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515 // Pop Pop Row. Jaguar Dreams, Petticoat, Jack Gray, Cara Hammond…

Jaguar Dreams – Behind Those Clothes

Ben Eberdt, Michael Kelly, and Tim Kiely makes music that is chic. Chic clothes look good on you. They do. Just like ‘Behind Those Clothes’. But really you should be naked. Let’s be skin to skin. We deserve each other. Surely you think so, as well. At least that’s the kind of conversation this song would trigger. And like a machine gun, your confidence rises at the bridge. It climbs, climbs, and soars. “Show me the woman behind those clothes..” She wryly smiles. Success.

Hamster featuring Annabel Lee – Banshee

HAMSTER by creating the instrumentals, ANNABEL LEE was on it with the perfect subject: “When Hamster first played me the instrumental track that would evolve into ‘Banshee,’ I instantly knew that I wanted to make a song about a sexy monster, a ravenous beast with a certain kind of bravado. Someone that had absolutely no interest or need for commitment. The music had a shimmery pop feel, but there were still elements of horror about it. I wanted my character and my lyrics to mirror that.” That’s what we call chemistry. From all fronts.

Petticoat – Mojito

L.A. based producer PETTICOAT (David Halsey) somehow makes us at CHF feel like cloudy days are not really cloudy. At least we can deal with it like natural weather phenomena should be handled: optimistically and out of mind. With ‘Mojito’, it’s just Summer. Simple as that. It’s the party by the beach with the volleyball net and group of your friends. It’s that evening after, walking the boardwalk in the crystal clear sky. It’s when you think you’ve fallen in love, and all you can think of is her. Nice. Simple as that.

Lucas James – Sleeping Beauty

Relationship can be confusing. It’s normal, ain’t it? It is. At least that’s what we tell ourselves. But like many things in life, there’s always a ‘parry and joust’ stance to them. Gets cumbersome quickly. Not always this can be a perfect scenario for a couple. In other times, it can be a godsend. However, if she’s not interested at all, then the relationship should be ended quickly. That can’t be tolerated.

Jack Gray – My Hands

“I make every single sound, with either my guitar, or my piano, or from my voice. I’ll mess with the sound with all my effects — I prefer making the sounds rather than just pulling samples from the internet,” said Jack. That’s the part of the artistic process isn’t it? And the flattery and fluttering sound JACK GRAY prefers on ‘My Hands’ is a song that isn’t quite an anthem, but it surely puts the ‘anthemic’ sensibilities right at the front of the line. She’s got to choose. Self-confidence goes both ways. “What will it be?” Word.

Nina Nesbitt – Loyal To Me (Luca Schreiner Remix)

“‘Loyal To Me’ is influenced by the independent-women spirit of the 90s and is a self-help guide to dating.” Nina explains: “It’s a list of symptoms you need to look out for when you fear you may be dating someone who doesn’t have the best intentions.” Really, it doesn’t matter the decade, right? An independent woman is fashionable at any time. We dig it in every way? Too much into it? There’s nothing more attractive than beautiful confidence, for sure.

Party Nails – With Time (I Will Come 2 U)

It’s official. We like PARTY NAILS (Elana Belle Carroll). The pop goodness is just naturally cool with Elana. Is it odd that we like all of her singles so far? Too much advocacy? Is there such? Anywho, there’s nothing wrong with that at all. We shouldn’t even think like that. When a song is good, it’s just good. ‘With Time (I Will Come 2 U)’ is a simple song of expectations, and maybe serendipitous love (infatuations?). And we want some. Oh well, at least we can dream with PARTY NAILS.

Cara Hammond – Try To Love You

“You go girl!” is the first thought we had when we first listened to CARA HAMMOND’s single ‘Try To Love You’. And followed that up with: “No one should keep you down!” That was done in our office voice. Audible. And fully embarrassing. In any case, Cara’s voice is delicious, with the kind of 90’s hip-hop/r&b tone (especially in the chorus) that just transports you back to that glorious decade. The nostalgia within Cara’s single ‘Try To Love You’ is realz, and it’s a delightful experience to be had. It just feels like every age group can relate. Weird? Right. Just us at CHF, for sure. As for Cara, she’s on a roll since 2017, and looks to keep thing cookin’. Let this North Wales gal get you dancing.

Stage Republic – We Woke Up

Chorus. Listen to the chorus. Classic progression. Classic reaction to a song like this. What kind of reaction, you ask? Smiles and energy. Love and relationship. End of the school semester and the first pool party. Yep. That kind of reaction. The Dutch originating band is on a quest, as we hear, to make people feel happy. Well, ‘We Woke Up’ definitely has succeeded. Word.

Matt McAndrew – Game Over

“It’s about going out with some friends for drinks, and falling in love,” shares MATT MCANDREW. “I guess I could get more flowery, but that’s really what it’s about – meeting my incredible girlfriend in L.A.” The now, Louisiana based artist (originally from NJ), Matt’s on a mission to put a stamp into the world of music and pop. Will he do it as big as he’s planning? Well, with songs like this really helps. Also, as a prior student of Adam Levine, he’s taking things as serious as it can be. We like the attitude. He does too.


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