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515 // Pop Pop Row. Gold Spectacles, Brumfield, E^ST, CKAY, SUMif, Norelle…

Gold Spectacles – Edges

“Having a chip on your shoulders” – does this help in motivation to stave off the offenses and assault from life’s antagonists? Every step in life is hard and taking it in stride is what we should strive to do. And at the same time, context and perspective, driven by a planned outcome should frame the narrative. Oh, that extra bit of chocolate candy sounds too good. One more won’t hurt. Maybe it won’t – maybe it will. Only time can tell. “We were talking in a session about the way that as you grow up, you come to realise the idea of perfection is just a myth,” say Gold Spectacles. “Everybody has an edge in some way, but sometimes you can’t see it from the outside. Especially in a society that airbrushes its reality. In a way, you could describe it as a modern protest song for all us broken people!”

Brumfield – Backseat

‘Backseat’ is the latest from the Australian artist, BRUMFIELD. “Backseat is about the different feelings and memories of a teenage relationship, wishing they could go back to when it was new.” A natural side-effect which infests every relationship. Why couldn’t it be the same all the time. But we hear more about the ‘goodness’ of finding out what’s real versus what’s been pretended to be. Better know now, than later, no? Let’s move forward. There’s more to experience.

TGC – Rooms

TGC consists of Milla Sunde and Marlow Bevan, a Norwegian/English duo. Their impeccable production has been lauded, and has been very popular with their fans. ‘Rooms’ is the 2nd single from their upcoming EP. They’ve been very busy in the last year, from new singles to new projects that help enhance awareness for science and learning. They are the perfect combination of musical talent, used for the greater good. Get to know them more.

E^ST – Friends

E^ST is Mel Bester, and in her project, she thrills and tantalizes with drizzly pop speculations and digital backdrop constructions. ‘Friends’ is her lastest from her new EP ‘Life Ain’t Always Roses’, and in the 7 track collection, she diverts effortlessly from segment to style, with relevant whimsy and exposition of talent. The 20 year old is a force. Get with it y’all. Dig.

Brian Walker – Conflicted

“This is my first release as an artist. I wrote, produced and mixed it, and I’m very happy with the end result. I felt like I said exactly what I wanted to say, the way I wanted to say it. I’m excited to hear what you think.” Humble and wanting to learn as he sets his new musical career to a flying start, BRIAN WALKER, delves with expertise in his first release ‘Conflicted’. Crossing several genres, the pop artist seems to have his style defined and ready to push forward. Listen to the chorus, and you’ll understand. We’re as curious where BW can go with his new found pop amplitude.

Emma Golden – She Knows

EMMA GOLDEN is a teen who was born in NYC. She’s the second of three children in her family. Then the family moved to Los Angeles when she was age of one. And from her description of these facts, the effect on her artistic side – especially in a musical facet – has been a welcomed addition, in hindsight. It seems to be very important to her. We’re partly built with the environment we live in, and seems to be true in Emma’s life as well. And in her latest offering ‘She Knows’, whatever has been rubbing off on her, it’s been working to great results. The pop songstress wants to burst out and shout from the rooftops. Let’s see how far she’ll take this.

Melodi – Dance With Me

‘Dance With Me’ is MELODI’s debut single, off of the upcoming EP, which is due to drop early in 2019. The singer/songwriter from Peckham, London UK had been writing and developing her outputs for the past 2 years, and she’s itching to accelerate her musical career. The 90’s feeling nostalgia is thick in ‘Dance With Me’ and it’s a glorious way to dance your night away with your special other. We think Melodi knows this as well.


The rock side of CKAY’s single ‘Feel Good’ is affectionate. What we mean by that? It seems like the ‘best friend’ from your past who has come back and injected a good dose of ‘new perspective’ to your dreary life. At least what you thought was ‘dreary’. The alt-rock-pop feel of the arrangement is a fabulous contrast to the overall pop frame of the song. And that’s tasty. Yum. The New York based artist had won ‘Live At The Apollo’ 3x times in a row, and has been showcasing her talents throughout the city. What a way to get things going, right?

SUMif – Know You

Steph Wells spearheads the electro-pop project SUMif. And their new single ‘Know You’ “is about being captivated by another person in a totally new way. It’s the type of attraction where in it you discover new things about yourself that make you feel alive.” The band’s 2018 season started with the drop of their debut EP, ‘Pretty Cage’. It’s been a hectic and wonderful ride for them, and they wants to keep the momentum going. And with sultry offerings like ‘Know You’, it isn’t far fetched to see them drive hard to the top echelons. Let’s find out together, shall we?

Chaney – My House (Music Video)

So, you want to dance. It’s your kitchen, and you’re making some grilled cheese sandwich, then you put on CHANEY’s ‘My House’. It’s a single about the party that we wished it existed in perpetuity. The nu-disco offering makes fun of the banal of our existence. But not just for the sake of doing so, but in a creative way, highlighting the ‘goodness’ and ‘fabulousness’ of the narratives we come across everyday. Ultimately, there will be a party of some sort, to just help wash down that ‘banality’. Anywho, this fun track is what you need for that grilled cheese sandwich to digest faster, ya hear?! “Just do it!”

