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515 // Pop Pop Row. Ghostly Kisses, Madison Olds, Honey Beard, Femme Royale…

Ghostly Kisses – Touch

GHOSTLY KISSES is an electro pop project of Margaux Sauvé. She mixes her vocal acumen with her sense for the ethereal to bring us singles like ‘Touch’. The solum electric assault, makes the heartstrings ache in anger, and then calm. The unrealized potentials are visible in the horizon, and when GHOSTLY KISSES announces the arrival, we should take notice.

Madison Olds – Thank You

MADISON OLDS’ single ‘Thank You’ is the strength you need when in predicaments that crushes your very soul. It’s a dig back up to the surface, despite all the comforts of staying down and out. But deep inside, you deserve better. And now you escape to a better place, and moving on to the new and better heights. Lesson learned for a teflon you. “It serves to remind us all that life is a grand experiment.”

Vanes – Black Jungle

Struggle to exist. The struggle to understand the person you are. There are many parts to a life. Will it click together, the way it should, anytime soon? There is a limited time for patience. VANES’ single ‘Black Jungle’ is a dark-pop offering that leaves that question at a standstill, and let’s us delve deeper (or not). It’s satisfied with that. Which in itself refreshing.

TLLDWN – Loyalty

Going down the dark alleyway she paused for a second. It was the thought of his silhouette that caused her to do this. She looked up and sideways, for the actual artifacts of his living. It wasn’t too far fetched, for she knew he was in a better place. She smirked at the thought of his silly side. The rains poured all of a sudden and her hypnosis in thought broke. TLLDWN (Till Dawn) consists of Capital P. and Heartbeatz and produces works from Munich, Germany.

Dayvid – Sure Of Me

“I co-write all my songs, and I am deeply involved in the whole process including production, mixing/mastering, and creation of visuals. I don’t imitate anyone, but try to create music that speaks for me.” The 20 year old is determined to be his own. We’re curious to where he will land in the near future, for the Universe is vast. Will he make a mark? “Will you?” DAYVID asks…

Lisa Marie Smith – Get Closer to Me

LISA MARIE SMITH’s new single ‘Get Closer To Me’ is what we call ‘contemplative pop’, where your soul is intertwined by a weird but comfortable feel of how cinematic dramas can infect, effect, influence, and douse a healthy dose of ‘wonderful’. It seeps into every crevass of your skin, infecting your soul. You have no idea why this is happening. But it just does. Lisa’s distinctive vocal attentions, hits the mark in strength, delicacy, and musical extravaganza. Looking for more, to be sure.

The Ivy Walls – White Ocean

The sea of sound from THE IVY WALLS helps you understand that scene that keeps playing inside your mind. It’s you. It’s her. Then a faint and fading kiss goodbye. It’s that last lingering touch, finger to finger, not wanting to depart, but no other result will suffice. A new world awaits the lot of you. This wall has to be broken apart. You deserve that. She deserves that. ‘White Ocean’ lingers in your pallet, like a fragrant rose petal, marked by the thorns that punctured your ever present heart’s faults and desires.

Toby Corton & His Band By Chance – Help Yourself

As TOBY CORTON puts it: “’Help Yourself’ is a message to the people in your life that you always have their backs. The track explores potential friction that may arise when you’re just trying to act in someone’s best interest. It’s about the old adage that we are often most hurtful to those we love most. We may even say things we don’t mean and we won’t always agree, but ultimately it’s about knowing and trusting in that person to do right by you and to “Help You, Help Yourself”. It’s about trust in and about yourself. That’s very important to know, and absorb. Toby is here to assist, with gusto.

Maydar – sweet talk

Alexandra Shanahan is MAYDAR. It’s not her persona. It’s what Alexandra is, to the bone. And we are certain of this, for her first note from her voice has already decided this into our hearts. ‘Sweet Talk’ demonstrates Alexandra’s strength, mettle, resourcefulness. Infectious in her attractive subtle intensity, the single is exactly what you are thinking of. It just works to true form.

Honey Beard – Reverie

‘Reverie’ is title track from HONEY BEARD’s upcoming new EP, which drops November 24th, 2018. The Toronto based electro duo makes it clear that their softer side of things can be as compelling and dutiful to the existentially vexing questions of love, memories, and the situations of the heart. The song is about ‘beacons’ that guide us in our trek through life. Taking care and understanding. Empathizing, and forgiving.

