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515 // Pop Pop Row. Gaspar Narby, FrankK, OK Button, Alex Rea, Only Sun…

Gaspar Narby – Words of July

London based Swiss producer GASPAR NARBY brings the nostalgia with electrified notes and melodies in this single ‘Word Of July’. Vocals, provided by British singer/songwriter LEES, the song invigorates, but tells you to defeat your demons first. It’s the right thing to do.

AxMod – Walk Away

AXMOD says of the track: “I really wanted to go back to my disco roots for this track; to take it back to the clubs and dancefloors and as a homage to the DJ’s and culture that inspired me when I was growing up.” AXMOD is Foucault Jannin, and he’s good. Too good. It’s Autumn. Can we take a reminiscence of past Summer? Yes. Let’s do this one more time.

FrankK – Millies on my mind

“‘Millies on my mind’ is inspired by a documentary I saw about gold diggers and sugar daddies. I started thinking about that whole phenomena and thought it’d be a funny theme to write about” says FrankK. “It’s all based on a very superficial relationship – where they don’t really know each other. But it’s fun. You don’t want to work, so you’re just playing with people and living your life instead. And once you’ve started, you can’t stop. The cash turns into an addiction.” Poetic, FRANKK. Poetic.

Rukhsana Merrise – Could’ve Been

Pop drenched psychedelia, rains on your senses with RUKHSANA MERRISE’s single ‘Could’ve Been’. It hits you in the jaw, with delectable changes in timing, arranged to growl to a heart’s content. This is alt-pop that is nothing like in this dream of ours. It’s so refreshing. Just like a sun-shower, when your day had been crap. Makes you smile. ‘Could’ve Been’ is the 2nd track off of the upcoming debut album ‘Child’ (December 14th).

Brother Brad – My Girl

“Get Around is an ode to the charm and seduction of Sydney’s Inner-West. The EP encompasses a point in time shaped by political and social change, personal loss and heartache, and a healthy dose of partying for good measure,” stated Shaun Bradley. Socially conscious, with sensitive awareness to the max, BROTHER BRAD wants all of us to have some fun. Take the seriousness. Then tint it with some brilliant funkiness. Let’s dance.

OK Button – Beds

OK BUTTON is the project of Amber Wilson, Nass Donald and Adam Falkner, of which dreams up the dreams that we want to float upon. ‘Beds’ is their latest cushion of sardonic retributions to our emotionally tinted outlooks. You need me. We need both of us. Let’s work it out.

Alex Rea – ‘Command’

Proving the disparities between the physical and the extravagance of your doubts, of your arrogance, your outrageousness – is the profound gap in which I live and die. Today. Tomorrow. The next year. I shrivel at the thought of not having you by my side. Don’t let me go. ALEX REA’s deviously hounding and delicious vocal attentions bring us to the brink of sanity. We hope we’ll be reunited with our fantasies. Alex’s next show is during the Dutch Design Week on November 24th in the city of Eindhoven.

Only Sun – Happiness (All My Friends)

High Wycombe-based band ONLY SUN’s latest crosses that line between happy-rock and pop. Their single ‘Happiness (All My Friends)’ sits perfectly at that corner of pop and we’re all eager to accommodate our ears for that enterprise. The primary colors sprayed by their enthusiastic lyrics and guitar work makes you want to be ‘better’. Define what that entails, will ya? Do it. And do it with ONLY SUN.

ASHS – Without You

Disappointment, just like any other moments of unfortunate realities could be opportunities for growth. Maybe not right now, but can help a side of you you’d never known before. And in a way, that’s exciting. “’Without You’ is about that moment when the smoke clears and you’re finally able to acknowledge that the person you were with wasn’t as good for you as you first thought,” said ASHS. “It’s the realization that you have put in more than you got out, and that you just need to take a step back and breathe. The feeling of numbness and uncertainty of what life is now going to be like without that person. That first breath of air.” Let’s celebrate a new day.


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