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515 // Pop Pop Row. Geoff Ong, Von Sell, Teyar Flow, Only Yours, RY X, Hudson Thames…

Geoff Ong – Don’t Know You No More

Can’t but smile. Video and the single, by itself just exudes that indie-pop/pop stability necessary for your ankles to keep on moving on that concrete jungle streets. GEOFF ONG does that for you. “’Don’t Know You No More’ is about the moment you realise that someone who you used to know intimately is a stranger again. Like, ok, we’re still friends on Facebook and stuff and sometimes we’ll like each other’s posts, but beyond that, I have no idea who they even are anymore. Sometimes it’s a gradual realisation, but for me it was a sudden one, and that’s what inspired the song”. Word Geoff, word. But no matter the subject, we’re ALL going to just dance. Heck yea.

Von Sell – Scene of a Crime

When things sizzle, it sizzles. We’re not talking about your favorite way to eat your bacon. We’re talking about the best way in seeking out your dreams. One way is to ride the sonic jets of VON SELL. And in ‘Scene Of A Crime’ takes you on that nonchalance to the heavens of your thoughts and dance steps. Ain’t that good enough? Heck yea.

Teyar Flow – Like You

The Cape Town, South Africa artist TEYAR FLOW sets the table in this single ‘Like You’. It’s for that time you came over to the house for the first date. Exciting, irresistible, and hopefully unforgettable – expectations for the perfect meal. Caressing you, kissing you, dancing to the beat in the dimmed darkness of the living room. There’s nowhere else you’d rather be.

Sonny Step feat. TyC – Shining

SONNY STEP brings the tropical beat sensibilities to the frame work of ‘Shining’ featuring TyC. It’s the jam. The slow and relaxing arrangements make the single of a finely tuned collaborator exercise. The combination of TyC’s hifi sound mixed with the beats of Sonny, gets you pumped for the project’s debut in December of 2018. Sure does.

Apollo Mighty – Solid Gold

“Don’t go baby. I need you right now.” APOLLO MIGHTY’s ‘Solid Gold’ highlights the bond of ‘US’, and the power of an unbreakable relationship that exists. Delusional? Sometimes. But fully formed? Yes. And Apollo beckons that sense of what can be built upon the time and sweat invested already. It’ UP from here. “Your Love Is Solid Gold.”

Only Yours – Everlasting

ONLY YOURS is Lowell Sostomi and he stated that: “Like gripping sand, the tighter your clasp, the faster it falls. When you intuitively feel something slipping away and can’t help but cling tighter to it.” ‘Everlasting’ dissolves into the ether, with the paper light emotions drifting front and back with little effort. Lowell’s Debut LP ‘Overrun’ drops February 1st, 2019.

Pell – Simple and Plain ft.Imad Royal

“Simple and plain is probably one of the oldest songs I’ve recorded since my first project FWD,” said Pell. “It’s about reconnecting with someone that you’re intimate with; because you understand that -underneath the fighting/disagreement – what brought you together can keep you together.” The smooth discernments in ‘Simple And Plain’ describes a world that we’d like to visit. A radical mind of sustainability, dotted with the confidence of self and the future to come – PELL sites the kind of relationship quirks of all of us in a simple to love single. And we dig that.

Dani Sylvia – Miracle

DANI SYLVIA knows what heart-break is all about. And most importantly she knows that they are an essential part of living and growing in this complicated world. She knows that tragedy, doesn’t have to be a total loss. And in ‘Miracle’ she continues this thought process by charmingly putting the frame of discussion within an 80’s tinged arrangement. It delights and is such a hooky sound. It’s about time to keep at it and do something about. Dani would agree. And we’d agree that you should have a go with this fab single.

Nick Fabian – Let Me Down

NICK FABIAN’s cinematic ‘Let Me Down’ is a call to arms for him, his bruises. “I just started writing this taunt to the devil, the world, publishers who rejected me, everybody,” Nick says. “Whatever you do to me, it’s not going to end me. It’s going to make me stronger.” We all need to let it out sometimes. Shout. Shout really loud and hard. Then breathe. Breathe for your sake. Now it’s time to work again. The conviction is clearly communicated in this single and with Nick’s fabulous vocals, it amps you up to do the best you can – to do the utmost you can.

RY X – Untold

RY X on February 15th, 2019 will drop his new album ‘Unfurl’. The Australia-born, Los Angeles based singer brings the subtlety and nuance to his craft, mixing synth and electronica to fill our notions with expectations and emotional relevance. RY X stated that the upcoming album had been born of “hibernation” and “emotional sweat”. ‘Untold’ is one of those tales in the upcoming 13 track LP.

Josh Collins – Hold You Back

JOSH COLLINS’ brings ‘Hold You Back’ and in this beckoning in swirled thoughts and layered emotions, the single portrays the wide open expanses of Josh’s upbringing environment, and juxtaposes with the often secret and personal struggles regarding a love gone awry. But don’t let it deter you. Take a different angle at looking at things. Everyone has their own way of doing things. But we all need a gentle reminder that there surely is an option available. Josh wants you to be happier and we dig that.

Hudson Thames – Last Call

Feel a bit down? Let it all out in the wind. ALL EMOTIONS welcome. HUDSON THAMES wants us all to be positive. Life is hectic, hard, confusing, but many times it’s our own fault for not recognizing the goodness within. So, let it all out, and let’s enjoy the night, the day, the year. Let’s dance. Let “Last Call” lift you up. There you go.

Yoe Mase – Circles

NY based YOE MASE’s single ‘Circles’ is about life and the sometimes nasty sight of endeavors within. With this single, a part of the upcoming sophomore album ‘Soldier’, he delves into the quirks of our existence and what it all means. The outright definition won’t be detailed, for it’s unknowable. However, it’s all about the search for that final answer, to the final question. Only efforts to find out will make it right. It’ll be alright.

Ducks! – Pinprick In

DUCKS! is made up of fabulous singer/songwriter Lani Bagley and ARIA award-winning producer, Craig Schuftan. And what they do is to make delicious little atmospherics like ‘Pinprick In’. They added funk, soul, electro-pop, and a whole lot of decadence to the single to bring it to our noses – taunting our sensibilities. Oh, success. We’re yours DUCKS! The Berlin based duo will drop their latest album in early 2019.

ViVii – Suckerpunch

Chorus. To. Die. For. ViVii is a trio of musicians and artist from Sweden. Emil and Caroline Jonsson, with Anders Eckeborn makes art pieces that hang on the chandeliers of the clouds. They sparkle, and chime as the winds of the past and the future, collide in the mists of the profound. In ‘Suckerpunch’, the world is drowned out. We are sucked in for a moment. Isn’t that what we all need sometimes? “Been trying to stay out of trouble our whole lives, trying to do it all right. But that doesn’t really matter when life comes around and knocks you out cold with a suckerpunch.” Kudos ViVii, kudos.

Bravo – Closer

Girl. Meets that perfect boy. Wish it was a story about ourselves, but it’s about BRAVO and that certain someone. She’s so lucky. And he’s indebted to her charms. ‘Closer’ is the part of a relationship that shimmers. Nothing can be a challenge. There’s nothing you cannot defeat. The world is your oyster. Another part of the single is about being honest about yourself, about the world around you. Tackle it. Be strong. Love her. With all your might. ‘Closer’ is from the upcoming EP ‘Golden’.


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