Norelle – Homecoming

‘Homecoming’ is NORELLE’s debut single and we think it’s fabulous. Rooted from the 90’s r&b/hip-hop genetics, Norelle’s powerful vocals just makes this single a delight. Norelle seems like a person who is brimming with positivity and similar message to people who’d listen. We want to listen, as so many others will soon. And by the by: School band? As a backdrop? As an intro? And playing excerpt of Aliyah’s ‘You Are Love’? You had me at ‘bassoon’, Norelle. Heck yea.

Sage Baker – Mood (prod. Sage Baker)

SAGE BAKER has been featured multiple time with CHF, and never gets old. For his music production hovers over r&b, hip-hop, and pop, with effortless ease. We’re kinda jealous, but really happy that his outputs exist. In ‘Mood’, his trend for tasty arrangements continue. Get ‘dirty’ with SB.

Holler My Dear – Forward

“When writing the songs we had thought about the durability of a currently motivated song, only to find out two years later that the themes are still relevant,” stated HOLLER MY DEAR. “The shift to the right and regressive trends in Europe are omnipresent and it is more important than ever to stand up for humanity and openness. In Humanity I do Believe.” What a message right? The normally indie-rock band, to us in this particular single crosses nicely into a danceable pop tune, which we dig. You should dig this. It’s the weekend, after all!

Mark August – Perfume

Getting into the hotel room, in another city, in another state, he immediately thought of her. He missed her. He missed her everytime he had down-time after his work during the day. He wanted her here, to talk, to joke, to hold, to keep on loving. “‘Perfume’ is about a guy being far away from home missing his girlfriend and smelling her perfume as her essence,” stated MARK AUGUST. Don’t we all feel like this sometimes? It’s a golden time to be loving and missing. Let’s love her/him even more when we return home, then, shall we? Let’s.

Lulu – Anemoia

“This is meant to be a song that takes you back to late 90s/early 2000s Alternative and Pop while simultaneously talking about the negative effects of nostalgia,” exclaimed LULU. “Anemoia means nostalgia for something you never knew, which in this case is happiness. Thinking that looking back to a “simpler” or “better” time will make you happy when that rarely ever works.” Heavy stuff gang. And we delight in the hazy guitar driven pop that is ‘Anemoia’.

AROMA – I’m a Star

‘I’m A Star’ is AROMA’s new single, and we feel better after listening to it every time. The airy nonchalance is evident in the framing of the song, with the deft pop synth content which revels in delight, dancing under the spotlight of that special dance with her – with him. Whatever city or range you’re in right now, let the single wash over you, and let it therapeutically cleanse your pallet for the pandering of life. Let’s start over, let’s start with a clean slate.

FADE ON – Faded

Look away if this kind of art isn’t for you. But something about the song attracts you, doesn’t it? Then just close your eyes, and enjoy this new piece from FADE ON, a project of gender bending, no boundaries artist ‘Sam Schall. Yep. He works out of Brooklyn. Yep. He embraces the odd and weird. And yep. He’s comfortable in his own skin. You should too. In whole, that is his message. He knows you. He used to be one. You can stretch the boundaries too. Embrace your inner self, for a better future.

Art Director – Giver/Taker

ART DIRECTOR is a Kiev, Ukraine based solo electro-pop project. And we dig this project like there’s no tomorrow. There’s not too much to say about the artist yet, but we think the road he’s set out towards will be just fabulous. ‘Giver’ is ART DIRECTOR’s latest of a string of singles he’s published, and seems the trend will quicken even more as the days and months go by. Looking forward to it.

Ruffin – Shallow

The cinematic visuals of RUFFIN’s single ‘Shallow’ is just to die for. And many agree, for all the right reasons. The Philadelphia native sweeps us away with his fabulous vocals over layers and layers of ‘chill’ and r&b sensibilities. You can’t help but to fall in love with this single. The video and single speaks for themselves.

Aaron B. Thompson – Drive

“This song has a chill, but dark edge to it. Think Paper Kites/two feet with a touch of The War On Drugs, 80s vibe. Hoping for a release day share or feature,” said Aaron. “I like to write songs that speak about my experiences I’ve had, in a way that you can put your own story in it all. My style is an indie pop/rock vibe using production from the 80s to modern…” The works of AARON B. THOMPSON is classic, pop, and can be the perfect tune for any occasion of our dreams.

Fires of 1918 – Rain

Reflecting from the water, was the face of a person who’d regretted, loved, lost, and found many of the pieces of his being. This time was different now. He’d found the one who’d make things whole again. The jagged edges of life’s harsh erosions, were now tolerable again, with the soft touch, the manicured affection, and the thrilling cause for what may come. And stay. FIRES OF 1918 is a project from St.Paul, MN.


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