Hanz – Ambivalence (ft. emawk)

Norwegian producer HANZ collabs effectively with US artist, emawk, and in this single ‘Ambivalence’, the forces that sometimes divide our consciousness is framed in a diptych of melodies. “When I started the writing process for ‘Ambivalence’, my hometown was covered in a blanket of white snow,” HANZ expanded. “This winter was especially long and even though the snow was beautiful I was getting very tired of it. This inspired me to make something with a clear contrast…I started looking for vocalists and emawk was the perfect artist for the track. The song is my way of capturing the feeling of Ambivalence. Conflicted and unsure.” Word.

Arthur Wimble – I’ll Pretend

ARTHUR WIMBLE is an Australian artist and producer, and in ‘I’ll Pretend’, he colors the lights above. Arthur’s music is something of a cunundrum, where one is not the other, and never a part of the same circle. The dynamism is palpable and his artistic fervor (here presented in a slightly different, and softer vibe) is non-the-less aggressive in its undertones and drama. Simply, the art that pours out of Arthur is something to be paid attention to. It’s different. And it’s fabulous.

Fevra – In Your Eyez (ft. Kyla Millette & D. Hart)

Producer FEVRA works it real good in ‘In Your Eyez’ featuring the talents of artists Kyla Millette and D. Hart. What a chill infection this single is. This single is off of the debut LP ‘Villanova Junction’ and the Toronto based project will get you to love – yourself, someone else, the world within. A certain acceptance to the profoundness of where we are, or belong. Let’s think more about it. FEVRA will assist.

Timi Tamminen – Fleeting

Dark stockings, and red roses, collide in this vastness of a single ‘Fleeting’, by TIMI TAMMINEN. The undeniable lust and the feelings of lustful impetuousness, seeps like honey. Her tiger eyes, seeks out your soul to devour. His acceptance in the exciting blackness of a soul in need, is laid bare for review. They meet. They kiss. Timi is a 24 year old Finnish artist/producer based in London, doing his part to communicate with a distinct weight in production and constitution. It’s his own stories, for the world to absorb. And we dig that.

Femme Royale – I Don´t Wanna Lose

First verse. Second verse. Conviction. Redemption. Emotional depravity. Unwarranted unfairness. FEMME ROYALE want us to understand where our desperations can lie. Could a life be better when an impending relationship based disaster is about to go down? Can a soul start over with a better definition of what’s been learned? It’s always hard to tell. But the respect is on the persons who works hard to make it work. Making the mechanics not of process, but again, of passion and good will. ‘I Don’t Wanna Lose’ is Emmy Åsblom’s anthem forward.

Sam Johnson – Building A Home

Sam says, “Writing songs was the way I occupied my mind. It was the only thing that really interested me and held my focus.” SAM JOHNSON is a hard worker at heart. And he knows what he wants out of his music, and his musical career. He thinks that building a relationship, starts with the personal, soul searching songs that he knows he can create. And it works. ‘Building A Home’ is a simple aesthetic of a single that is coaxing and gently nudges your senses to a better place. A home? A relationship? A better life, brick by brick. Sam wants to take the trek, with you.

Clément Bazin – XO Ft JT Soul

DJ & producer Clément Bazin states what’s included for his new upcoming 5th Anniversary comilation ‘Nowadays V’, feat Fakear, La Fine Equipe etc (drops November 30th). And this latest journey starts with the single ‘XO’ featuring ‘XO’ featuring the vocals of new 18 year old Canadian singer and rapper, JT Soul. “I worked on the beat at the beginning of summer and it had a cool, spontaneous, feel-good vibe,” Clément stated. “The idea fell into place quite easily and was all about about being funky and letting go. I just felt that life is heavy and you have to let go sometimes. I never understood how some people never go wild and lose their head from time to time; it could be partying like a monster, or just dancing alone. I think we all should do that, and this is the song to play! I gave the beat to JT and he told me right away that he had to work on it. JT has a really evolved understanding of music and he gave the track real emotional weight.” What a way to go.

Lone Wild – Stranger Ways (Official Visualizer)

‘Stranger Ways’ dares you to dip your soul into uncharted waters. With emphasized synth and soaring notes, and injected for this cinematic pronouncement, the single is emphatic with acceleration in pounding anticipation and excaulting pay offs. The band offers an array of indie-rock fused synth driven methods of communication, where the haze of battles won and/or lost, come to HD definition. No matter what the outcome, the lessons are learned and forward movement is prized in LONE WILD.

Vic August – Withdrawals

Northern Territory teen VIC AUGUST brings us ‘Withdrawals’. August says, “when someone says they’re going through withdrawals, they’re usually talking about relapsing from a bad habit or drug, I took that perspective and flipped it into referencing a fresh departure.” The 17 year old’s single is taken off of his upcoming debut EP ‘Truths’. The classic pop beats to the popping guitar notes, ‘Withdrawals’ asks the right questions. Will we listen for the answers? Let’s find out together.


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