well, everything is from personal angles, but as you listen further and further into ZOLA, that underlying angst and method of expression reminds us so. Her newest EP is available now. Word.

Arctic Lake – Sight Of You

Fall in love. You can’t wait to fall in love. You have fallen in love. ‘Sight Of You’ first bar of music made us just heart-sick for the one to come forward. We wanted to give our love to her/him, right now. At this moment. Heads hurt because we desired such a connection. The single is dangerous, as you can read. It’s what music can do to a human emotionally. What a ride. Stay tuned for more from ARCTIC LAKE as the months come.

Jade The Moon – Polaroids And Airplanes

Jeremy Morgan of JADE THE MOON puts it this way: “Early memories of the people closest to us captured on film and video were at the heart of the inspiration of this song. Standing underneath a flight path watching the planes take off from Toronto’s Pearson International Airport is one my earliest memories with my Dad. We used to have this great photo he took of me sitting on the hood of our car watching a plane take off overhead. Unfortunately I don’t have it anymore but that image will forever be in my memory.” Eloquently described. And hits at our heartstrings like no other. The moving slides depicted by the passing synth, blind us with nostalgia and memories of happier times.

EDSUN – Lisa

EDSUN is an artist. From the beginning, he’d appeared in theater productions in Luxembourg’s art scene. He was determined to be living and breathing and thriving in the performing arts from a young age. This pop project is that extrension and manifestation of that ambition. Now, that determination is with a digital grammar, and with it the pop-senses of EDSUN might be drawn clearer for the public to absorb. Listen to the end of this single. The drop in speed. The drop that may signify the changes that life can throw at you. And the way it’s depicted is gold. Question everything. Might get a better world, for it.


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